Cosmetologist Resume Examples

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We know everything there’s to know about a perfect resume that highlights the candidate’s strengths and reflects the job’s work process. We can ensure that your resume for cosmetologist positions impresses your potential employer. Keep reading if you want to see:

  • How to format a cosmetologist resume properly to get employed
  • How a flawless resume for cosmetologist should look like (with examples)
  • Great samples for all resume sections that meet the requirements
  • Useful tips that’ll help you write a cosmetology resume that stands out and makes you unbeatable in the job market.

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How to Format a Cosmetologist Resume

Some job seekers think that there’s no right or wrong way to format resumes for cosmetologists. But they are sadly mistaken. The layout of your resume can make or break your job application, trust us. So if you want to be invited to a job interview any time soon, don’t neglect our resume sample, including the formatting standards.

Everyone knows that writing decent resumes for cosmetologists is no joke. So if you’re on the verge of calling your friend and begging, “please write my resume,” we encourage you to look through the resume examples and tips below. And you can always use our service with professional article writers to get help from our experts competent in writing outstanding resumes for all industries and positions.

Cosmetologist Resume [Sample]

There are tons of cosmetology resume examples online, but not all of them meet the resume writing requirements that job seekers need to follow if they want someone to hire them. That’s why we encourage you to follow our cosmetologist resume example; it’s a great beauty industry resume. If you use it as a resume cosmetologist sample, your potential employer will know that you know of all the newest beauty solutions and deserve the job you’re applying for.

Here is a good resume for beautician that is worth learning from:

Maria Herrings



A licensed beautician with 2+ years of professional experience as cosmetologist and 4+ years as a makeup artist. Capable of performing the entire spectrum of cosmetic procedures, know all hair and skin treatments, and am skilled in makeup application. Have maintained a CSAT score of 91% for sixteen months.

Work Experience

Cosmetologist & Beautician

New Way Beauty Studio, Los Angeles, CA

February 2020-July 2022

  • Performed diverse hair and skin treatments for clients with different hair and skin types
  • Guided clients to help them find the perfect hair and skincare products for their unique needs
  • Maintained a CSAT score of 91% or more throughout the employment


Jeena’s Salon, San Diego, CA

June 2020-February 2020

  • Performed diverse skin procedures and treatments for clients with all skin types
  • Helped clients find their perfect skincare routines
  • Scheduled 10+ appointments a day

Makeup Artist & Beautician

East Side Makeup Studio, San Diego, CA

June 2019-June 2020

  • Applied makeup to clients for various occasions, from everyday makeup to special events (including weddings)
  • Recommended appropriate makeup products depending on customers’ skin types and individual needs
  • Maintained a first-time retention rate of 70% and higher throughout the employment


Aveda Institute, Los Angeles, CA

September 2017-June 2019

  • Mastered all contemporary skin and hair styling, treatment, and care techniques
  • Graduated top of the class


  • Exhaustive knowledge of hair treatments, styling techniques, and care methods
  • Expertise in skin treatments and skin care product selection
  • Skills in makeup application for the full spectrum of occasions
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Expert-level conflict resolution skills


  • Knowledge of basic face and head massage techniques
  • Languages: English—Native; Spanish—Fluent

Resume Objective & Resume Summary

If you think there is no real difference between a cosmetologist resume objective and summary (or don’t know what those are at all), you definitely need us. Those are one of the first things a recruiter sees on cosmetology resumes. So it’s important that you know how to communicate that you have the required certification, possess all important cosmetologist skills, and are ready to cater to every customer. It’s the first step toward your job search success!

Resume Summary [Examples]

If you leaf through a few resume examples for cosmetologist, you’ll see that some of them include a short intro that summarizes the work the applicant has done so far, their beauty experience, and key job accomplishments. Follow our right resume sample for the resume summary section. It’ll help you find success in the job market!


A passionate skilled cosmetologist with professional experience and accolades.This one’s way way too vague.


A licensed cosmetologist with 5+ years of professional experience performing the entire spectrum of cosmetic procedures, hair treatment and styling, and makeup application. A CSAT score of 93%.

Resume Objectives [Examples]

Some people who apply for jobs prefer to follow a resume example with an objective at the beginning. Instead of summarizing our experience the way a resume summary does, a cosmetologist resume objective communicates what your professional goal is. Show interview-winning confidence!


To obtain a position as a skincare consultant.


Seeking to take on the role of a full-time skincare consultant at a licensed salon to use my professional cosmetology and hair treatment experience and skills to increase customer loyalty and contribute to the success of my employer.

Resume Examples [Experience]

No sample resumes for cosmetologist would be complete without the experience section. It is supposed to highlight your duties in previous relevant positions and show that your professional background matches the job requirements. It’s perhaps the most important part of any beauty industry resume, which is why we encourage you to follow our well-written cosmetologist sample resume for advice on the experience section.

The information you put about your professional experience should be short yet specific. If you’ve only had one or two employers so far, no problem! But describe your work responsibilities and achievements in a way that puts you in the best light. Use bullet points and list your past jobs, starting from the most recent ones.

Entry Level Cosmetologist Resume [Experience]

If you have virtually no professional experiences so far, don’t worry! There are a lot of cosmetologist resume samples just out of school. As long as they highlight your knowledge of the job responsibilities and list your achievements (even education-related ones), you’re good.

