Makeup Artist Resume Sample

If you’ve always had a passion for putting makeup on your Barbie dolls or your teenage friends, then a career as a makeup artist might be a good fit for you. Meanwhile, learn more about the work process of a professional makeup artist. Find out about the skills that both hiring managers and potential customers would love to see in your resume. 

Check more on how to format your make up artist resume.

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How to Format a Makeup Artist Resume

  • Functional. Emphasizes skills in your resume layout yet is perfect for beginners and industry changers;
  • Chronological. A great choice if you want to list your experiences in the job application;
  • Combination. Suitable both for professionals and entry-level specialists. Use it to focus both on your skills and experience before the actual job interview happens. 

Should I write my resume with the help of a professional article writer? Yes, but before you do it, learn more about an artist resume format in our Skillhub community.

Makeup Artist Resume [Sample]

There are no two resumes for makeup artists that share the same data, like skills and experience. Each resume for makeup artist is unique since it focuses on one’s specific qualities and skills. Before you start composing beauty resumes, google ‘resume artist’ and check all possible makeup artist resume samples to learn the basic principles of efficient resume writing. 

Julia Grace

Makeup Artist

Phone Number: 737-777-7251


LinkedIn: Add the link to your LinkedIn profile here


A highly skilled makeup artist with authentic artistic vision and 7 years of industry experience. Open for hire locally in New York and metropolitan areas. Due to outstanding communication skills and cosmetology knowledge provided makeup and skin cleaning services while achieving a 98% client satisfaction rate. 


‘Flora Beauty Salon’


Key Responsibilities

  • Provided makeup application services while following the core cosmetology requirements;
  • Consulted clients on skincare routine;
  • Helped clients choose products suitable for their skin type;
  • Promoted the company’s products and services;
  • Followed the hygiene and safety industry standards;
  • Assisted the cosmetology team with service updates and sales;
  • Updated customer payments and created a work schedule while applying superb organizational skills.

Key Achievements

  • Increased customer retention by 53% in 2 years;
  • Kept a 98% client satisfaction rate during the entire career. 


New York Cosmetology School


  • Graduated in Makeup Artistry (120 hours);
  • Completed a 3-month internship at L’Oreal.


Hard Skills

  • Authentic artistic vision;
  • Knowledge of color palettes and fashion styles;
  • Superb design skills;
  • Strong knowledge of industry standards and cosmetology products;
  • Communication and interpersonal skills.

Soft Skills

  • Multitasking;
  • Time management;
  • Self-organization;
  • Stress resistance.

Other Sections


  • Attending seasonal makeup workshops (organized by L’Oreal, Maybelline, etc.); 
  • Leading a blog on makeup and fashion;
  • Organizing fashion charity events in the local community and transferring the raised money to beauty startups.

Resume Objective & Resume Summary

A typical cosmetic resume will include a makeup artist resume objective or summary. The role of a summary or objective is to show your skills and experience concisely or represent your need for training respectively. While a resume summary is a perfect option for showcasing your accomplishments and talents, makeup artist resume objectives are great for telling the reader about your job demands.

Additionally, a typical summary is longer than an objective. While a summary is more descriptive in nature, an objective is more straightforward. 

Resume Summary [Examples]

Professionally written make up resumes always contain a Summary section. To stand out in the job market, showcase your skills and work experience in a short Summary. 


To find a job in the cosmetics industry


A highly creative and self-organized makeup artist with 3 years of cosmetology experience. Due to superb artistic vision, strong knowledge of cosmetological procedures, and makeup application techniques achieved a 96% client satisfaction rate and increased customer retention by 43%.

Resume Objective [Examples]

A traditional makeup artist objective is a statement of your personal job demands when it comes to job duties, salary, or responsibilities. Check a well-written and badly composed objective in a resume example below.


To find a job in the cosmetics industry


To find a job as a makeup artist in local salons (New York and Metropolitan area). Open for hire for gigs and fashion shows on a freelance basis. Preferences for salons cooperating with L’Oreal, Dior, or Estee Lauder

Resume Examples [Experience]

The Experience section in your make up resume is one of the core sections in all makeup artist resumes that give a recruiter a reason to hire you among other job seekers. How to write this section properly?

  • Type of business. Mention whether you’ve worked as a freelance makeup artist or for a traditional salon; 
  • Job responsibilities. List all the job duties you had as a makeup artist; 
  • Mention the products you used for your work. Different salons specialize in different product types in their niche. Some will prefer Dior, while others will be L’Oreal-focused;
  • Structure. Keep the information organized, preferably in lists.

Entry Level Makeup Artist Resume [Experience]

How to let your beginner makeup artist resume shine if there is not much to add to your Experience section? 

  • Never leave the Experience section empty. This is a place to give a reason to a hiring manager to hire you; 
  • Portfolio. Add a portfolio that contains photos of your projects to your make up artist resume;
  • List job-related responsibilities. Do you know how to organize and handle appointments professionally because it was a part of your last job? Mention it!

Entry Level Makeup Artist [Sample]

Make sure your resume for beauty industry has an Experience section. Check a resume example below.


I haven’t got any experience in the industry, but with acceptance to your company, I can prove to you that I’m worth the creative positions at your company


Volunteering Makeup Artist

Colorado Spring Fashion Festival


  • Providing artistic solutions to directors and designers
  • Creating artistic concepts for photoshoots
  • Cooperating with models and directors
  • Following industry guidelines, standards, and requirements


I haven’t got any experience in the industry, but with acceptance to your company, I can prove to you that I’m worth the creative positions at your company.


