Esthetician Resume Sample and Tips

A compelling resume is a bridge between you and your dream job. It creates the first impression about you even before you meet the HR team. They will use the resume  to establish if you should be shortlisted for an interview. You, thus, should put more effort into ensuring that you will be able to indicate all the necessary details in the resume.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average esthetician's salary at $37,300 per year and $17.93 per hour.

There is no better time to become an esthetician than in this decade, where individuals have become more serious with skincare. It is a competitive industry, and your resume for an esthetician should be your weapon to help you win a position in the industry.

Without proper guidance, it could take you days or even weeks. In the end, the resume for esthetician will not be satisfactory. Whether you have been working as an esthetician before or stepping up into the role for the first time, this esthetician resume sample will help you build a resume that will get you the job. And also you can use  best cv writing service as a way out.

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How to Write a Killer Esthetician Resume

Getting inspiration to write a killer esthetician resume can be challenging. You can find inspiration when you create LinkedIn profile. You want a personalized resume that will fit a specific esthetician job description.

Note that hiring managers take approximately 5 seconds to go through the overview of a resume. Therefore, it would be best to make a good impression to make it to the next stage.

Take your time to learn how to write a resume for an esthetician. Make sure you introduce yourself well to avoid giving the recruiter a hard time. Remember that the hiring manager receives hundreds of resumes at a go when looking to fill a vacancy. You, therefore, should focus on capturing their attention through a compelling introduction.

For example, you can opt for a qualifications summary for your introduction. With this, you can show off your skills and achievements right from the start.

The recruiter is looking for the best fit for particular positions. Estheticians need to be licensed. This is why it is crucial to include certifications on the front and center pages of your resume. The aim is to show that you are indeed allowed to offer these services.

Show that you took your time to understand the hiring manager's needs by highlighting them and showing how you can offer a solution.

It is also wise to take your time and look for an esthetician resume example for inspiration. 

Choose the Right Esthetician Resume Template

Give your esthetician resume a professional look by using a suitable template.

Luckily, you can find numerous sample esthetician resume templates to choose from. The right one should give your resume a nice flow without giving the recruiters a hard time trying to assess your potential. An example of a good sample esthetician template is as follows:

Summary: Also known as a professional summary, this section should highlight who you are, the experience, and what makes you the best fit for the job.

Qualifications: Show that you are knowledgeable about skincare products. Include other qualifications such as being passionate about skincare and possess good communication skills.

Skills: Highlight only relevant skills that make you fit for the job. These include retail spa sales, knowledge about FotoFacial, lash tinting, skin rejuvenation, etc.

Work History: Include the job description, the company's name, and the period of work.

resume example for estheticians

Sample Resume For an Esthetician: Summary or Objectives

The summary section provides hiring managers with an overview of your experience and best traits.

It would be best if you made this section precise. Do not go overboard by writing pages of your skills and what makes you a good fit for esthetician duties. When writing the resume summary or objectives, mention the specific skills that make you stand out among other applicants. 

Make sure you understand the esthetician position requirements before putting down the skills. For instance, if the recruiter is looking for a lash extension expert, include skills and experiences related to this job description. You should not talk about your experience in waxing.

Some esthetician resume objective examples include:

'I'm an efficient, dedicated esthetician with five-year experience in brow extensions for facilities attracting up to 30 clients per day".

"I'm a qualified lash extensions expert, passionate about my job, and can work under minimal supervision."

Resume For An Esthetician Without Experience

Just because you have never worked as an esthetician before does not mean you have no chances of getting a job.

With a good resume, anything is achievable. Check out the tips for writing a sample resume esthetician no experience:

Come up With an Attractive Summary: In this case, state what you can do for the employer. Make it enticing to keep the hiring manager glued. Include other outstanding skills such as discipline and the ability to work under minimal supervision. 

Pay Attention to the Education Background: Everyone starts somewhere, and your education qualifications should set the bar for you. Moreover, you may have earned several certificates that can give you more points.

List All Activities and Achievements: Mention everything useful you have done. However, ensure that the activities are relevant to the specific job description.

Internships: Both paid and unpaid internships is the best evidence of your experience. The internships give you exposure to the real world and help you in networking. 

Education Background For Esthetician Resume

It is crucial to highlight your educational background in an esthetician resume. This section helps the employer to understand your academic progress. It also highlights your discipline and dedication.

Degrees and certificates are important, now more than ever. Hiring managers are less likely to consider applicants with none of them as they deem them less qualified and more likely to get in trouble.

Besides formal education, being at school gives you exposure to other life aspects such as how to get along with people and be polite. You also gain essential business skills and the value of dedication and working under minimal supervision.

Include your educational background paying more attention to your college years as this determines if you meet academic qualifications.

Ensure that you highlight every school that you ever attended, all from primary school to college, to increase your chances of getting the job, even without experience. Check out a sample resume for an esthetician for a glimpse of how this section looks.

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Skills for an Esthetician Position

Selecting the right skills is the key to impressing the recruiters. It shows that you understand the job description and you can handle your tasks. Think about what would be relevant to see in resumes for estheticians. Imagine you are an employer. What would you include in a job description for esthetician?

When highlighting esthetician resume skills, make sure they match with the esthetician position. Some of the critical skills to include are:

  • great at interacting with customers;
  • creativity;
  • flexibility;
  • laser hair removal;
  • lash extensions;
  • great communication skills;
  • esthetician certification;
  • ability to pay attention to detail;
  • ability to work under minimal supervision.

Adding the right skills convinces the hiring manager that you can perform your duties. It shows that you are knowledgeable about skincare techniques and products and that you can recommend and sell products with ease.

Esthetician Sample Resume: Contact Info

You are crafting your sample resume of esthetician with a lot of hope and positivity. You are hoping to impress the recruiters with your resume writing skills so you can make it to the interview.

Therefore, it is critical to include your contact information to make a perfect esthetician sample. This will give the hiring managers an easy time when trying to reach you.

At the end of the resume, include your mobile phone number and email. These two are the most professional modes of communication. You can add a little sort of call to action, requesting the employer to reach out to you if they feel that you are who they are looking for. 

Add Other Sections to Your Resume

You do not necessarily have to follow the standard template of writing an esthetician resume. You may spice it up with other sections that you feel will maximize your chances of making it to the position of top estheticians.

For example, you can add your interests to the resume. This will give the employer an idea of who you are and the value you can bring to the company.

You may state that you have an interest in travel. This makes you an ideal candidate if the company wants to send employees to different cities or states for research or servicing. Other impressive interests include:

  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Volunteering
  • Photography

Such interests show that you have more value to add to the company. However, ensure that they are relevant to the specific job description for esthetician. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Esthetician Resumes

You may have everything figured out. But then, a slight mistake in your esthetician resume can mess up any chances you had to get the esthetician job. Some common mistakes to avoid in esthetician resume sample include:

Having typos in your resume - Ensure you proofread the resume as many times to get rid of typos and bad grammar. You may also ask your friends or relatives to go through the resume.

Don't forget to make some resume editing before sending it.

Saying you want to own a salon someday - while everyone dreams of becoming a boss eventually, including that fact in your resume will not do you any good as this goal is rather vague.

Claiming that you are an expert - you recently entered the field, and it wouldn't be right to claim that you are an expert in esthetician positions. Instead, you should be willing to spend more time learning and keeping up with technological changes.

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