Delivery Driver Resume Sample

Even though many drivers assume that they do not need a resume, statistics prove them wrong. A good resume for delivery driver is as essential as it is for any other professional. Should you want to get employed with a well-established company, you need to craft a winning resume.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average delivery driver’s salary at $36,660 per year and $17.62 per hour.

The fact is that drivers tend to be loyal to their employers, so their resumes usually contain a few companies. Therefore, some of them don’t even have their older delivery driver resume examples to update or improve. They often have to create a driver resume from scratch.

This is not a problem if you know the requirements or if you decide to ask for professional help. In both these cases, the created resume should list delivery driver duties, specify employment dates, and characterize the applicant as a person and a professional. The resume should be concise but comprehensive when it comes to driver skills.

If you are looking for a driving job, we strongly advise you to check the delivery driver resume samples provided below. You can learn some useful tips from them by paying attention to the delivery driver description, education, and experience sections. Also, we emphasize the importance of templates, formatting, and ATS compatibility in the case of driver resumes.

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How to Write a Delivery Driver Resume

Many people have no idea how to write a resume that can land a job and meets all industry standards. That is why there is a growing need for writing professionals who are skilled in providing these services.

However, that does not mean you can’t learn the rules and create a bot-beating resume on your own. Here are a few tips that will help you craft a perfect resume for a driver delivery job:

  1. Read and analyze the delivery driver job description for resume. The information that is essential for your driver resume can easily be found right in front of you in the job posting. This is the place where recruiters list the qualities they seek in a successful candidate.
  2. Write your resume in response to the delivery driver description you’ve just read. Your driver’s profile is unique; yet, you definitely share some duties and achievements with the description provided.
  3. Also, put your accomplishments in numbers. If you have any special achievements pertaining to cost or time efficiency, do mention them in the resume. Delivery companies look for drivers who know how to maximize efficiency and save costs.
  4. Focus on your objective. Be specific whether you want to be a small package driver or can haul equipment and furniture, as well as whether you are interested in local delivery drivers jobs or long-distance deliveries are not an option for you.
  5. Make sure your resume is relevant and formatted. Recruiters only consider those resumes that look neat and inviting to the eye. The number of drivers looking for driver delivery jobs is sufficient, so your resume should stand out to get noticed.

Write a Delivery Driver Resume Summary or Summary Objective

An objective is a critical part of any delivery driver resume sample. This is the part where you mention what kind of driver delivery jobs you are interested in. At the same time, here you mention what jobs for delivery drivers you are experienced in.

Writing an objective is quite difficult because the requirement is to stay as concise and precise as possible. Recruiters know exactly what they are looking for and that can’t be found in long vague texts. Thus, if you really hope to get interviews for particular delivery drivers jobs, make sure your objective meets the requests in the job description.

For example, a resume objective is the best place to include your preferences concerning relocation, long-distance deliveries, and vehicle expertise. Mention that you are looking for van delivery drivers jobs instead of a car delivery driver job if that’s the case.

A good example of a resume summary for a delivery driver looks as follows:

“An experienced small package driver looking for local driving jobs near me to work part-time and provide high-quality driving services, delivering customers’ parcels and orders safely and with care. Interested in a delivery job with own car to maximize time and cost efficiency for the prospective employer.”

Put Your Education on Resume for a Delivery Driver

When it comes to a delivery driver job description, it rarely includes higher education as a requirement. Drivers should have experience driving and a proper driver’s license, and that’s what recruiters look for. However, education, especially if it’s related to Engineering or Machinery Equipment, will be of benefit.

We recommend placing your education in the resume even if there was no requirement for it in the delivery driver job description for resume. There can be situations when recruiters will decide in your favor if you have a diploma. However, those looking for delivery driver jobs are not supposed to have higher education.

If you have any professional development training or courses directly or indirectly related to driving and complimentary soft skills, do mention them in your resume. For example, any training teaching how to deal with fatigue or stress as well as first aid courses will be an asset in your resume and are often placed in the delivery driver job description resume.

