Program Manager Resume Sample

So, you are a program manager? What does this mean?

Unfortunately, this is not one of those roles everyone knows about. Or, to be more specific, a program manager is a job that many people (and even hiring managers) have never heard about. And this is the biggest issue you will face when creating your resume.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average program manager's salary at $94,500 per year and $45,43 per hour.

How to fit the scale of complexity of your role into a one-page program manager resume? Writing an impeccable resume for program manager jobs that can take your career to the next level is not a piece of cake. Despite the common belief, a resume has much more to it than a simple overview of your past places of work and a generic list of skills. It is your business card that shows who you are and it’s meant to make a recruiter want to employ you.

If you are looking for a well-organized program manager resume example for inspiration or just need a few recommendations on how to craft a winning resume, you’ve landed on the right website. Here, in this guide, you will find everything you need to write a top-notch resume that will help you get more interviews and, eventually, land a job!

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How To Write a Program Manager Resume

If you are wondering how to write a resume that will get you the program manager job, here is a quick overview of the basic steps:

  1. Start by studying the job description. During this stage, your goal is to identify recruiters’ main focus points. Simply put, to land an interview, you need to know what they are looking for and give it to them.
  2. Decide what resume format and template are the most suitable for you. At this point, you can also look up “program manager resume sample” on the web to get some examples and define what looks best.
  3. Write a resume summary or resume objective that will deliver your strongest points and help you grab the employer’s attention right away.
  4. Make a list of your past workplaces (but only mention relevant ones) and specify a few key duties and achievements under each entry to show what you can do. Also, use strong action verbs to make your experience bullet points even more impressive.
  5. List your program manager skills. Be sure to include both soft and hard skills, and tailor your list to the job description.
  6. Put education on your resume program manager.
  7. Think about adding some extra sections. For example, you can add more value by mentioning any relevant certifications, publications, programming projects, languages, etc.

These are the main steps you’ll need to take. Further in our guide, we’ll look at each of these steps in detail to help you handle resume writing and ensure the best results!

Choose the Right Template for a Program Manager Resume

First, you need to choose a perfect program manager resume template.

Here are some tips that will help you create flawless program manager resume examples:

  • Write it using a reverse-chronological format to deliver your strongest points across first.
  • Keep it well-organized and focused.
  • Make sure it is compatible with the applicant tracking system (ATS). Just in case you don’t know what an ATS is, it is a resume-scanning software that employers use to scan applications in batch and define which of them don’t correspond to the job description.
  • Follow a one-page or maximum two-page resume template.
  • Stick to clear headings, clear fonts, and make the best use of white space.
  • Add a resume header and put your contact information on it.
  • Add the following sections to your resume:
  • Header with contact information
  • Summary or objective
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Key skills
  • Additional sections
  • Save your program manager resume in PDF.

Write a Program Manager Resume Summary or Summary Objective

There are two types of introduction you can use in your program management resume - a summary and objective. You should choose the one that will help you succeed in your job search.

A management resume summary should offer a brief synopsis with a focus on your experience and biggest accomplishments. Thus, it is used by people with vast experience.

Here is a great example:

Certified program manager with over 15 years of experience. Cut data processing time by 50% and ensured $7m budget savings by completing all programs ahead of schedule…

A program manager resume objective can be used when there is a lack of experience. It focuses on the candidate’s skills and goals.

Look at this example:

Highly-motivated junior program manager with strong knowledge of CRM software and project management skills. Looking to leverage leadership skills at [company name] for staff productivity, improved closing process, and support cost reduction.

Put Your Education on Resume for a Program Manager

Having solid work experience is one of the most critical factors for landing a high-paying program manager job. With that being said, it is not surprising that many candidates pay more attention to the experience section and don’t see the significance of their education program manager resume section. It’s not surprising, but it’s not the best approach.

If you start a resume with summary of qualifications, your work experience should follow right after it, as this section will be the recruiter’s main focus. But, next, you should put your education and it matters no less than your experience.

When shaping your education section, be sure to specify:

  • The name and location of the college
  • Years in school
  • Degree
Pro Tip: In some cases, you may want to specify the highest education level in your resume summary of qualifications manager, if you feel like it will make your job application noticeable.

