Electrician Resume Sample

An electrician is a hard job that requires hundreds if not thousands of hours of studying to become a real professional. But even those hours spent on getting qualified may not help you to land the job. Best professional resume writing service on Skillhub are sure, you may know more about the wires than anyone else, a wrong resume can kill off your chances to get hired. That's why you need to spend a little more time studying your average electrician resume sample to create one that will get you a job

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average electrician's salary at $60,040 per year and $28.87 per hour.

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How to Format an Electrician Resume

The first thing you need to consider is your electrician resume format. Even going through several thousands of resume skills samples, it is difficult to pinpoint the layout that will guarantee the interview. That's why you need to follow several simple rules. List your work experience chronologically, but in reverse order – from the latest job to the very first one. Choose whether you're going to focus more on your skills or work history, or if you're going to blend them. Start with your contact information, then follow up with a summary, skills, work history, and education. 

Electrician Resume [Sample]

Now, we offer you to check the resume sample, for you to understand what the recruiter might expect from you. 

cv electrician example

John Doe

(734) 457-4042

19 Roessler ST#719

Monroe, Michigan (MI), 48162



Skillful, knowledgeable and certified electrician with over 6 years of experience in the field is looking for the position with a top electrical or construction company in need of a qualified worker that excels at problem-solving and providing excellent service. 


  • Experience overseeing, training, and scheduling personnel.
  • Proficient with the direct installation of wiring at construction and other sites.
  • Good interpersonal skills; able to interface with clients, project managers, and team members.
  • Fully certified in electrical engineering by a reputable college.
  • Expert in National Electric Codes (NEC)
  • Installations, maintenance, and repair
  • Troubleshooting and diagnostics


Michigan Electrical Company, Livonia, MI

Electrician, October 2017 – present

  • Installing, repairing, and maintaining residential electrical systems.
  • Working with construction teams to develop original blueprints according to electrical needs.
  • Mentoring 4 apprentice electricians by advising on installation, safety, and maintenance procedures.
  • Developing and maintaining warm relationships with customers, leading to a robust base of referrals and contributing to the company’s 5-star rating on Google My Business.
  • Strictly enforce compliance with OSHA guidelines.

Consumers Energy, Michigan, MI

Apprentice Electrician, May 2015 – September 2017

  • Worked alongside master electricians to install residential electrical wiring in over 70 different construction projects.
  • Assisted in the diagnosis and successful repair of over 50 electrical issues each month.
  • Inspected electrical systems under the supervision of a master electrician to identify safety issues and enforce compliance with state regulations.
  • Installed, repaired, and maintained switchboards, wiring, and circuits.
  • Interpreted blueprints, schematics, and diagrams for each new project.


SEMCA South East Michigan Construction Academy, Madison Heights, MI

Licensed Electrician, August 2014


  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, Excel, Access)
  • Conversational in Spanish and Arabic
  • SoftEmpire Electrical Calculations
  • Construction Master Pro
  • Safety and quality assurance
  • Branch circuit wiring

But that’s just one of the examples, and we encourage you to explore other resume examples that Skillhub.com has developed. Depending on the hire requirements you can use our:

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

You can either start your resume from a summary or an objective, but you need to understand the difference between them. While both of them carry a statement, there is a difference. The summary highlights your skills and your work experience, which helps HR understand whether you’re worthy of an interview or not. The objective, on the other hand, while giving brief information on your skills and experience, highlights the position you want to obtain. Sometimes resume objectives can be tailored for the position you’re interested in, although it becomes less common nowadays. 

Resume Summary [Examples]

Job seekers often don’t know how to start the summary, which ends up in them not getting the work they want. When it comes to resumes, the job market has its preferences. Check out the wrong and right examples of the summary:


A passionate electrician with a deep knowledge of wires and a compassionate attitude towards the customers. Skillful in repairing and maintaining low-voltage electrical systems. Inspected electrical systems at Consumers Energy for more than two years. 

While not a catastrophe, this resume sample may give a prospective interviewer a feeling that you are not very confident about your experience or that you are trying to hide your lack of skills behind “passions” and “compassions”.


Licensed electrician with 2+ years of experience. Seeking to impress Michigan Electric Company’s customers with proven skills and efficiency. As an electrician at Consumers Energy assisted in the installation of electric systems in more than 70 households. 

On point. Now, you’ve provided the prospective interviewer with both the experience and your accomplishments. 

Resume Objective [Examples]

When you are writing a resume objective, you need some strategy and skills. But it’s easy to get over the top when you’re writing your electrician resume objective. Again, let’s look at the right and wrong resume examples. 


Looking forward to earning $150,000 a year at your company, desirable with low pressure and no overtime. 

This resume sample shows that your desire to work doesn’t quite match your salary expectations. Moreover, it looks a bit goofy. 


Looking for an electrician position at your company to use my knowledge of engineering principles and mutual success. 

This example is promising, as you are showing what your potential employer can achieve by hiring you. 

Resume Examples [Experience]

It is quite important to mention your experience in your electrician resume. The recruiter may know the basics from your work history and or the summary, but they still need to learn a bit more about your duties, before arranging the interview. 

