Carpenter Resume Sample

The carpenter’s job is in high demand in the construction and repair sector as these professionals possess instrumental skills in building and repairing wooden items in buildings. Besides, qualified carpenters should manage the consulting and measurement process, choose and order the required raw materials, and manufacture or install windows, doors, doorways, door sills, and other construction elements. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average carpenter's salary at $48,260 per year and $23.20 per hour.

The standard set of skills and duties required from a carpenter includes the following: 

  • using the building plans provided by clients and engineers to meet the construction needs;
  • measuring and cutting materials properly; 
  • installing construction elements (windows, plastic objects); 
  • erecting construction frameworks for further work;
  • inspecting and evaluating the quality of intermediate construction works; 
  • instructing other construction workers on the process.

If you’re a carpenter looking for a new job or establishing yourself as a freelancer, you’ll surely need a good-looking carpenter resume sample. Here is a definitive guide to completing a carpenter resume, along with a resume sample for carpenter job search. Use our tips and guidance to manage the task quickly and avoid the common blunders killing your resume effectiveness. 

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Best Format for a Carpenter Resume 

There are several formats you can follow as a carpenter, depending on the intended focus of your job application. 

  • Chronological. This carpenter resume format is more suitable for professionals with a long track record and a series of jobs that can exemplify their career progression. 
  • Functional. In this resume sample carpenter, job seekers tend to emphasize their achievements and skills. It is more suitable for people without extensive work experience.
  • Hybrid. A hybrid resume has a complex layout, but following this format may help you both reveal your professional strengths and report the chronological track record of previous jobs. 

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Carpenter Resume Template 

Here is a resume template for carpenter job search. You can further customize it according to your education and employment specifics and follow the standard requirements to increase the chances of attracting the hiring manager’s attention. 

Carpenter Resume

peter klein CV Carpenter example

Mike Davids

Los Angeles, CA, 99999 | Mobile phone: 123-456-4789 | | LinkedIn URL

Lead Carpenter

A seasoned carpentry professional with 10+ years of practical experience wishing to apply in-depth knowledge and skills in residential and commercial construction to contribute to the success of my employer.

  • House remodeling and new construction specialization 
  • Extensive experience in fence repair for residential homes 
  • Flexibility and dexterity in project completion
  • Ability to complete tasks on time with little external guidance 
  • Organized and accurate professional with a full set of carpentry equipment 

Core Skills 

  • Log home construction 
  • Cabinetry 
  • Flooring construction 
  • Installation of wooden frames 
  • Decking and fencing 
  • Work with technical documentation 
  • Time management 
  • Effective communication 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Carpentry team supervision 
  • Documentation management 

Work Experience 

Company AAA, Maryland, MD 2018-Present 

Lead Carpenter 

  • Coordinated the bathroom and hall remodeling in 15+ large-scale objects 
  • Performed custom carpentry operations based on the clients’ needs 
  • Provided daily carpentry work records to the clients and manager 
  • Cooperated with designers and planners to complete the projects 
  • Oversaw the work of a three-member carpenter team 

Company BBB, Austin, TX 2016-2018


  • Assembled and erected a variety of wooden structures in compliance with designer sketches and specifications 
  • Installed windows and drywall in the remodeled buildings 
  • Used a variety of hand and power tools for carpentry operations 
  • Performed the tasks on demand in full compliance with safety and professionalism standards 

Company CCC, New York, NY 2014-2016

Carpenter’s Assistant 

  • Assembled wooden structures and frames 
  • Erected rough wooden signage 
  • Installed windows and ceiling tiles in a 1,000 square feet building 
  • Applied 20+ hand and power tools for carpentry operations 
  • Ordered and supplied carpentry materials to the construction object 


NARI Lead Carpenter Certificate | National Association of the Remodeling Industry | New York, NY | May 2021

High School Diploma | Hopkins High School | New York, NY | 2010-2014

Additional Activities 

  • Photography course 
  • Business communication training 
  • Active sports participation (city soccer team, basketball)

References Available upon Request.

