Mechanic Resume Sample

So, are you looking for a sample resume for mechanic? You found it. And you found something even better, which is a guide on how to improve your resume writing process

In this guide, we are using extracts from mechanic resume example to show you how easy it is to turn the wrong operations design choices into something that will help you get noticed.

A good resume is more than just listing your work experience. It is drawing attention to skills and abilities, even if you do not have experience in the field of your choice.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average mechanic's salary at $46,880 per year and $22.54 per hour.

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Best Format for a Mechanic Resume

Writing a mechanic resume is monotonous but skill art. For a job application, it is equally important to present both the ability to deliver essential aspects of your experience and cohesive organization. 

The mechanic resume format is not very different from replies to other vacancies. It should not be long. A one-page length is an appropriate size, an act of courtesy to recruiters who are reviewing dozens of resumes. 

More details about resume format can be found in the following blog article:

Consider the overall layout. You should have several required sections: Top Best Resume Formats.

  • summary or objective;
  • previous job experience (if you have it);
  • education;
  • skills for resume;
  • other sections, which you will name according to the information you are going to provide (for example, certificates or achievements related to the job but not directly related to work experience).

You also should choose a “telling” format for your resume. Use functional format, if you have no work experience or have had a long break. Otherwise, use reverse chronological format. This format displays all of your professional experience and education in reverse chronological order, starting with your last job and educational establishment. It helps a recruiter to learn about your latest achievements and make decisions accordingly.

If you took refresher courses, then include information for the last two years in reverse chronological order as well.

Mechanic Resume Templates

In work/employee searching, the hiring process is equally important for both sides. Yet, the rate of applicants is more than the number of recruiters. Hence, sometimes, an applicant can get refused after a few lines of mechanic resume

To avoid a similar fate, a resume template for mechanic can help understand employers’ requirements. Usually, the list boils down to:

  • clear structure;
  • work experience in the last few years (if an applicant has it);
  • skills and abilities;
  • additional information that takes into account the wishes of the employer;
  • precise data instead of general phrases.

Mechanic Resume Objective or Resume Summary

Your resume should have a statement to engage a recruiter to consider your position. It is called a mechanic resume summary or resume objective. The difference is small but important to understand to increase your chances of getting an interview.

The resume objective tells a recruiter about your goals and skills rather than your work experience. You should tailor them to a specific position (do not create a template for all occupations). 

The resume summary is appropriate for people with experience. Here, you can also mention your skills and professional training. But you will want to talk more about how your work experience will help the company.

Mechanic Resume Summary [Examples]

You need to show a specific example to attract wanted attention. It is how the job market works. 

Let’s consider a few mechanic resume samples for you to know what to put in your resume. 


An experienced mechanic who can repair agricultural machinery. Attentive to details, responsibly controls the quality of work.

It is not an entirely bad example, but it does not show exact details. Below, you will see a corrected version for the mechanic resume example.


Mechanic with 5 years of experience. John Deere tractor repair specialist. Diagnosed problems and repaired over 2,500 vehicles. Seeking to provide experience for [company name]. 

Now, this statement can conquer the mechanic world

If you want to find out more about functioned well resume summary examples, read on:

Mechanic Resume Objective [Examples]

You can tell stories if you do not have work experience. But you should keep in mind that the information you provide has to relate to the position.


A beginner mechanic with no formal experience. Repair the household appliances of my parents. Undergoing training to improve skills.

It is not a bad mechanic resume objective, but it lacks specific details. 


A trained novice mechanic. Working as a freelancer for three months, repairing home appliances of the local population (carrying out 80+ orders per month). Taking the Advance Laptop Motherboard Repair Course to improve qualification.

Accurate information is a mirror of your skill level even if you do not have official experience. Read more here.

A Job Description for a Mechanic Resume

If you consider a mechanic vacancy, you should know what companies are expecting from you. Depending on intricacies and needs, there can be additional information posted in a mechanic job description

In general, a mechanic is a person who monitors the serviceability of equipment, assembles it, and, if necessary, repairs it. The main responsibilities are:

  • equipment diagnostics;
  • troubleshooting, repairs of varying complexity;
  • creation of job descriptions for the operation of mechanisms;
  • training of personnel in the rules of working with the equipment, including safety precautions.

Stories show that higher education is not a prerequisite for a mechanic, secondary vocational education is enough. A mechanic must have technical thinking and possess such qualities as responsibility, accuracy, attentiveness, patience, and independence.

At the same time, those who are interested in career development (e.g., becoming a chief engineer) should consider going to a college or university.

You can use this information to know what to put in your mechanic resume

Mechanic Resume Examples [Experience]

A mechanic is always in demand in almost any industry (data can prove it to any interested person). Hence, the description of work experience is not something difficult. And you can do it after viewing any sample mechanic resume experience.

All your previous jobs must be listed in reverse order, starting with the display of the last job. After displaying the position held, you need to note the duties that you performed.

If you have earned any achievements at the marked place of work, make sure to indicate this as well. Look at any mechanic resume example to know how to organize it.

If you have a lot of work experience, it will be enough to enlist places where you worked over the past 8-10 years. Remember, business likes modernity. 

Sample Resume for Mechanic job with no experience

It’s good to have work experience, but what about those who have not worked anywhere else yet?