Put Skills on Delivery Driver Resume

Putting key skills in delivery driver resumes is critical for your resume to get through the applicant tracking process. Like all other resumes, delivery drivers resumes are scanned and ranked using the ATS system. If you fail to insert your delivery driving skills into the text, your resume may never reach a human recruiter.

Thus, analyze what kind of driver skills are required for the particular job. Compare them to those you have as well as mention those that were not written in the job description. Whether you have experience as a delivery driver or not, your skills can help you land a job.

Working as a delivery driver, you have to drive like a pro, be attentive and focused, be an efficient communicator as well as deliver excellent customer care. You represent the company, so you need to learn to interact with people and resolve small problems. Such skills as basic vehicle maintenance are also an asset.

Add Contact Info to Your Resume

Being a delivery driver means to always be in touch during your shift. Lots of issues emerge, and you’ll need to be able to provide a quick update or response to them. Thus, it shouldn’t be an issue for you to add detailed contact information in your delivery driver sample resume.

Working as a delivery driver means being open to communication. If you want to become successful in finding new delivery driver roles, put your home address, phone number, and email in your resume heading. Let recruiters decide what channel of communication to use to contact you.

Make sure you put correct symbols and figures. Sometimes, applicants make typos in their contact information and get worried when they don’t get any callback.

Pro Tip: Double check the info you put in to be sure the data is correct. Also, do not use emails like or Such things give out your lack of professionalism.
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Add Other Sections to Your Effective Resume

If you are looking for a driving job, crafting your resume will take time. It’s not that you have to do something extra compared to other applicants. Yet, you need to make sure your resume meets all the delivery driver requirements. You need to ensure you are a great fit for the position.

How? By adding more information about yourself. The best delivery driver jobs go to easy-going and responsible people who are ready to help if needed. Are you that kind of person? How can you prove that?

If you have any volunteer or community involvement, do mention it in your resume. You’ll prove that you are social enough to work with people. If you served in the military, do put that fact in your resume. Delivery driver duties require physical endurance, discipline, and time management. If you have special hobbies and interests that can contribute to your building an image of a delivery driver, find a place for them in your resume as well.

You are working on your professional profile and create a story about you as a person and a professional. There is no point in keeping silent about your best talents, skills, and passions.

Use Key Action Verbs

No resume looks strong with passive verbs. Every professional writer would insist on using action verbs that make you look like an achiever rather than an ordinary employee. How is this possible?

Resume keywords are not the only thing that makes a driver resume look professional and cool. You need to explain your roles from the position of a leader to make others interested in your candidature. Thus, forget about the verbs like ‘assisted’ and ‘was responsible.’ Choose action verbs like ‘drove positive changes’ and ‘minimized costs’ instead. Don’t they look far stronger? Never fear shifting all of the attention striving to position yourself as an achiever.

Delivery Driver Resume Sample

To sum up all of the above mentioned, we’ve created a delivery driver resume sample pdf that meets all the requirements. This document starts with a delivery driver job description for resume where the author characterizes the best of their skills and abilities. Also, this is the perfect place to mention job preferences and limitations.

The education section follows the summary in our delivery driver resume sample. It includes the author’s formal degrees combined with professional certifications and training. This information should only be included if it is relevant for the job.

Then, we transfer to work experience. This is the place where you list your delivery driver roles and accomplishments in chronological order. If you have too many, try focusing on the most important ones. Also, do not forget to put your achievements in numbers. For careers exceeding 15 or 20 years, we recommend creating the key highlights section to separate your special knowledge and skills in your delivery driver sample resume.

If you have military service, volunteer service, or community involvement experience, add them under your work experience. The resume order is based on the relevance and importance of the information.

The last section in the example is the skills section. Here, you can list all your driving-related skills and abilities, including both soft and hard ones. You can also mention your language abilities and computer literacy.

Should your employer require references, you can add them at the bottom of your resume. However, if that’s not required, leave the remark that references can be provided upon request.

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