If you look at cosmetology resume samples for entry-level positions, you’ll see that there’s a way to appear competent even with no or almost no work experience. Focus on the projects you’ve completed during your training, list your skills—and you’re all set.

Entry Level Cosmetologist [Sample]

For a recruiter to meet your beginner cosmetology resume with acceptance and open job opportunities to you, follow our guidelines for an entry-level resume cosmetologist experience section.


Jojo Beauty Salon

  • Interned at the salon for six months
  • Learned how to assist in skin care and haircare procedures
  • Helped make customers happy


Internship at Jojo Beauty Salon

August-March 2021-2022

  • Assisted in providing skincare and hair care consultations
  • Assisted in performing skin and hair treatmentsr
  • Received positive reviews from customers and contributed to the salon’s customer satisfaction score (91%)
  • Gained extensive expertise in the full spectrum of skin and hair treatments
  • Acquire basic knowledge of beauty salon operations

Education Section: What to Include

Another thing any sample resume for cosmetologist must include is your education. Make sure that the people reading your applications have no doubt that you understand skin and hair health, know about the newest creation in the beauty industry, and are well-equipped to meet any cosmetologist’s job requirements.

Look at our cosmetology resumes (including the one above) as well as separate samples for winning education sections that work. You’ll see that no matter what your training is, there’s a way to present it in a way that will win any recruiter over and land you an interview.

Cosmetologist Resume Examples [Education]

As our sample cosmetology resume shows, you need to convince the recruiter that you’re a fast and talented learner willing to focus on career development and professional growth.


Michael Vincent Academy

September 2021-May 2022

Completed the Master Beauty Artistry course


Michael Vincent Academy, Los Angeles., CA

September 2021-May 2022

  • Received an internationally recognized certification
  • Gained top-level skills in makeup services as well as relevant business expertise
  • Graduated top of the class

Skills on a Resume for a Cosmetologist

The cosmetologist resume skills section is one of the most crucial parts of your resume. It should include not only the competencies in your career field (meaning cosmetologist skills) and accomplishments in beauty treatments but also relevant interpersonal and business skills.

Here are a few cosmetologist skills that individuals looking to hire you expect to see on your beauty industry resume:

Hard skills

  • Top-notch expertise in cutting, dying, and styling different types of hair
  • Extensive knowledge of hair treatments, including keratin smoothing, moisture, relaxer, and more
  • Skills in makeup application for the full spectrum of occasions
  • Knowledge of appropriate skin treatments and skincare routines for all types of skin
  • Understanding of the business side of salon operations

Soft skills

  • Exceptional interpersonal skills
  • Patient and friendly demeanor with customers
  • Unparalleled attention to detail

Cosmetologist Resume Examples [Skills]

Job-seeking individuals who follow a good cosmetology resume example don’t normally make mistakes when listing their cosmetology skills (or relevant occupations). So look at our sample and make sure to pay attention to both your professional expertise and communication competencies.


  • Deep knowledge of all skin and hair techniques and treatments
  • Makeup skills, including artistic makeup


  • Exceptional skills in styling, dying and cutting all types of hair
  • Knowledge of all popular hair and skin treatments as well as appropriate skin and hair products for all skin types
  • Great communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Understanding of salon operations
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How to Make Recruiters Notice Your Resume

One of the cosmetologist resume sections that job seekers often forget about is “Other.” But it’s actually among the resume sections that help your resume stand out. Here, you should list your extra skills and competencies that make you better than other candidates. For example, if you have extensive knowledge of acne treatments or even aromatherapy, make sure to write about it. As long as these competencies are at least somewhat relevant for a cosmetologist, they might convince your dream employer to invite you for an interview and, hopefully, recruit you.

Cosmetologist Resume Examples [Other Sections]

Even the “Other” section on a professional cosmetologist resume should be relevant and show that no one can work like you. Otherwise, we wouldn’t even include it in our cosmetology resume samples. The right “Other” section can even affect your future salary, so don’t treat it as an afterthought.


  • A responsible dog owner and experienced groomer
  • Ability to format and scan documentation


  • Knowledge of massage techniques, including head massage for hair growth
  • Certification in music therapy and the ability to use the knowledge gained to create the perfect ambiance in the beauty salon

Cosmetologist Resume Keywords

Consciously or unconsciously, most recruiters and hiring managers react positively to action words on a cosmetologist resume (or a resume for any other career field). These verbs communicate that you’re a doer and are ready to complete all the tasks given to you. Also, they sometimes help resumes pass applicant tracking systems (ATS), which is very important, considering what a big role technology plays in recruitment these days.






















Those are some of the key action verbs to put on a resume for beautician if you want your dream employer to hire you. Don’t forget about them—they can boost your career! Everyone is looking for a doer, so show recruiters that you’re one.

Key Things to Remember

As you can see, there are quite a few things you need to learn to know how to write a cosmetologist resume that will impress any recruiter and help you achieve your goal of getting a perfect beautician job. With enough time and practice, you can write a good resume yourself, especially if you follow our cosmetology resume sample.

But if you want to submit your job application as soon as possible and get an interview, we encourage you to use our professional resume editing service for the best results. It takes our experts one look at any cosmetologist job description for resume to deliver a perfectly written resume.

Give us a chance to impress you—and you’ll soon become a happily employed cosmetologist.

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