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Carpenter Resume Objective or Resume Summary 

As a rule, the carpenter resume objective is placed at the top of the resume, right below the candidate’s name and contact information. The task of this short, concise statement is to maximize the chances that a recruiter will notice your resume and will invite you for an interview. 

It encapsulates your goals, clarifying how you’re planning to benefit the employer, engage in professional training, and accomplish your career objectives. The resume summary’s goal is to give an impression about you as a professional in a nutshell, explaining to the employer how you can be helpful to their company. 

Carpenter Resume Summary: [Examples] 

Here is a resume example of a summary that will work out well during your search on the job market, along with a wrong summary example from one of the carpenter resume samples found online.


A qualified carpenter wishing to apply professional skills in the industrial construction niche to serve my employer’s best interests. 


A seasoned, passionate professional with a solid background in residential and industrial work and 10+ years of experience in client communication and top-quality service provision.

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Carpenter Resume Objective: [Examples]

Here are the examples of a carpenter resume objective – a wrong one to avoid and the right one to follow in your resume sample. 


A highly qualified carpenter looking for a high-paid job in the nearby location, with training opportunities and paid leave. 


A skilled and well-trained carpenter seeking a position in the X company to apply my 5+ years of residential construction work and process coordination. 

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A Job Description for a Carpenter Resume 

Before you embark on the task of writing your carpenter resume, make sure to study a carpenter resume sample to clarify what a typical job description requires. In this way, you’ll be better positioned for telling your professional stories about work experiences and training so that the employer notices your application and invites you to the interview. 

Keep in mind that most companies’ job descriptions are standardized, so your carpenter job description in the resume should follow these conventions by including the necessary elements:

  • wooden structure assembly and erection;
  • skilled use of hand and power tools in the construction process; 
  • carrying out measurements; 
  • compliance with safety protocols; 
  • clean and safe work environment management; 
  • installation of construction elements (e.g., windows, scaffolds, frames, etc.).

In addition to these mentioned skills, carpenters may be required to possess some universal skills expected from qualified, seasoned professionals. These may include 

  • basic business skills (for sole proprietors), such as contract composition, inventory tracking, work assignment scheduling, business communication, negotiations; 
  • orientation on detail; 
  • math and basic engineering skills; 
  • physical strength; 
  • problem-solving skills; 
  • management and coordination skills.

Carpenter Resume Examples [Experience]

Once you set up on the business of resume writing, take into account that the way you present your carpenter resume experience may decide your employment fate. Most carpenter sample resumes presuppose the following format of experience presentation: 

  • start with the latest (current) job and then move in the reverse chronological order to your oldest workplaces; 
  • name the company and its location; indicate the period you have been working there; 
  • state your key responsibilities at that workplace, with the most important ones coming first. 

Carpenter Resume Experience: [Examples]

You may skip this section only if you’re writing a resume for carpenter with no experience. Otherwise, you need to indicate where you worked and what responsibilities you have had. These details may become an additional reason for the recruiter to notice your resume and to see that you’re the right fit for the job.


Company X, City, State – 2019-Present 

  • Worked as a carpenter
  • Completed carpentry tasks for the client 
  • Worked with carpentry tools and discussed the work schedule with the client 


Company X, City, State – 2019-Present 

  • Worked as a lead carpenter managing a team of 5 manual workers 
  • Negotiated the construction plan with the client 
  • Managed compliance with the construction plan and budget 
  • Performed construction measurements for all wooden structures on a 1,000-m2 construction object 
  • Maintained professional documentation of construction stages and communicated it to clients

Entry Level Carpenter Resume [No Experience]

What if you have no experience at all? Some carpenter resume examples cover such issues, and you can look for such samples to find the best structuring approach. In any way, you need to focus on such things as your training, knowledge, and potential if you have no field experience


  • Learned carpentry at private courses 
  • Worked as an apprentice in the local carpentry firm


  • Advanced formal training in carpentry for 6 months
  • Extensive knowledge in hand and power carpentry tool use 
  • In-depth understanding of house rebuilding and remodeling 
  • Practical experience in weatherproof buildings’ construction and maintenance 
  • Physical dexterity and attention to detail 
  • Mastery of technical documentation and blueprint interpretation
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Education Section: What to Include

In this section of your carpenter resume, you need to mention only the aspects directly relating to your carpenter education. It’s OK to add some basic education details as well (especially if you are an entry-level carpenter with no extensive background, only starting out). However, the creation of an education section should not take pages (and even a half of a page), with only key facts and educational certificates included. 

