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After a thorough job search process, the next step is creating a winning resume profile. In this article, you’ll find the answers to the most common questions that can arise throughout your “journey”:

  • What is a resume profile, and what is its purpose in general? 
  • What to include and exclude?
  • 20+ resume profile examples
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What Is a Resume Profile?

The profile section of resume is a necessary element in the job search, whatever position you aim for. It is a brief summary of your qualification, accomplishments, and key skills that might be appropriate for the particular organization you are applying to. 

Usually, it consists of 3-4 sentences in which you need to convince the employer that you meet the requirements the best. It’s better to focus on how your profile might suit the prospective employer rather than your preferences or interests.

The Importance of a Profile on Resume

The main purpose of writing a professional profile resume is to make you stand out among other applicants. You need to draw the employer’s attention first. Consider for a moment that your potential recruiter’s mailbox is filled with dozens or even hundreds of applications per day. 

That is why it usually takes employers around 30 seconds to look through all profiles and decide if you are suitable for the offered role. Thus, online professional resume writers suggest it is always better to analyze a decent career profile example to figure out if your version is worthy.

What You Should Include in Resume Profiles

As your profile resume is the first thing that the hiring managers will take into account, the aim is to grab their attention. Then, make them interested in continuing reading. 

To achieve this, you need to present a summary of qualification of your whole career. Here is what you can mention: 

  • the previous job and how many years of experience you have; 
  • key skills (soft or hard) that are relevant to the job offer; 
  • your specialty; 
  • career goals; 
  • any achievements along with specific keywords.

20+ Resume Profile Examples

Each company has its standards and requirements for the candidates. So, make sure your resume profile includes the specific skills for resume or professional achievements relevant to the requirement of a particular employer. Also, you need to pay attention to the peculiarities of the company’s business. Now, let’s have a look at professional profile examples.


Here is a profile for resume for the role of Administrative Assistant:

“Meticulous and conscientious graduate from the University of Chicago. Skilled in oral and written communication with potential clients, working with documentation, and having excellent abilities in planning events. 

Over the past year, have developed a number of competencies such as customer support, teamwork, and communication skills. In my last part-time job, by improving the marketing strategy and solving a number of organizational issues, increased profitability by 15%. Eager to provide dedicated administrative support and work for the benefit of the company.”

Finance & Accounting

This is a resume profile statement for the role of Financial Analyst:

“Motivated and ambitious Financial Analyst with six years of experience. Skilled in working with customers, organizing data for invoicing, developing data privacy policy, and operating campaign data reporting. Have excellent knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. 

In previous roles, saved $2 million by targeting low-margin projects and developed an accounting system that reduced profit taxation by 10-15%. Aiming to employ proven budget maximization skills for Bank of America.”


Here is a profile summary resume for the role of Digital Marketing Specialist:

“Obtained a bachelor’s degree in business. Have excellent analytical, project management, and teamwork skills from my undergraduate studies and a one-year apprenticeship in logistics. Completed part-time projects related to paid advertising and page optimization in the retail and hospitality industries. 

Aimed to collaborate more effectively with web developers and understand limitations. Looking for a serious internship with an e-commerce company to expand my knowledge of online marketing.”

Human Resources (HR)

Among all professional profiles, this is the best example of the role of a Human Resources Assistant:

“A conscientious and ambitious graduate of the Faculty of Psychology and Business experienced in working with personnel, recruitment process, and development of HR documents and strategies. Have excellent presentation skills in a professional environment. 

Offer broad knowledge of key HR areas such as talent acquisition, employee training, and benefits enrollment. Eager to work for a company with high ethical values.”

Technical & IT

After a thorough search of examples of profiles for the role of IT specialists, we found the best one:

“Problem-solving information technology specialist with 5 years of experience. Currently seeking a software company to apply networking and digital forensics knowledge. Skilled in C#, Java and JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Transact-SQL, Oracle PI/SQL. 

Aiming to develop information systems and automated accounting and reporting systems. In my previous roles, executed operational strategies for software product roadmaps and worked on data statistics and various operations.”

Graphic Design

Among various examples of resume profiles for the role of Graphic Designer, we would like to draw your attention to this one:

“Highly creative, enthusiastic graduate from CUNY with a major in graphic design. Have perfect skills in using Adobe Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, Illustrator, AutoCAD, Autodesk 3ds Max, GIMP, CorelDRAW, and Corel Painter. 

Highly experienced in corporate identity and website development for marketing agencies. Know how to quickly get into all the subtleties of working with the design process. Eager to join Wolff Olins to show the ability to work well within a team and generate forward-thinking creative solutions for print and digital media.”

Food & Service

This is one of the best profile resume samples for the position of Cook:

“Enthusiastic and ambitious cook with six years of experience. Eager to join L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon Restaurant to delight the guests by cooking the most delicious food from different cuisines. 

In my previous job, introduced 6 new menus and boosted sales revenue by 23% in 2 months. Have knowledge of Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Spanish cuisine. Effective at communicating with staff and high-performance planning in a fast-paced environment.”

Business and Management

Here is the best professional profile example that is suitable for the position of Project Manager:

“Passionate and ambitious project manager with six years of experience managing IT projects. Eager to join Berkshire Hathaway, where I can apply my solid organizational skills. Aimed to raise profitability and execute deliverables throughout the project life cycle. 

In my previous roles, brainstormed and implemented 10+ new initiatives in product and business solutions deployment. Also, conducted more than 250 negotiations with potential clients in 2019, with more than 200 resulting in successful deals. Minimized overheads by 30% in 5 months.”

