Warehouse Worker Resume Sample

Whether you are a warehouse laborer with vast work experience or someone looking to land his first job, there is only one thing that stands between you and success. Namely, it is your job application and your warehouse worker resume, in particular.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average warehouse worker’s salary at $30,320 per year and $14.58 per hour.

If you strive to apply for the best warehouse jobs and get hired quickly and easily, all you need is a killer resume. A good warehouse worker resume sample should communicate your biggest strengths and show potential employers that you are just the right candidate for a particular job. If you get things right, you should be able to get the recruiter’s attention, land an interview, and get employed with ease. But, how to get things right in the first place?

If you don’t know how to write a job-winning resume, you’ve come to the right place! SkillHub is a professional resume writing service. Here, we know how to make your resume flawless. In this article, we’ve collected many years of experience in the resume writing business and the knowledge of our experts to guide you through this process. Here, you will find plenty of helpful tips and a sample resume warehouse worker that will help you succeed!

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How to Write a Warehouse Worker Resume

If you have decided to apply for this job, there are several things to cope with before you reach the goal. Namely, you will need to do some job search and attend a couple of interviews. But, the hardest part of the process is writing a good resume.

If you are not sure how to write a resume for this job, this article will be your step-by-step guide. In the following sections, you will discover everything you need to know to craft a job-winning resume warehouse worker. But, to get started, let us break down the entire process into smaller steps and look at some general pieces of advice:

Step 1: Study a relevant job description for warehouse worker.

Step 2: Find the right template that will help to put your best points forward.

Step 3: Include all vital sections. Here is what should be in your resume:

  1. Contact info
  1. Resume summary/objective
  1. Professional experience
  1. Education
  1. Skills

Step 4: Include additional sections that relate to a particular job

This is pretty much it. As for other tips, there are a few of them:

  • Tailor a resume to a job opening
  • Use relevant keywords and action verbs
  • Quantify your accomplishments
  • Never forget about proofreading

Choose the Right Template for a Warehouse Worker Resume

There are a few things to do before you get to writing. The first thing to do is to carefully study a warehouse worker job description for resume. Secondly, it is a good idea to check out at least one sample resume for warehouse worker to get an idea of how to write yours. And, finally, you will need to pick the right resume template for warehouse worker.

While both a job description and warehouse resume samples can be easily found on the web, not everything is so easy with choosing a perfect template. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  • Use a reverse-chronological layout
  • Keep it clear, well-organized, and to the point
  • Be thoughtful about the choice of fonts and designs
  • Use enough white space to keep it eye-friendly and easy to read
  • Save the file as PDF (unless otherwise is required in the job opening)

warehouse worker resume

Write a Warehouse Worker Resume Summary or Summary Objective

When writing a warehouse resume, one of the first things you should include is a resume summary or objective.

A resume summary for warehouse worker emphasizes your skills and experience, so it will suit most workers with a solid career history. A resume objective for warehouse worker, on the contrary, states your objectives, so it will work best for an applicant with less or no experience.

Here is a good example of a warehouse resume summary:

Warehouse worker with 7+ years of experience, 5-time picker of the months at Amazon. As a Walmart warehouse worker, kept up picking and packing speeds in the top 95% and kept records 99% free of errors. Looking to leverage experience to deliver the highest KPIs for [company name].

Here is a sample resume objective for warehouse worker:

An outgoing, responsible, and highly motivated college graduate with excellent picking and packing skills. Seeking to become a warehouse worker at [company name].

How to Write a Resume for a Warehouse Worker With No Experience

Is it possible to land a job if you’ve got no experience? It is. But only if you can write a perfect warehouse worker resume that can impress recruiters and make them want to recruit you even without work experience.

Here are some of the most effective tips that will help you create a winning warehouse worker resume no experience:

  1. Start with a resume objective. Earlier, we’ve shared an example of an objective for warehouse worker resume, use it as a template.
  1. Shift focus to your education section to compensate for the lack of experience. It’s a good idea to add some bullet points to your education entries to highlight what valuable skills you have.
  1. Add more sections that can make you stand out among other job seekers. Later, we will tell you more about what additional sections you can include to help you craft a winning resume.

Put Your Education on Resume for a Warehouse Worker

The truth is you don’t really need to have any special education to occupy a warehouse worker job title. However, if you really want to rank higher among other candidates and get more interviews, you should never neglect the importance of the education section for your resume.

The education section is one of the vital basic elements of every resume. It has to be there to help you engage the recruiter and stand out from the crowd. But, it is important to organize it right.

Here is what to include in each education entry:

  • Name of the school and location
  • Years of study
  • Level of education obtained
Pro Tip: If you have vast experience as a warehouse worker, you can add the basic information mentioned above and stop there. However, if you have not much or no experience, you should also add some bullet points that fit the duties of a warehouse worker for resume described in the job opening.

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Put Skills on a Warehouse Worker Resume

The skills section is an important part of a resume. That’s one of those sections that a hiring manager will pay the most attention to, so you have to know how to put your warehouse worker skills on a resume the right way.