Volunteering Makeup Artist

Colorado Spring Fashion Festival


  • Providing artistic solutions to directors and designers;
  • Creating artistic concepts for photoshoots; 
  • Cooperating with models and directors;
  • Following industry guidelines, standards, and requirements. 

How to Put Education on a Resume

The most popular educational institution mentioned in makeup resumes is a cosmetology school. There are no strict requirements for composing this section. The main suggestions for the creation of a sample makeup artist resume are structure and organization. Other tips to follow are:

  • Mention the name of the makeup courses or the cosmetology school you’ve graduated from; 
  • Mention the years of studying and the graduation date;
  • List your qualifications. For instance, you’ve studied makeup art and hairdressing - list the data in your resume. 

Makeup Artist Resume Examples [Education]

When creating a sample makeup artist resume, keep the Education section well-structured and real. Don’t mention the school or courses you’ve never attended. Don’t harm your career! Regardless of your education, a typical employer will focus on your skills and portfolio rather than your college education before inviting you for job interviews.


I graduated from Denver Cosmetology School recently. My specialization is Theatrical Makeup


Salon Success Academy


  • Studied Visual Art and Makeup
  • Completed internship at Denver Central Theater

Skills on a Resume for a Makeup Artist

Your makeup artist skills won’t focus solely on your technical skills like makeup application or color palette knowledge. All because the career field of a typical makeup artist implies working with people. You won’t practice makeup on mannequins for the rest of your life, right? Hence, it’s preferable your makeup artist skills resume includes non-technical skills like communication as well. 

  • Start with Hard Skills like ‘strong knowledge of brands and products’ and follow with Soft Skills like ‘stress resistance’; 
  • Divide your Skills section into Hard Skills and Soft Skills subsections to emphasize your technical and non-technical skills to the hiring manager;
  • Present yourself from different angles. For instance, emphasize your theoretical knowledge and practical skills to prove your proficiency as a makeup professional. 

Makeup Artist Resume Examples [Skills]

How to be a good makeup artist? The answer is simple - start with developing your skills and meeting individuals that can inspire you and share some knowledge. Meanwhile, make sure to present the skills that salon occupations require in a perfect structure and organization.


Strong industry knowledge, superb knowledge of makeup application techniques, etc.



Hard Skills

  • Authentic visual conceptualization and imagination
  • Strong industry knowledge
  • Superb knowledge of color palettes and makeup application techniques
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Stress resistance
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How to Stand Out at the Job Market

To brighten up your makeup resume and maximize your chances of winning a job interview, add Other Sections at the end of your resume. Think of Other Sections as statements for your amazing personality and job-related interests. In other words, Other Sections are the last chance to persuade a hiring manager to recruit if they have doubts. 

Other Sections to add to your resume for beauty industry are as follows:

  • Hobbies;
  • Other Projects;
  • Volunteering;
  • Languages;
  • Awards and Certifications. 

Makeup Artist Resume Examples [Other Sections]

When composing Other Sections for your professional makeup artist resume, make sure the data you use is completely job-related. For instance, there is no need to mention your hobbies in your makeup artist sample resume that are not about applying makeup or learning more about the beauty industry. Also, if you scan the job market, you’ll find that Other Sections aren’t as long as the Experience or Skills sections. 


Other Sections


  • Writing about IT and technology
  • Reading about cinema


Other Sections


  • Writing a ‘Visual Recognition’ blog on makeup and beauty
  • Supporting the work of other makeup artists through volunteering and charity activities

Makeup Artist Resume Keywords 

What are professional keywords, and why are they important in your Makeup Artist Resume? Professional keywords are terms related to a particular profession. They would be built in the algorithm of an ATS system designed to identify your skills and qualifications. At the end of the screening process, the ATS bot would accept or reject your resume.

  • List the job-related tasks you’ve performed as a makeup artist. For instance, ‘skin cleansing,’ ‘applying lipstick,’ ‘smoothing the skin texture,’ etc.;
  • Mention professional nouns. List the tools you’ve used for your work. For instance, ‘bronzer,’ ‘concealer,’ ‘eye pencil,’ etc.;
  • Add verbs. Think of actions like ‘applying,’ ‘cleansing,’ ‘removing,’ etc.

Writing down professional keywords all throughout your makeup artist resume template is a great way to persuade the recruiter that you know your job and industry requirements. In other words, it’s a great opportunity to persuade the recruiter to hire you and start a new breathtaking career. 

Final Thoughts

Writing makeup artist resumes is not as tough as it sounds once you’re equipped with the necessary knowledge. Check as many makeup resumes examples as you can before composing a resume for yourself. 

  • Make sure the make up artist resume examples you find are composed by professional writers;
  • Get an advantage in the job hunting process by adding professional keywords;
  • Alter your resume according to different job position requirements;
  • Provide perfect structure to your resume sections so a recruiter can quickly familiarize themselves with your makeup artist bio and other data;
  • Keep the data real - don’t make up (pun intended) your education if you don’t have one.

We advise you to make sure your makeup artist resume is custom-written and ATS-friendly. For instance, you can get resume help online or contact a resume editing service directly! Let our Skillhub professionals help you. If you’ve already used our services, please don’t hesitate to share on social media your opinion!

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