Customer Service & Sales

This is the best sample profile for resumes for the position of Sales Consultant:

“An ambitious sales consultant with three years of experience. Skilled in negotiating, conducting sales and reporting on transactions, and working under tight deadlines. 

Aimed at developing strong customer relationships and growing the retailer’s division sales performance and other key metrics through training and marketing promotions. 

In my previous position, consistently met and exceeded monthly KPIs. Maintained a stand for product displays and built and managed a strong sales pipeline.”


Here is a resume profile summary for the position of Veterinary Assistant:

“Veterinary assistant with excellent organizational skills and four years of experience in taking care of farm animals and domestic pets. Experienced in performing physical examinations and providing professional and efficient patient care to 100+ animals per day. 

In my previous job, I have helped with vaccinations and inoculations of over 800 animals and assisted with the charting of nutrition programs for pet owners.”

Other Fields

This is the profile summary for resume for the position of Mechanical Engineer:

“A young, qualified auto mechanic with good communication skills. Currently work at Kwik Fit Plus Service Station as an Assistant Service Department Manager. Was appointed to this position after 3 years as a mechanic due to my excellent customer service skills. 

Received my associate’s degree in automotive service last year. Looking for a job in a car dealership where I can use not only my technical skills but also my social and commercial skills in customer service and sales.”

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How to Write a Resume Profile

If you want your resume professional profile to stand out among others and successfully apply for the job offer, you need to learn how to write a profile for a resume. The main aim is to catch the eye of employers and convince them that you are an excellent candidate. Here are all the tips you need to follow when crafting the profile.

  1. Write your resume profile at the very end. It’s actually quite hard to summarize all the information when you start your profile resume from scratch. That’s why it will be easier when you will first prepare the entire resume and only then focus on the profile.
  2. Showcase relevant skills mentioned in the job offer, years of experience, certifications, signature traits related to the job, personal characteristics that contribute to your work, and a brief overview of your accomplishments.
  3. Address the employers’ specific needs. Try to match the requirements of the recruiter and your qualifications.
  4. Use a profile to highlight your achievements and draw the recruiter’s eye to your most important attributes.

Skillhub’s Reminder: before working on your profile, study 5-10 career profile examples and note which of them look the most impressive.

Resume Example With a Profile Section

Now, let’s take a glance at resume profile statements within the whole document. This is the best one among all the professional profile resume examples for the position of Veterinary Assistant.

Kristen Jones

Flint, MI

(098) 765-4321


Veterinary assistant with excellent organizational skills and 3 years of experience in taking care of farm animals and domestic pets. Experienced in animal surgeries, minor treatment, and diagnosis determination. Skilled in providing professional, efficient, and exceptional service to 100+ animals daily. 

Related Experience

Cloud Clearwater

Aug 2015 - Jul 2019

Veterinary Assistant

  • Developed a program for accelerated rehabilitation of lost functions
  • Actively studied complex prosthetics for handicapped animals
  • Carried out all the necessary preventive measures, which are vaccinations, castration, neutering, brushing teeth, and even haircuts


Procedural operations 

Hygiene and safety 



Bachelor’s of Science in Biology

State University of Louisiana


Veterinary Assistant Certification, 2020

Certified Animal Welfare Provider, 2019

Learn more about job application resume examples on Skillhub.

Resume Template With a Profile in Resume

It’s much easier to craft your job application when you have a template for your personal statement on resume. You can use this creative template to make your resume personal profile stand out among others.

[Full Name]

[Phone number] 

[Professional email address] 

[City, State] 

[Professional website]

[Overview/Summary]: [Brief summary that highlights your most relevant skills, work experiences, and career achievements]

[Related Experience]: 

[Job Title], [Start date–End date]

[Company Name], [Location]

[Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

[Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]

[Strong verb] + [job duty] + [impact]


[Relevant skill] 

[Relevant skill] 

[Relevant skill] 

[Relevant skill]


[Degree earned]

[Institution name]

[Graduation year if you graduated within the past three years]


[Certification, with received/renewed date]

[Certification, with received/renewed date]

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Additional Tips on What to Write in Profile in Resume

If you want to get the position of your dream, you need to create a brilliant professional profile. You can write a good profile for resume by using the following tips. 

  • Avoid clichés: (stress-resistant, confident PC user, etc.). Use this instead: able to work in multitasking mode and have a perfect knowledge of specific programs.
  • Share your achievements: launched a new product in four months that helped make $800,000 in six months.
  • Describe your personal qualities: developed leadership skills by organizing a training course and turning 10 non-officer employees into executives.

Your professional cover letter can drastically increase your chances of getting an interview! Get a hand of help from resume and cover letter services online to make it perfect grammar written.

Key Takeaways for Crafting a Resume Profile

  • Your profile should include any work experience relevant to the position you are seeking. If you are looking for work in a wide range of fields, it is best to present experience that has given you versatile (so-called transferable) skills. 
  • To make a great first impression, say something about your background and mention your professional accomplishments, awards, or commendations.
  • Tailor your career profile resume to the job, but don’t include false information. Remember that you will need to elaborate on your skills and experience later during the interview.
  • Find the most suitable resume profile example and make up your own using the same principles and adding your unique touch.

If you feel stuck or face a dead end, you can always turn to SkillHub affordable resume writing service at any time. It is designed to help people craft a winning job application so that they can easily land an interview and increase their chances of getting hired. 

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