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No one is insured against the situation when there is a need to move to another city or even a foreign county. It often entails job loss unless you work online and can perform your tasks regardless of the distance. For this purpose, a well-written relocation cover letter is a must. In this article, you will find out the following.

  • What Is a Relocation Cover Letter?
  • How to Compose a Relocation Cover Letter?
  • Relocate Cover Letter Sample
  • Tips to Write a Decent Relocation Cover Letter

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Definition of a Cover Letter for Relocation

A cover letter relocation is a supplementary letter that is usually attached to various documents, for example, when applying for a job in a new place, entering a university, or during business correspondence. The main goal of relocation letters is to prepare the ground for further job applications.

If you want to draw additional attention from your potential employer, make a good impression, and increase the chance of getting a job offer, writing a cover letter is essential. There is no doubt that a hiring manager is more likely to consider a local candidate for the job than a nonresident. So, presenting all the information concerning the exact time and place of your relocation in advance is a good strategy.

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Reasons to Compose a Relocating Cover Letter

The role of relocation cover letters in the process of job searching is integral. It is necessary for building a personal relationship between an employee and a potential boss from the very beginning.

There is no chance that a hiring manager will ever read your resume if the cover letter has poor quality or lacks emotion. Therefore, if you face the need to start your career from scratch in another place, pay special attention to composing a relocation cover letter.

Cover Letter Relocating Essentials

A relocation cover letter format is not much different from the ordinary structure of such documents. It must include the following parts:

  • salutation;
  • an opening statement containing information about the applicant and the desired position;
  • the body of a letter with a summary of personal qualities, skills, and experience;
  • conclusion with an expression of the desire to receive an interview invitation;
  • contact information;
  • signature.

Show Your Interest in the Work in a Target Company

If we are talking about a perfect cover letter for out of state job, then it must be company-oriented. A job seeker who sends the same relocation cover letters to different firms is not interested in a particular vacancy. An experienced HR manager understands this right away.

Before writing a cover letter, study the company’s ideology carefully and try to imagine the ideal candidate for the position. If you find yourself a perfect fit, do not hesitate to write about it and demonstrate your enthusiasm.

Be Precise About the Date and Time

When writing a willing to relocate cover letter for a potential employer, be specific and outright. Of course, you should not state your readiness to relocate in the introductory sentence. First, it is necessary to show you are a perfect qualified candidate for the desired position. 

Any decent company plans everything in advance, so make sure to notify a hiring manager about your immediate plans. Think about the date when you are ready to take up new work responsibilities and include this information in your cover letter.

Mention Specific Ties With a New Place

In this part of a relocating letter, you should include a concise explanation of the reasons for your relocation. Try to think about how you can connect changing a place of residence with applying to a position in a new company.

Mention the ties you have in an area, whether you already are familiar with the place or it is a completely new experience. Try to show you are a competent and reliable person - demonstrate your serious intentions and readiness to stay there for a long time.

Provide Actual Contact Information in a Relocation Letter

Of course, lying in a relocate cover letter will benefit neither your potential boss nor you. Therefore, make sure you provide relevant information as to your future address and contact number.

Using the resume-building tool, list all your target locations in the cover letter. This way, your document has a better chance of getting to the right place because employers have the ability to filter search results so that only the applicants living in the required area or city are shown.

Instruction on Writing a Relocation Cover Letter

Writing a relocation resume cover letter is much easier with expert assistance. Reference to the quality examples from reliable sources is necessary if you want to increase your chances of getting a job offer. Nevertheless, forget about copying unless your objective is making a bad impression on the potential boss.

Introduce Yourself

An appeal is an integral part of any document, including a cover letter. It is better to address the letter not to the head of the company but personally to the specialist who is engaged in recruiting. If you are not sure who to write the letter to, it is permissible to start with the standard greeting form.

Note that it is not relevant to begin with the reasons for your relocation in cover letter. Think about some engaging phrases that would definitely catch the attention of a hiring manager. Why not implement them in context?

Make Sure to List the Reasons in Your Relocate Letter

Here, you can think about both the reasons for your relocation and the reasons for applying for the job. An HR manager may express interest in your previous place of work and inquire about the frequency of changing the city of residence. You should prove yourself as a reliable and stable person.