Some educational credentials that your employer is likely to look for are the following: 

  • The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) carpenter certificate; 
  • Master Carpenter Certificate; 
  • Lead Carpenter Training; 
  • Safety Training Certificate. 

Yet, even if you have no specialized education other than a high school diploma, still indicate it in your resume. The employer should know where you studied overall, as hiring a person with no education at all is always a risky affair.

Carpenter Resume Examples (Education)

Most carpenter resume samples emphasize the role of education in the resume file. This information indicates your professional growth and the vital professional background you already possess. Here is an example of how your education section can be organized – the wrong and the right version. 


College ABC, New York, NY, 2009-2012

  • Managed the college language club 
  • Traveled to Spain as an exchange student 
  • Participated in the college sports activities 


College ABC, New York, NY, 2009-2012 

  • Obtained a degree in Engineering 
  • Participated in the internship program in a local civil construction project 
  • Occupied the position of the college soccer team’s captain for 1.5 years

As you can see, the rule of thumb is to indicate relevant skills and education you received, no matter how exciting and event-rich your studies were. 

Skills on a Resume for a Carpenter 

As you can see in numerous carpenter resume samples, the core skills relate to your professional and business experience. It’s reasonable to include your management, problem-solving, and woodwork skills in the list – in other words, these should be the soft and hard carpenter resume skills in your career field:

  • precise, meticulous measurement; 
  • professional communication and work coordination; 
  • professional, precise manufacture and installation of wooden construction frames and objects; 
  • expert use of carpentry machinery; 
  • safe work and dexterity. 

Hungry for more skills examples and pro tips for how to list them for the better performance? See our article: List of 5 High-Level Soft Skills You Need in Today's Workforce.

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Carpenter Resume Examples [Skills] 

Individuals seeking a job in the field of carpentry need to show that they possess both soft and hard carpenter skills. Thus, it may be effective to divide skills into two parts, as many professional carpenter resume examples have it. 


I am a good communicator and negotiator. I also have solid carpentry skills. 


  • Professional use of carpentry tools 
  • Precise measurement and wooden object manufacture 
  • Installation of wooden structures 
  • Compliance with deadlines 
  • Effective client communication 

Study our carpenter resume samples to choose the format of skill presentation suitable for you. 

How to Make a Killer Carpenter Resume 

Keep in mind that employers typically recruit individuals who have more to offer to their companies. So, study our resume example to see how you can make yours stand out. We recommend including some extra carpenter resume sections to show that you are a serious, dedicated worker. These entail professional licensure and affiliations, which may prove that you’re an expert with a long-term plan for this career. 

Carpenter Resume Examples [Other Sections] 

If you’re composing a professional carpenter resume, you’re sure to have some extra things to include. If you have some work projects you are proud of, mention them in the resume. If you have professional certificates, scan them and attach the package to a resume for it to look more credible. As a rule, extra sections in the resume for carpenter jobs may reveal your personal interests and hobbies (typically related to the job): 


  • I like hard rock music 
  • I have a dog 
  • I watch Netflix movies at weekends 


  • I actively engage in sports and play soccer and basketball at weekends 
  • I study arts and engineering courses 
  • I attend a business school to improve my business communication skills 

A Wrap-Up 

Now you know how to write a carpenter resume and impress the recruiter to boost your chances of landing an interview. Follow our tips and focus on your professional skills first, still not forgetting about soft skills, such as communication, scheduling, and problem-solving. Think of the company first and write the resume with the target position in mind.

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