Basically, what you need to do is to bullet point the result-focused facts about your job. Things you learned on the professional level from this or that working experience. List your accomplishments, and use active verbs.

The best way is to list them after your job in the resume. And the longer the list of your accomplishments - the better. 

Entry Level Electrician Resume [Experience]

There is also a possibility that it’s your first time that you’re applying for the job. A resume for an electrician with no experience is not as tough a task as it may seem. Having no prior experience to list, focus on your education, your motivation for acquiring the job, and the responsibilities you’re willing to take. Focus on your soft and logical skills. Yes, you may lack practical experience, but giving basic information about yourself and providing a proper reason for wanting the work may get you hired. 

Entry Level Electrician Resume [Sample]

However, while it may seem that there’s nothing wrong you can do with it, there are still mistakes you should avoid when you’re writing a resume with no experience. Let’s check two entry-level electrician resume examples out.


I would like to get an electrician job at your company to further develop my knowledge thanks to the hands-on experience. 

While you may try to look meek, you look way too self-focused. 


Tech-savvy SEMCA graduate is looking for the position of an electrician to bring knowledge of basic engineering principles for installing and maintaining low-voltage electrical systems. 

This resume example shows confidence and points out your knowledge that may come in handy at your prospective work. 

Education Section

Putting your education section on our electrician resume may be a problem. Either you put too much information there or you put too little. The point is that you should either list your college and your graduation year, and end up there, or you can provide a bit more information about your educational accomplishments. If you were a leader of a football team or got on the Dean's list of graduates - that’s great, write it down. Because the former shows that you’re not only a team player, but you’re able to lead, while the latter shows that you excelled at your studies. 

Electrician Resume Examples [Education]

Let’s take a look at two electrician resumes samples:


American River College, Sacramento, CA


Got a degree

Okay, you’ve graduated from it, so most likely you got a degree. There’s literally no point to mention it. Just the name of the college and your graduation year is enough. 


American River College, Sacramento, CA

Licensed electrician, 2020

That would be more than enough, but, as we’ve already mentioned, feel free to mention any of your educational accomplishments. 

Skills on a Resume for an Electrician

You should end your resume with a list of skills. Skills may vary depending on the position you’re looking for, but rest assured that recruiters will check the resume section with the list of your skills. Electrician resume skills must contain both technical and additional skills. It should look something like this:

Technical Skills:

  • Calibrating Level, Pressure, Temperature, and Flow Measuring Systems
  • Commercial Experience
  • Construction Experience
  • Conducting Systems Tests
  • Electrical Installations and Schematics
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Install and Maintain Electrical Equipment, Systems, and Devices
  • Knowledge of State and Local Electrical Codes
  • Maintaining Tools and Equipment
  • National Electrical Code (NEC)
  • Repair Electrical Systems
  • Repair Wiring Systems, Electrical Conduit, and Related Equipment
  • Testing and Repair of Equipment

Logical Skills:

  • Analytical Skills
  • Analyze Blueprints
  • Applying Knowledge of Programmable Logic Controls
  • Carefully Evaluating Risks
  • Critical Thinking
  • Decision Making
  • Detail Orientation
  • Diagnostics
  • Evaluating Processes
  • Learning Evolving Technology
  • Learning State and Local Building Codes
  • Mathematics
  • Problem Solving


There is one thing you need to remember about the skills. While you should stick to the set of skills depending on the occupation you’re looking for, you should not forget about other skills that may turn out useful. Like analytical thinking, for example. But you should avoid listing skills that are irrelevant to your prospective job, like making cookies or being a ping-pong champion. 

Don't forget to highlight your best skills on a cover letter! Most employers like to read about it this way! If you need help, our professional cover letter writing services have your back. It's easy and smart!

Make Your Resume Stand Out

There’s quite a chance that an additional section on your resume can make it stand out. Yes, you should be focused on your professional level, but you should add a bit about your personality. You can list things that you enjoy doing or you can write about your personal traits. But still, you need to remember that you're still adding electrician resume sections, which should propel you to interview and get hired. So, again don’t add unnecessary facts about yourself. 

Electrician Resume Examples [Other Sections]

To make things a little bit easier for you, we provide you with two examples of what you should and shouldn’t list in the additional sections of your resume. As usual, we will start from the wrong example.


  • I love playing the piano.
  • I go to concerts frequently, and maybe one day I will become a musician.

Great, but that doesn’t add anything to you being an electrician or being a team player. 


  • Gave an interview to CNN on electrician security.
  • Volunteered at the Homeless Shelter for three months.
  • Hit the gym on a weekly basis to stay fit. 

That’s more like it, as it provides the HR with information about you that may lead to you being considered for the job.

Key Takeaways

Being an electrician is far from an easy job, and you definitely enjoy working with wires and circuits, if you are in this trade. But writing an electrician's resume (look at this sample) can be a difficult task if it’s your first time at a rodeo. You need to remember that you should stick to professionalism and point out your strong sides in the resume. You should avoid using the typical online resume kits, as they will make your resume faceless. Your resume should be custom, tailor-made. 

And if you find it difficult to do it on your own, you can always contact Skillhub.com, and our professional construction resume writers will make it for you effortlessly, swiftly, and with the highest level of proficiency.

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