Relocating letters are important to inform the potential employer about all the details concerning your moving plans. Of course, personal information must be filtered, but staying clear and honest is essential.

Describe Your Relevant Experience

Explore the career site of a target company and find out which values and critical requirements ​​are most important. Try to demonstrate your compliance with some of them. 

When talking about your academic results and professional experience, focus only on the aspects that are valuable for a company; do not delve into unnecessary details. Moreover, do not pretend to be a qualified expert if you are not experienced - remember about honesty and building a decent reputation.

Relocation cover letter samples will be useful in finding the correct structure for this part of the document. 

Focus on Qualifications and Capabilities

Any employer is primarily interested in professionalism, so there is no better way to attract attention than by providing an honest story about your most significant skills. Best relocation cover letter examples provide about 5-7 sentences explaining why one is the best candidate for the position, highlighting specific elements of the education, life experience, and additional courses completed.

It is important not to overestimate yourself; otherwise, HR will immediately feel your insincerity. It is better to include those skills that you are ready to demonstrate directly at the interview.

Conclude the Document Correctly

When summarizing a cover letter for relocation, you must let the employer know that you intend to act immediately. Conclude the letter by promising to call at a certain time and discuss any additional questions. This may cause the HR manager to reconsider your resume while waiting for a call. Be sure to call as promised. 

Continuous persistence can open up new opportunities you have never even dreamed about. At the end, leave a signature and provide relevant information that can be used to contact you.

More information on how to write the best cover letter you can find here.

Relocating Cover Letter Samples

We have compiled a few options of the most potent relocating cover letter sample for your convenience. Adapt them to the specifics of your desired position and place of residency, add personal emotions, and become a great candidate. Upon consulting professionals, you will be ready to send your cover letter directly to a hiring manager.

Relocation Cover Letter Sample №1

In this relocation letter sample, an applicant expresses his interest in working for a new company.

Dear Mr. Peterson,

I follow your company quite actively, so I was glad to know that you are looking for a PR manager. I would like to take responsibility for the projects the company deals with in this area.

I will be permanently changing my place of residency due to some family issues. Therefore, I am interested in becoming a part of your company on a permanent basis.


John Jacobs

Sample Relocation Cover Letter №2 

This relocation cover letter example is useful for those moving out of state.

Dear Mr. Peterson,

I am writing to apply for the Sales Manager position in the Marketing Department. As an experienced marketing specialist in Canada, I have developed an understanding of the market specifics in this country. However, my dream has always been to work for a foreign company and dive into another culture. So, when I was offered a permanent place of residence in Germany, I accepted the opportunity without delay. 

I look forward to receiving feedback from you.


John Jacobs

Willing to Relocate Cover Letter Sample №3

Note that relocation cover letter samples are clear and outright. Try to make your document no less informative than the one below.

Dear Mr. Peterson,

I am interested in the position of Sales Representative in your company. I have extensive experience in retail, including merchandising, so I can come up with some new convincing ideas for the firm.

I am currently in the process of relocating to your area. I will be ready for a face-to-face interview on 13/09/21 or for an alternative online discussion at any convenient time. I will be able to start working right away.


John Jacobs

Relocation Cover Letter Template

Make sure to get acquainted with a relocation cover letters template before starting to compose your own. Do not forget that your document must be in agreement with existing rules.

Your Name

Your Address and Phone Number

The Date

The Name of an Employer

The Name of a Company

Dear [HR Manager],

First paragraph: self-presentation, the story of your relocation.

Second paragraph: providing the reasons why a company should pay attention to your candidacy.

Third paragraph: how you can contribute to achieving the company’s goals.

Final statement


Writing a Relocation Cover Letter: Summary of the Received Information

In case of starting a new life in another city or country, consider writing a relocation cover letter, which is indispensable rather than supplementary. To increase the chances of getting hired, follow these simple but effective rules.

  • Make sure to mention your intentions in your cover letter willing to relocate. However, do not start enumerating the reasons immediately from the first sentence - save it for the following paragraphs.
  • Get acquainted with some relocation letters sample - pay special attention to the format, style, and length of a document.
  • Show your interest in the company’s activities if you want to attract HR with your relocating for a job cover letter.
  • Offer a call, an online meeting, or a personal interview. Be ready to provide honest answers and actual information. 

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