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Our guide on CV Personal Statement Profile will tell you everything you need to know to write an effective summary of your career profile to stand out from other candidates. Our professional cv writing services covered the following points:

  • How to use CV Personal Statement Profile as an introduction to your resume?
  • How to write a CV Personal Statement Profile?
  • Tips to follow when writing your CV Personal Statement Profile.

We will also offer you some examples of different job titles for your reference so you can avoid mistakes and make sure that you come across as a strong and confident candidate to the recruiters.

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Why do you need a CV Personal Statement Profile

Personal profiles are often the topic of contention in the recruiting industry. For many hiring managers, a personal statement on resume is the perfect opening line to spike their interest. For others, a statement is quite unnecessary for top-performing CVs.

However, the basic idea is that recruiters take less than 10 seconds to go through your resume. Your personal statement can offer a quick glimpse of what you have to offer.
In many ways, your personal profile serves as an introduction to your CV. It gives the gist of your professional experiences and career aspirations. And when done right, it can be the key to instantly attract a recruiter's attention and help you land an interview that leads to your next job offer.

Take a look below to see our CV personal statement sample, and how it can help make your application more unique.

Strategy of writing a personal profile on resume

Are you thinking whether you need a personal profile at all? Let's put it this way. In simple terms, if you already have an established career, then providing a CV Personal Statement Profile could be of value. In fact, your resume personal profile might even boost your entire application and clarify why you are interested in working in the respective company. On the other hand, if you are looking for entry-level positions, your CV personal profile can be more focused on your achievements in college, or any other specific skills. That said, many job seekers tend to go overboard when writing their CV personal profile. After all, nobody wants to read a full-length essay about your career journey or your accomplishments. That is what your resume and cover letter are for.

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Here are some common mistakes that you want to avoid when writing your CV personal profile:

Keep It Short

It is best to limit your resume personal profile to a three-four sentence summary tops. Make sure it includes your relevant achievements, and introduce you well to the recruiter.

Quantify your Accomplishments

Whenever possible, make sure that you present numbers in order to quantify your achievements in your previous positions. Not sure how to do that? Think about metrics in terms of how much money you helped save through a strategy, how many people were in your team, did your team/project help add any revenue, and so on.

Avoid Superfluous Words

You do not want to come across as a candidate who tries too hard. While using keywords can be beneficial, do not overuse buzz words such as 'hard worker', 'team player', or 'go-getter'.

Stick to a Single Point of Perspective

If you are writing your CV personal profile in the first person or third person, make sure that you continue doing that and avoid mixing two at the same time.

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Sample CV Personal Statement Profile

Here we have two CV personal profile sample that will explain things better:

Wrong ❌

Professional data analyst of five years experience with good knowledge of the industry. Worked for two major IT companies as a business analyst, now looking for a more challenging role.

Although this covers some key points, this personal profile on resume isn't too striking, isn't it? Now, take a look at this.

Right ✅

Chicago-based data analyst with a background in marketing, with 4+ years of experience growing ad revenue and sales for management projects for an international IT solution provider. Increased sales by 38% by identifying convertible leads. Seeking a position to leverage skills to improve ROI for ABC Company.

As you can clearly see, the second one is more to the point and showcases the skillset with metrics.

CV Personal Statement Profile

The above examples of personal profile for resume should have given you a better idea of how to write a personal profile statement.

In short, your resume personal profile should contain the following:

  • Your current profession
  • Two to three skills and achievements
  • The name of the company you are applying for
  • What value will you be bringing to the table

And as we've mentioned earlier, you will want to pick out some of the keywords in the job description and include that in your personal statement. It will not only work well with the recruiter but also improve your chances of getting through an Applicant Tracking System.

Put simply, your CV personal profile will highlight experienced candidates to the recruiters, and give an overview of your career.

The most important thing to remember is that personal statements shouldn't be longer than four sentences. So it is best to aim for anywhere between 50 - 100 words.