Put Skills on a Program Manager Resume

Whether you apply for an IT program manager job or looking to be a program manager in any other field, there is one thing that remains unchanged. If you occupy this job, you will become fully responsible for leading company programs. To succeed, you have to possess a strong mix of hard and soft skills. And your program manager resume has to highlight that you have everything to handle the work well.

Here are the top skills for a program manager sample resume:

  • Project management
  • Time management
  • Risk assessment
  • Project management software
  • Financial modeling
  • Decision-making
  • Performance tracking
  • HR software
  • CRM software
  • Communication skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Analytical skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Organizational skills
Pro Tip: To make a perfect list of skills and show that you are a perfect employee, keep in mind the main points from the job description. Also, mix hard and soft skills to show that you are a well-rounded applicant.
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Add Contact Info to Your Resume

When writing a program manager resume (or, in fact, any other resume), the most important info you should provide to hiring managers is your contact information. Creating and adding a contact section to your resume is not hard. All you need is to know what information to include:

  • Full name
  • Professional email address
  • Phone number

Where to locate it on a resume? If you look at any high-quality program manager resume sample, you will notice that contact info is most often located at the top of the page, following right after the name of the applicant and their job title. 

Add Other Sections to Your Effective Resume

Although all the sections we’ve covered so far are the essentials of resume writing, these basics are not always enough for recruiting firms to decide whether you deserve to be employed for a specific role. Therefore, the best program manager resume samples actually go beyond the standardized set of sections.

To make an even better impression on the hiring manager, you should add more value to your resume by providing some additional sections. We bet that you have much more to offer through your technical program manager resume. So, why not go the extra mile and show off your best qualities?

Some extra sections that will look great on your program manager resume include:

  • Additional training
  • Honors and awards
  • Volunteering
  • Programming projects
  • Summary of Qualifications
  • Hobbies and Interests
  • Associations
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Languages you speak
  • Conferences
  • Publications
  • Other accomplishments

Regardless of the sections you add, be sure to relate them to the job.

Apart from these options, one more additional section that can engage recruiters is Certifications. You may not be required to have any certifications. But, if you do, it can be a great addition to your resume. So, don’t hesitate to mention all relevant PM certifications that you have.

Use Key Action Verbs

One mistake made by many job seekers in their applications is a redundant use of cliche resume phrases in their professional experiences sections and resume summaries.

If all your bullet points start with hackneyed phrases like “responsible for,” it might be the time to revise your strategy. To make your resume for managers position even more effective, you should consider using relevant resume keywords and action verbs.

Here’s a list of great action verbs to use in resumes for project manager jobs:

  • Streamlined
  • Remodeled
  • Developed
  • Accelerated
  • Overseen
  • Executed
  • Programmed
  • Devised
  • Launched
  • Initiated
  • Chartered
  • Orchestrated
  • Spearheaded
  • Surpassed
  • Transformed
  • Restructured
  • Motivated

Senior Program Manager Resume Sample

What is the difference between a junior and a senior program manager? In a nutshell, both roles imply pretty much the same duties and responsibilities. However, the level of responsibility is different. And, thus, it may require a different approach to write a job-winning senior-level resume.

So, what do you need to keep in mind to create a strong senior program manager resume? Here are a few handy tips:

  • Regardless of the level of qualification, always study the job description first. It is just as helpful for writing a senior program manager resume, as it is for writing an entry-level resume.
  • Check out a good program manager resume sample or a few to find inspiration.
  • Follow a clear and easy-to-read resume format.
  • Write a resume summary instead of an objective to deliver your best points first.
  • Make the biggest focus on the Experience section and don’t hesitate to add some numbers to quantify your achievements.
  • Add value by bringing in additional sections. Some of the best ideas are languages (especially if you want to be a global program manager), certifications, awards, conferences, volunteering experience, additional training, etc.
  • Don’t forget to carefully proofread and polish your resume before you submit it.

Choose a format that fits your experience and recruiters’ expectations best. A dream job won’t take long to find! Our top professional it resume writing services are here to help you!

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