Tips For Writing a Hair Stylist Resume Sample

So, you have always dreamt of becoming a hairstylist. You made the right career choice, but the main challenge comes in landing a job in your preferred salon.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average hair stylist's salary at $29,680 per year and $14.27 per hour.

It is an opportunity to interact with people, and the best part is that you can become a licensed hairstylist even before you graduate from high school. In this fast-moving world, you need a flexible schedule, and that is precisely what you get by choosing to be a stylist.

Nonetheless, it would be best if you had a killer hair stylist resume to get into the industry. To learn how to make it, read our resume sample hair stylist guide!

This hair stylist resume writing sample will guide you through writing a sample resume for hairstylist that will get you a job.

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Best Hair Stylist Resume Format

Ensure that you follow the correct hair stylist resume format to maximize your chances of getting the job.

Note that the hiring manager has hundreds of resumes or CV to review. It is up to you to give the recruiter an easy time going through yours so it can make it to the list of shortlisted interviewees. Here is a resume sample to give you an idea of the format. Also you can use .

Objectives: The first section of the resume should be the objective. This part summarizes who you are and what value you can add to the hiring company.

Experience: State the number of years you have been working as a hairstylist. You can make it more realistic by mentioning the companies you have worked for before and the period under each.

Skills: What skills do you have that differentiate you from other hairstylists? Be sure to emphasize this section as the recruiter is likely to use it to determine the best fit for the job among hundreds of applicants. While at it, ensure that the skills are relevant to hair styling.

Education: Do not forget to highlight your educational background. The employer is likely to select a highly educated applicant, and you should therefore mention any institution you have attended that makes you better in your career.

Hair Stylist Resume Templates

The ideal resume template for your hair stylist job depends on your career path. One of the employer's major considerations is your experience, but that does not mean that you should overlook your vision for the job.

It would be best to focus on a particular area and prove that you are the best for the position. Emphasize the skill, your education, and where you have worked before as a hairstylist. A good hair stylist resume template includes the following;

Resume example for hair stylist

Professional Summary

A dedicated hairstylist with over 20 years of experience can interact with clients and make them feel at home, strong communication skills, and can work under minimal supervision.


  • Exemplary sales skills
  • Efficiency and professional
  • Hair styling expertise
  • Good communication
  • Modern styling techniques know-how

Work Experience

March 2000 to February 2006 ABC Salon

May 2006 to December 2012 Experts Salon

January 2007 to April 2020, the Kings and Queens Hair Palace

Under each salon, state the precise services that you offered.


State the schools you attended, especially for your hair stylist career. Do not forget to include the period of studying.

Hair Stylist Resume Objective or Resume Summary

The summary statement gives an overview of who you are and the value you can add to the hiring company.

Make the hair stylist's resume objective concise and easy to understand.

The section should contain the most relevant skills and qualifications that make you the best fit for the job position. Give insights into how you can be valuable to the salon.

The hair stylist resume objective comes in handy if you feel that your experience is insufficient. It can replace that section and still play the role perfectly. It shows your enthusiasm, so you should mention your achievements at the top.

Hair Stylist Resume Summaries

Here are hair stylist resume samples to guide you when writing the summary.

Right Example ✅

A dedicated and passionate hair stylist with over ten years of experience in the industry. Possess great communication skills and sales know-how. Have worked with renowned salons and styled over 50 individuals for big events.

Wrong Summary ❌

I'm a hairstylist expert, and you can rest assured that if you give me a chance to work in your salon, I will help you attract more clients. My dream is to own a beauty spa, and I believe my hard work and dedication will get me there.

Hair Stylist Resume Objective

Your hair stylist resume objective should be relevant to the precise job description. The objective states the position for which you are applying. It may also state your career goals. Make it short and to the point, and do not forget that it should be customized to suit every resume's job description.

Here is an example of a hairdresser resume objective.

Right ✅

Experienced hairdresser looking for a position in a reputable salon. I have five years of experience, and I'm still learning to reach perfection. I'm independent and can work under minimum supervision. I have strong communication and customer interaction skills to help your salon grow.

Wrong ❌

I'm a skilled hairstylist with experience in various fields, including barber, stylist, and cosmetology. I attended XY College, where I acquired my hair styling certificate, so I have the necessary qualifications. I have worked with different salons and won several awards. Hire me and let me showcase my value to you.

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Writing a Hair Stylist Resume Skills

The hair stylist job description section is paramount as it showcases the exact skills you possess and how you can use them to transform the salon for the better.

The skills section shows the hiring manager that you have the abilities needed to handle the open position. The recruiter pays attention to this part to establish if they should move to the next step of inviting you for an interview.

