Massage Therapist Resume Sample

It pays to have an advantage during the job search process in a high-demand area like massage therapy. A massage therapist sample of a resume writing will be instrumental in helping you stand out from the crowd. It eliminates formatting concerns, allowing you to concentrate on quality content and research the roles you're applying for.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average massage therapist’s salary at $46,910 per year and $22.55 per hour.

But what exactly is a must-have resume for the best massage therapists?

It is an introductory summary of a profession. It is meticulously arranged to display all the skills the domain holds. A resume brings forth all the aspects of being a certified massage therapist by stating the valuable skills and experience one has amassed in their career. 

A resume for massage therapist is not a one-size-fits-all since the experiences are unique. So, an entry level massage therapist resume will greatly differ from the one for a person who has been in the field longer. If you feel like you need some help don't hesitate to use professional resume editing help. However, the guidelines on the massage therapist resume sample we will provide can be tweaked to fit most professionals in the industry.

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How to Write a Resume for Massage Therapist Right

If you are not sure how to write a resume or CV effectively, follow our tips and have no worries. Below are some of the essential topics you must cover on a massage therapist resume sample.

massage theraphistresume of jennifer reeze

Identification Slot

There are millions of massage therapists resume examples online you can find on such a website like LinkedIn, and this section is obvious in all of them. You must include your full name, contact data, and picture (if you wish to and if it is in line with most employers’ requirements).

Resume Objective

The objective part of your massage therapist resume is the main attempt to engage your potential employers. Here, you aim to capture the recruiters' attention by clearly and briefly stating your purpose in the industry.

Educational Background

Here, you state in what school and when you studied to acquire your massage therapist skills. You can list all additional relevant courses and qualifications that boost your value as a professional.


Next, you describe your work experience stating the companies, duration of employment, massage therapist duties, and the role you played.


Here, you jot down the massage therapist job description skills you have mastered. There are several kinds of massage styles, like aromatherapy, Swedish, sports, and prenatal. List the ones that you are good at.

Select a Suitable Massage Therapist Resume Template

Before settling on a sample of massage therapist resume to use, there is a bit of assessment you must do. Below are some of the pointers to help you select the best.

  • Firstly, try to apply a simple and widely acceptable layout to prevent your resume from being excluded by the applicant tracking software.
  • Make sure to optimize your resume’s readability. Thus, the sample should include bullet points, subheadings, and short sentences. The resume should be as clear and concise as possible.
  • Avoid any unnecessary additions like unrelated hobbies, religious attributes, marital status, or underdeveloped skills that you rarely apply.
  • Be deliberate on the words you use, particularly the ones related to the advertised position. Again, it is important to make a bot-beating massage therapy resume template to land an interview.

Massage Therapist Resume Summary or Main Goals

You need to come up with massage therapy objectives and present them clearly on the resume. These objectives must invoke a sense of urgency and should compel the hiring manager to consider your application. These power statements are what helps you get more interviews.

Below are some instances of a massage therapist resume summary. Remember to always specify your goals by stating the title of the company you are sending your application to; in this case, we shall use the name XYZ.

  • Searching for a position as a massage therapist in XYZ agency where I can put my knowledge in implementing professional therapy services for massage clients to good effect.
  • Looking for a job as a massage therapist in XYZ business where I can demonstrate my in-depth understanding of neuromuscular and hot stone massage techniques.
  • A licensed massage therapist looking for work with XYZ business. I have an exceptional experience in using massage therapy in physical rehabilitation programs.

How to Craft a Massage Therapist Resume With Zero Experience

This applies to any professional fresh from school or training who wants to compose a massage therapist resume no experience. To have a fair chance to secure a job, the following tips can be helpful for you.

  • A massage therapist’s objective assertion should be at the top of your resume.
  • You should highlight all the therapy courses you enrolled in and qualifications acquired because you lack applicable hands-on experience. 
  • To persuade an employer that you can perform the required tasks, write down your related skills.
  • For candidates with no previous exposure to the job, it is crucial to mention any characteristics that would highlight your soft skills. Be sure to include any additional training you underwent and any relevant situations that depict you as a reliable person focused on self-development.
  • It's worth noting any projects, internships, or voluntary work you've done.

The Education Section on a Resume for a Massage Therapist

For any available job slot, the education segment of the sample resume massage therapist is significant for the following reasons.