Here are a few tips we should give you:

  1. Read the warehouse worker job description first
  1. Include your key skills (soft and hard) that match the description
  1. Use resume keywords to get through the applicant tracking system
  1. Prove your skills with bullet points (e.g. in the experiences or education sections)

Here is a list of the most crucial warehouse worker resume skills (both soft and hard):

  • Accuracy
  • Picking
  • Efficiency
  • Packing
  • Speed
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Teamwork
  • Record keeping
  • Communication skills
  • Math skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Uploading trucks
  • Physically fit
  • Shipping
  • Reliable
  • Computer skills
  • Honest
  • Pallet jack operation
  • Housekeeping
  • Safety skills
  • Strong work ethic
  • Able to lift heavy weights

Add Contact Info to Your Resume

If you look at any sample warehouse worker resume, you will see that the first thing that pops up is a contact info section. Typically, this section is located at the top of the document. And here are some more tips to add your contact details to a resume:

  1. Be sure to include your full name first
  1. Add a job title for warehouse worker
  1. Provide an up-to-date phone number
  1. Add a professionally-looking email address
  1. Also, add some links. For example, to your social media accounts (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). This will help to show more “you” in a resume.

Add Other Sections to Your Effective Resume

A general warehouse worker resume sample consists of the basic sections, such as contact info, summary or objective, experience, education, and skills. However, a truly great resume sample for warehouse worker that wins a job also contains a few additional sections.

Additional sections can help you reach several goals at once:

  1. Highlight your level of qualification
  1. Show off more of your personality
  1. Make your resume more memorable against the backdrop of other applications

What to include? Here are a few ideas of what extras to add to your resume examples for warehouse worker:

  • Licenses
  • Additional activities
  • Courses and training
  • Volunteering experience
  • Languages
  • Hobbies and interests

All these sections will help you show more of who you are. And that’s great since all recruiting firms are looking to hire humans, not robots. The main goal is to include all that makes you look like a better employee compared to other candidates.

If you want to empower your resume, add a professional cover letter! With the help of a professional cover letter writing service, you can easily double the interviews. Getting a job is hard, but with a creative approach you can win the competition with no hassle.

Use Key Action Verbs

Almost all hiring managers scan resumes using ATS systems. In a nutshell, an ATS system is a special resume-scanning software designed to filter out applications that don’t match the job description. To get through this system, you need a bot-beating resume written with the use of relevant resume keywords and action verbs. These words will make your resume noticeable for applicant tracking systems and also help make the right impression on recruiters.

Here’s a list of action verbs to use in resumes for warehouse jobs:

  • Loaded
  • Conducted
  • Packaged
  • Measured
  • Coordinated
  • Performed
  • Monitored
  • Documented
  • Stocked
  • Moved
  • Handled
  • Supervised
  • Operated
  • Inspected
  • Verified

Warehouse Laborer Resume Sample

A warehouse laborer is an entry-level position. You can land this job even with no education or relevant experience. However, in terms of resume writing, there are a few tips that can help you prepare a perfect resume for this particular position and land a job.

Just like any other resume, a CV for a warehouse laborer job should include your contact information, education, skills, and experience. It should also include some additional sections that will help you drive the attention of recruiters.

Here are some actionable tips to help you create a warehouse worker sample resume:

  • Read a warehouse laborer job description and highlight the key requirements. This will give you an idea of what a potential employer is looking for.
  • Put your contact information at the top of your resume and don’t hesitate to add some links.
  • Depending on how much professional experience you have, start your CV with a summary or objective.
  • Next, put your education section and, if you lack experience, add some points under education entries to share some achievements and emphasize your skills.
  • Then put your skills and experience sections. Tailor them to the warehouse general labor job description.
  • Add a few extra sections.

Warehouse Associate Resume Sample

Unlike a warehouse laborer, a warehouse associate has a higher level of responsibility and, thus, requires a candidate to possess a proven experience and strong skills. Respectively, a warehouse associate resume should show that you have it all.

Just like always, you will need to include all the same sections. But here are a few tips to help you make a job-winning warehouse associate resume sample:

  • Carefully study the job description. Also, be sure to check out a few resume examples for warehouse associate.
  • At the top of your resume put your contact section.
  • Next, instead of a resume objective, write a resume summary. It will suit better since warehouse associates are required to have decent experience and a summary will help you highlight yours.
  • Put your experience section after the summary. Use bullet points to indicate your biggest accomplishments and don’t forget to quantify them.
  • After the experience section should follow the education and skills sections. Don’t focus too much on your education - simply provide the basic info without any bullet points. In the skills section, list the most vital soft and hard warehouse associate skills.
  • Provide additional sections.
  • Also, always tailor your resume to a specific job opening.

Writing a resume yourself can be difficult, but our professional resume writing services can do this job for you. And if you want your current resume to be rearranged, we can help you as well!

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