Ensure that the skills you choose to include are relevant to the open job position. For instance, if a salon needs a hairdresser, do not mention other cosmetology skills.

It is also crucial that you stay up to date with the latest hair styles to not miss out on the position because the employer feels like you are old-fashioned.

Be sure to mention the hair stylist resume keywords to attract the recruiter's attention. If they are looking for a barber, mention the keyword severally.

Hair Stylist Sample (Experience)

The experience section plays a vital role in determining if you can handle the role efficiently. The employer is more likely to hire an applicant with many years of experience as opposed to individuals with no experience. Here is a sample hairstylist resume with experience.

Correct ✅

A certified hair stylist with 5+ years experience - Seeking to impress clients with unmatched hair design skills. Have worked on over 300 clients and have always been dedicated to seeing customers satisfied.

Wrong ❌

Passionate hairdresser with excellent skills in hair coloring, hair cutting, and extensions. I'm responsible for all hair colorings done at XY Hair salon for the past three years that I have worked there.

Two Beginner Hairstylist Resume Examples

If you have no experience or have never worked on an official hair styling job, you can still get the job. Perhaps you have been to voluntary programs where you styled people's hair or been doing it to your family members.

Here are examples of a resume for hairstylist with no experience, right and wrong for beginners with no experience.

Right ✅

Styled hair for friends' graduations and weddings and received positive feedback and praises from the brides and graduates. Have participated in several voluntary hair styling projects for the less fortunate. Helped salon XZ gain over 20 clients through amazing sales skills.

Wrong ❌

I haven't worked a formal job yet, but I believe I can match up to your expectations. I have worked in different industries, including retail sales and bartending.

Education Section: Why Is It Important?

The education section shows that you can offer more value than basic hair styling. Recruiters are likely to trust you more if you show them that you have attended reputable centers to gain hairstyling education and more life skills and knowledge.

When writing a hair stylist resume, make sure to mention your grades and other achievements, such as the leadership positions that you may have assumed while at school. 

Hair Stylist Resume Samples (Education)

Here are two samples for the education section, right and wrong.

Right ✅

Expertise Hair Stylist College

2010 - 2012

  • Attained an A+ grade in hair design
  • Received two certificates for exemplary work
  • Was the head of sales class

2006 - 2010

  • Winners High School
  • Top English student with excellent communication skills
  • Headed the yearbook committee


Expertise Hair Styling College

2010 - 2012

  • Attained my degree
  • Winners High School

2006 - 2010

  • Completed my high school education

Skills on a Resume for Hair Stylist

Ensure you add the right hair stylist resume skills to suit the specific job description.

Below are hair stylist resume samples for the skills section.

Right ✅

  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent communication
  • Great customer services
  • Haircutting and styling
  • Hair straightening and perming
  • Business management
  • Time management
  • Patience
  • Marketing and up-selling

Wrong ❌

  • I love watching movies
  • I'm great at DIY home improvement projects

Hair Stylist Resume Samples: How to Put on Resume Skills

Adding skills is the key to writing a professional hairstylist resume. While you cannot possibly prove your skills on the resume, you can use them to convince the hiring manager to shortlist you for an interview.

Check out professional hair stylist resume examples to get a glimpse of the ideal skills to include in your resume. Some of them include;

  • Listening
  • Time management
  • Customer service
  • Coloring
  • Assessing
  • Presentable
  • Patience
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Cutting and styling
  • Hair straightening
  • Assessing
  • Marketing
  • Active learning

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Things to Make Your Resume Stand Out

While you want your resume to be unique and different from others, you should not be tempted to add color to your professional hairstylist resume.

You may add hairstylist resume sections to spice up the CV and draw the hiring manager's attention as professional cv writers do.

Professional Hair Stylist Resume Samples

Here are right and wrong samples on the additional activities to add to your resume for hair stylist jobs.

Right ✅

Interviewed by famous bloggers about my customer service

Volunteered severally at homes for the elderly and homeless shelters

Attend weekly classes to boost skills

I have been to 20+ beauty shows and conferences

Wrong ❌

Shy away from activities that do not relate to hairstyling. For instance, you should not state that;

  • You love swimming
  • Enjoy birdwatching.


Your resume is the most important part of a job application. You may have everything figured out, and you feel ready for the interview, but your resume is the only thing that can get you in that interview room. Don't forget to use LinkedIn resume  for your job promotion.

You should therefore invest your time and effort into learning how to write a hair stylist resume and how to edit it as professional editor. Understand the dos and don'ts to avoid making mistakes that will cost you the job opportunity.

Besides the above sections, make sure you include your contact information to give the recruiters an easy time if they need to reach you.

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