  • This section shows your passion for the industry and convinces the employer that you are dedicated, and they can invest in your aspirations by hiring you.
  • Indicating a course you are undertaking while searching for the job displays that you are proactive and ready to gain experience as you still study. Most employers admire this quality and may very well offer you a part-time position so you can amass more massage therapy experience.
  • The education segment on your resume for massage therapist position also highlights the level of expertise and know-how you have reached. This helps the hiring manager gauge your perspective in the industry.
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The Skills Segment on a Massage Therapist Resume

Skills are unquestionably essential to have on your sample of resume for massage therapist. On the first page of a resume, listing specific abilities assists you in avoiding pesky keyword filters. It also attracts the attention of every hiring manager who is reviewing your sample resume of massage therapist.

This segment gives the hiring manager confidence that you are competent to fill the spot you are vying for. Most employers usually peruse resumes explicitly, looking at this section to do the elimination.

The use of deliberate keywords is also encouraged in this section. These keywords must be specific to the niche of the open job position. For instance, list the following characteristics:

  • good communication skills;
  • empathy;
  • Thai massage;
  • Swedish massage;
  • deep tissue;
  • reflexology;
  • hot stone.

If you put all these points into consideration, your skills will win you the massage therapist positions you apply for.

The Contact Info Section on Your Resume

This part entails adding any relevant contact info that the potential employer can use to reach you. Here are the essential points of contact information to include in any sample resume of massage therapist:

  • full official name;
  • email address;
  • mobile number; 
  • mailing address;
  • link to your social media account or site.

You must ensure that the provided information is free from typos and is official. For instance, on a contact section of a massage therapist sample resume, the indicated email must be professional and easy to read.

Additional Sections to Include in Your Resume

These are extra that may be deemed helpful for the recruiter taking a look at your resume. 

Here, you can include an interesting section where you list what you enjoy. It may or may not fall under massage therapist duties, but the more related your indicated activities are, the better.

Other sections you may add are as follows.

Language Proficiency Section 

If you are bilingual or multilingual, mentioning it can serve as an advantage. If the company that is hiring you accommodates clients with different ethnicities, you become a valued asset right off the bat with your added knowledge of a foreign language.

Rather than that, you could also mention

  • software skills;
  • writing skills;
  • marketing skills.

Achievement Section 

Most of the achievements you can state are the ones with tangible evidence they happened. These are such things as managing a social media platform in your previous job or an industry award you won.

Whatever you state as an achievement has also to be backed by the previous employer.

Volunteering Section 

A volunteer experience section on your resume is where you list any work you've done without compensation. This segment on your resume is a perfect way to stand out as a career seeker. It demonstrates your contribution to the group while still allowing you to verify your professional abilities.

Include Effective Action Verbs 

An action verb is a word that describes an activity, such as head, coordinate, and so on. Using such resume keywords deliberately all over your massage therapist profile will work to your advantage. 

Here are a few scenarios to refer to and some of the action verbs you can use in that particular section of your resume.

You Led a Project 

The alternatives to the word lead are

  • coordinated;
  • chaired;
  • headed;
  • operated;
  • orchestrated.

You Saved the Company Time or Funds

You can use

  • consolidated;
  • reconciled;
  • yielded;
  • reduced.

You Increased Customer Satisfaction 

  • accelerated;
  • amplified;
  • boosted;
  • outpaced;
  • stimulated. 

Perfect Entry Level Massage Therapist Resume Sample

If you lack job experience, use the following format to craft a winning massage therapist resume.

Contact Information 

  • full name;
  • email address;
  • physical address;
  • mailing address;
  • mobile number;
  • website or social media link.

The objective 

In this section, write only one compelling sentence, for example, “A professional massage therapist seeking a spot at the California Health Spa to bestow varied massage treatment procedures.”


List all the qualifications you have acquired through training:

  • a specialist at providing deep tissue and curative massage;
  • experienced in sports, trigger point massage, aromatherapy, and hot stone therapy;
  • a thorough understanding of different skin kinds and the best massage items;
  • know-how to set up a spa and follow simple safety procedures.


Here, you indicate your certifications in chronological order. For example:

  • Licensed Massage Therapist: State of Arizona (current).


Specify the institution, year of study, and the coursework.

Internship and Volunteering 

List all if you have any. Mention the involved organization, the duration of the project, and the assigned duties.

Typical Oversights in Massage Therapist Resumes

Certain aspects in massage therapist resumes would work against applicants. Some of those mistakes are as follows:

  • grammatical errors and typos in the text;
  • disorganized resume format;
  • giving information that is not related to the position.
  • creating a very long resume with a poor readability level.

Securing a job as a massage therapist requires your diligence in formulating the best resume, whether you are a beginner or a pro in the career.

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