Unless you apply for a position where there is an automation of checking resumes, you should not be discouraged from trying. The functional format from a sample resume for mechanic job with no experience will be of great help.

Focus on mentioning your skills instead of previous positions. Consequently, instead of responsibilities, you will mention related accomplishments. If you attended special courses or worked as a freelancer, be sure to mention it.

See? There is no reason not to try to apply for the job of your dream if you do not have experience. 

Sample Resume for Entry Level Mechanic [No Experience]

Now, it is time to show how to write the experience section with the help of mechanic resume examples.


  • used the equipment to repair agricultural vehicles
  • worked with customer database
  • trained new employees

This section won’t pass through the acceptance level because it does not have a company’s name and your position. Also, responsibilities look like generic things.


[Company Name]

Automotive Mechanic


  • Got experience in the repair and maintenance of 8R / RT / RX series tractors. Repaired 500+ units, maintained the performance of 1000 units.
  • Organized the delivery of spare parts, communicating with the official representatives of the brands.
  • Compiled a manual for working with tractors of the 8R / RT / RX series for new employees.

Now, it is a solid section that tells stories and shows your specific experience.

peter klein CV Mechanic
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Adjust Your Education Section

Later, you face the need to make the education section in your mechanic resume. Here, you have to indicate the study period, the name of the educational institution, and the received specialty. 

If you attended the refresher courses for improving mechanic education, you need to state the date of training and the name of the courses. Usually, such courses are organized in educational institutions that have departments of training mechanics. And, if you participated in the creation of something, be sure to mention it along with the relevant achievements.

To put it simply, you need to organize the education section similarly to work experience one.

Mechanic Resume Examples [Education]

The education section is not difficult to organize, but it can be easy to overlook the most important moments. Let’s take a look at extracts from mechanic resume samples.


Agricultural Mechanics, Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

Montana State University-Northern, 2012 - 2014

  • Completed two-year program.

Technically, it is correct, but your future employer can’t see your growth. It is general information that does not say anything about the achievements.


Agricultural Mechanics, Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

Montana State University-Northern, 2012 - 2014

  • managed 2 agricultural vehicles during a two-year program;
  • wrote a research paper on agricultural vehicle development for a regional conference.

Skills on a Resume for a Mechanic

Whatever technical means the mechanic serves, they can’t do without the mechanic skills, knowledge of safety rules, possession of a special tool, diagnostic equipment, and so on. The specialist must be familiar with the regulatory framework, and the technical characteristics of the serviced equipment, and the range of original spare parts and their analogs.

Examples of some key skills for mechanic resume skills:

  • Knowledge of safety regulations.
  • Skills of maintenance and repair of technical equipment.
  • Skills of reading drawings and technical documentation.
  • Knowledge of the range of original spare parts and analogs, consumables, and so on.
  • Knowledge of technical terminology.

You also need to list personal qualities (soft skills) but include only those that relate to your career field.

Skillhub tip: if you are unsure of how to formulate the skills, review the job description several times. Employers state a list of skills that they want to see from the employee in the announced position. 

Mechanic Resume Examples [Skills]

When you look at a lot of mechanic resume samples, it may be difficult to understand how to list your skills correctly. 


Internal combustion engine repair skills, troubleshooting, ability to explain technical nuances to new individuals.

Technically, it is correct, but still not enough. You don’t want to simply list your mechanic skills. You want to mention what you did in your previous occupations (if you have experience) to show how it will be useful for your future employer.


Internal combustion engine repair skills reduced the purchase of spare parts for tractors of the 8R / RT / RX series by 20%.

Excellent communication skills important for training newcomers helped to increase the efficiency of new employees by 20%.

How To Make Your Resume Shine

Some extra information included in mechanic resume sections can change an impression of a recruit. Yet, the block with additional information is optional. If you do not know what to write here, you can skip it.

For example, you can include the following information: 

  • Awards and certificates
  • Marital status (if vacancy description requires such information)
  • Special requests for a future vacancy (if vacancy description asks to mention some)
  • Knowledge of foreign languages.
  • A driver's license and personal car.
  • The applicant's willingness to go on business trips.
  • Desired salary, etc.

Of course, before adding a section, answer the question: will this information tell something professionally important to the recruiter?

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Mechanic Resume Examples [Other Sections]


Additional Activities

  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Charity work

There is nothing wrong with adding a bit of personal information. You can still add it if the work tasks require you to share such details. But a professional mechanic resume will need something from which your employer will benefit. 



2020 - ASE Manual Drive Train and Axles

Additional Activities

Was engaged in charity work, repairing about 10 units of household appliances for free for low-income people

See? Additional activity expands the charity moment mentioned in the wrong example of resume for Mechanic jobs. In this way, an employer won’t just scan your resume but will find it useful for position skills. 

Moments To Remember

Let’s review some crucial takeaway moments to consolidate your knowledge on how to write a mechanic resume:

  • review job description - it will give you an insight into what information you will want to include;
  • use reverse chronological order if you have experience; use functional format if you do not have experience;
  • include data to exemplify your skills and abilities;
  • review your resume from a recruiter point of view;
  • do not shy from asking help from professional resume writers;
  • keep your layout simple and clean;
  • relate your additional information to the job description (it is great that you like fishing, but it does not help if you apply for a mechanical engineer position, for example).

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