Internship Resume Sample

Although being in an internship ultimately means doing lots of work that doesn’t pay, it still has many perks. First and foremost, an internship can be a great start for one’s future career. Not only it can help you understand what you want to do for a living but it also opens up plenty of networking opportunities for you. Needless to say, internships also look great on every resume, regardless of what kind of job you are applying for. And, thus, it can really help you land a job quicker and easier after graduation if you know how to write a resume for internship.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average sales manager’s salary at $127,490 per year and $61.30 per hour. You can get a resume that lands interviews from sales resume writing service professionals and land the job easier than ever. Invest in yourself and pick the right writer for you.

Okay, the benefits are clear. But, how to get a decent internship in the first place? Looking for an internship is not quite the same as a typical job search and, respectively, writing a resume for an internship is much different from making any other job application. Thus, it can be pretty hard to even land an interview for an internship. However, things get much easier if your internship resume is flawless!

We are a team of experts with years of experience in the resume writing business and, in this article, we will tell you how to craft a winning resume and even share some perfect internship resume examples.

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How To Write an Internship Resume

So, how to write a resume and impress potential employers? The parts of this guide will walk you through this process one step at a time. But, before we delve into details, let’s look at some general steps and tips for writing a great internship resume sample:

  • Read the internship opening first, highlight the key points, and find ways to tailor your resume to the needs and requirements of the employer. This will help you personalize your resume and indicate that you are a good fit.
  • Review some samples to see how your resume should look like and find the most suitable template.
  • Add a hook to your resume in the form of a resume summary or objective. Later in this guide, we will give you more tips on this.
  • Ensure you have the necessary basis for your resume with these core sections:
  • Resume header
  • Contact information
  • Summary or objective
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Include extra sections to show what else you’ve got and prove that you are a perfect candidate.
Pro Tip: Some additional tips are - use keywords and action verbs in your descriptions to make your resume visible for the applicant tracking system (ATS) or another resume-scanning software. Also, make sure you know how to put an internship on a resume sample (if you already had an internship before) and how to list your work experience, key skills, and education.

Most importantly, make sure you emphasize your transferable skills and non-work-related accomplishments. This will let you compensate for the lack of professional experience.

Choose the Right Template for an Internship Resume

Did you know that it only takes 11 seconds on average for an employer or recruiter to decide whether they want to recruit you or not? That is, if you fail to attract their attention right away, you will most likely get rejected.

But don’t worry. In fact, all you need to ensure success is the right internship resume template. The one that grabs attention and puts your biggest strengths at the core.

So, how can one choose the right template? If you have lots of relevant work experience or another internship on resume, you can choose between a variety of formats. But, most likely you don’t have much experience, so the best bet would be the reverse-chronological format that is proven to be effective.

As for the formatting of your resume sample for internship, here are a few more tips:

  • Start with a resume header + contact info
  • Next, add a resume profile (summary or objective)
  • Tailor your resume to the internship opening
  • Use keywords
  • Leave lots of white space
  • Save as PDF

Write an Internship Resume Summary or Summary Objective

There are two ways to start a resume - with a resume summary or with a resume objective. The first one is something like a synopsis of your professional career and, thus, should be used when the applicant has lots of relevant experience. It’s not the best option for an internship resume.

The second option is more like a statement of purpose. It’s best used when the candidate has no or not much experience. It emphasizes your motivation and skills and, thus, can help you make up for the lack of experience. So, we would recommend starting with an internship resume objective.

Example of resume objective for internships:

A highly motivated student with a major in Web Development and strong HTML/CSS, responsive design, and analytical skills. Completed multiple college and personal projects. Winner of the Hardcode contest. Seeking to leverage proven skills to succeed as an Intern at [company name].

How to Write a Resume for an Internship With No Experience

You might’ve had a few jobs by this point, but chances are that you have little to no professional experience in your field yet. That is, chances are that you are writing your internship resume with no experience, which can feel quite frustrating.

The good news is that both potential employers and recruiters are aware that you are still a student. So they will be okay if you apply with a resume for internship no experience. In fact, they expect just that.

Here are a few tips to help you write a resume for internship with no experience and still engage the recruiter:

  1. List non-related experiences with transferable skills to show that you know how to work and are accountable.
  1. If you ever did some nonprofit or volunteer work, be sure to mention this. Such entries always give extra points to you as a potential employee.
  1. Add value to your education section by providing additional key points such as relevant coursework, GPA (only if it’s really high), extracurricular activities, awards, honors, etc.
  1. Include a few extra sections to emphasize your skills even more and show the hiring manager what makes you a good fit for the chosen internship.