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CV Personal Statement Profile for different occupations

While all this is common to any job, depending on your specific quality such as leadership or management, and the specific occupations you have previously worked in, your personal profile statement should also adapt accordingly. This means that how you present your metrics and how you highlight your accomplishments on your personal profile resume will change.

As you can imagine, the requirements are unique for each profession. What might work for one job or one company might not work for another. This is why we recommend that you tailor your CV personal profile to each specific position you are applying for. This can be the key to making sure that the recruiter notices your resume as something different from the generic job applications.

We have curated some examples that will demonstrate how you can approach your personal profile resume based on your profession - that focuses on the metrics, and your career development.

To make things easier, we have a sample personal profile for resume for a few popular professions, so you can find the right inspiration. We are also including samples for entry-level job seekers who might not have career accomplishments to present.

CV profile statement for teacher

"Are you a teacher wondering 'what is a good personal statement for a CV for your next job?' Find out what to do and what not to do here.


Teacher with 5 years of experience. Highly skilled in specific subjects, delivering lectures, curriculum design, and doing research.


Dedicated and resourceful science teacher with over 5 years of experience teaching grades 1-4. Mentored 70+ students, created classroom curriculums, and delivered online classes efficiently. Seeking a teaching position with JKL School to help students to develop skills to function successfully in further life.

CV Personal Statement Profile project manager

Here is another example for project managers:


Passionate project manager with experience leading projects in a marketing agency. Seeking to use organizational and project management skills to increase profit for ABC company.


With over 7 years of project management experience, I hold an exceptional customer satisfaction record, along with a successful track record of on-time completion of all projects. I have consistently implemented best practices and helped cut the costs by up to 20% on multiple projects. I am seeking to use my expertise with the project management lifestyle to contribute to the organizational success of ABC Company.

While the first one can be generic to any project manager position, the second is unique to the applicant.

CV Personal Statement Profile marketing

For resume for marketing executives, consider the following profile statement:


Experienced marketer with four years of working knowledge in B2B sales, SEO, and BTL. Worked for major ad agencies and as a freelancer.


With extensive experience in delivering global sales solutions, I have built solid digital marketing experience with a focus on social media platforms. Over the course of eight years in this career field, I have led teams of 10 to 50 people, have trained 175 employees, and have boosted revenue and convention by up to 60%.  Seeking to use industry expertise and collaborative skills to raise profitability for ABC Company.

Although the two serves as a personal profile example for resume, it is clear why the second presentation comes across as more confident. The candidate is quantifying their experience and offering metrics on what they can potentially do for the target company.

CV Personal Statement Examples for computer science


Computer engineer with two years of experience seeking to utilize expertise in programming, configuration, and troubleshooting of computer-related issues to obtain maximum performance of the organization.

While this covers the necessary elements of the skills of a programming developer, it does not cater to a specific role.


Highly skilled Computer Engineer and product designer with seven years of experience in high-performance mixed-signal system architecture, board-level design, remote sensory, analog signal conditioning, and test engineering. Detail-orientated and organized professional with a creative mindset and strong project management abilities. Seeking to find the position of senior computing programmer at ABC Company.

Sample of CV Personal Statement Profile for entry-level job seekers

For students and those job seekers with less experience, you can take inspiration from these personal profile on resume examples:

Highly-motivated computer engineering graduate seeking to fill a position as a Junior Developer at ABC Company. Looking to use skills in data analysis and UX experience to design new apps and increase user engagement.

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Key Takeaway

In a nutshell, your CV personal profile should serve as your elevator pitch, showing only the most relevant details of your career. As our sample personal statement shows, it should be precise, purposeful, and be indicative of what you are bringing to the table. Our professional cv service online can craft it fast and easy. At the same time, you do not want to come across as someone who is boasting their achievements. Yes, yes, you might think that it is too many things to remember for a two-sentence personal statement. So why not entrust the job to experts?
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