Put Your Education on Resume for an Internship

Typically, job seekers don’t really put emphasis on education in their applications. However, things are much different with a resume for internships. In most cases, students can’t put much work or internship experience on resume, so they should shift focus to the education section.

Here are some tips to use:

  • List your unfinished degree.
  • Include such details as:
  • School name
  • Location
  • Expected graduation date
  • Level of degree
  • Major and minors
  • Also, list school education.
  • Make 3-5 bullet points with additional info like GPA, coursework, biggest accomplishments, honors & awards, and extracurricular activities.

Providing a wealth of info in this section will help you attract the recruiter’s attention.

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Add Contact Info to Your Resume

Almost every internship resume sample has a contact section at the top of the page. It’s the most optimal placement, so feel free to do the same.

As for the information, be sure to include:

  • Your name
  • Up-to-date phone number
  • Professional email address
  • Additional links (e.g. to your portfolio, blog, website, or social media)

As for other tips, we recommend ensuring that you are on LinkedIn. And, also, we highly advise you to clean up your online presence before you send out your internship resume anywhere. Recruiting firms and employers may be checking it and you don’t want them to find anything inappropriate there.

Add Other Sections to Your Effective Resume

If you want to boost your chances of getting employed, you should ensure that your resume doesn’t look empty. And, since you don’t have much experience to add, a good solution is to include a few additional sections.

There are plenty of ways to add more value to internship resumes. Just to give you a few examples here, you can mention the languages you know, as well as any additional training or certifications. Also, you can add sections with publications, extracurriculars, other resumes internships, and research projects.

Finally, it won’t be a bad idea to put a section with hobbies and interests on your resume. Many of our intern resume examples feature it because it can give the candidate quite a few benefits. First of all, such a section allows you to show more of your personality. But also, it can prove your core skills if you pick the right hobbies and interests. For example, list sports as a hobby to indicate that you are a team-player, etc.

Use Key Action Verbs

When writing an undergraduate resume, you will provide a wealth of information to confirm your accomplishments, skills, and experience. It is crucial that you add resume keywords to get noticed by the ATS system recruiters use to scan resumes during the applicant tracking process. But, it is also vital that you use action verbs that help make the right impression.

Here is a list of action verbs suitable for a college internship resume:

  • Arranged
  • Determined
  • Initiated
  • Demonstrated
  • Analyzed
  • Created
  • Governed
  • Examined
  • Assessed
  • Collaborated
  • Generated
  • Developed
  • Attained
  • Contributed
  • Designed
  • Compiled
  • Spearheaded
  • Supervised
  • Executed
  • Taught
  • Handled
  • Presented
  • Organized
  • Implemented
  • Assessed
  • Surveyed
  • Helped
  • Counseled

College Student Resume Sample

Earlier in this article, we already discussed some of the most effective tips for writing a sample college student resume with no previous experience. Now, let’s recap the main points and look at a few extra tips to help you ensure success.

So, first of all, if you lack experience, you will need a good college student resume template. It is best to stick to the reverse-chronological format to deliver your best points first. At the same time, you need to ensure that the chosen layout is easy to read and navigate, clear, and straight to the point.

The next thing we’ve discussed is the importance of a well-written education section. As a student, that’s a section you want to emphasize the most. So, feel free to complete it with bullet points.

What else can you do to make your sample college student resume for internship shine? In case you have never worked before at all, it can be a good idea to add a Major Achievements section instead of the Professional Experience section. This way you can tell hiring managers about your wins, instead of showing your weaknesses (i.e. a low level of qualification) and, thus, get more interviews.

Engineering Internship Resume Sample

Earlier we’ve discussed how to write a general internship resume step by step. Generally, you can follow the same guidelines and tips regardless of your field. But, when it comes to writing an engineering internship resume sample, in particular, there are a few additional things to keep in mind.

First of all, in your resume objective, it is vital to list your key engineering skills, such as knowledge of programming languages, and one or two accomplishments. If you can, feel free to quantify your achievements for a better effect.

When you get to the contact info section, be sure to add a link to your personal site or portfolio to show potential employers what you are capable of and make them want to employ you. 

Also, pay special attention to the skills section. You should really make it shine to ensure that your engineer’s internship resume sample will be noticed. The core skills to focus on are problem-solving, Javascript, debugging, coding, and teamwork.

Finally, use the extra sections to the fullest by listing the most valuable add-ons. For example, it will be a great idea to mention participation in relevant competitions, personal and college projects, languages you speak, and hobbies and interests that show your passion and align with the job’s duties.

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