Operations Manager Resume Sample

Operation manager as a job will force you to undergo a lot of challenges. However, one of the main challenges begins even before the job itself. It is the process of writing a solid resume.

It is imperative to know the main general requirements. Otherwise, a resume will be declined before a recruiter pronounces “operations” because they have many applicants and little time. 

Worry not; with the help of a guide on operations manager resume sample, you acquire skills and knowledge necessary for making a compelling resume that will attract the attention of the company of your dream.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average operations manager salary at $97,970 per year and $47,10 per hour.

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Best Format for an Operations Manager Resume

Before writing your resume, think about the following. The operational manager is a very important position in the company. Employers are looking closely at job application reviews. They may refuse applicants even before considering a resume. The correct format is a guarantee that the content will be read at least.

So, what does an applicant have to remember about resume format?

Reverse-chronological format is a must-use format to mention your achievements also it should contain right resume action words. This way, the employer can read about an applicant’s recent successes in the first place. Whereas the complete “success” picture is important, employers may not have enough time to wade through a chronological narrative.

Don’t forget about the importance of layout. Very often, companies can use filters to decline resumes automatically. Make sure that:

  • your resume has a simple format (text only);
  • you choose right font for resume
  • your resume is no longer than one page;
  • paragraphs are short;
  • you are using bullet points;
  • you do not use first-person pronouns;
  • your grammar is perfect (the business operations manager is the face of the company).

Also, don’t include a resume objective or summary just to repeat what was already mentioned. First, ask yourself the question, “will this improve my resume?” If the answer is “yes,” then write these parts.

Operations Manager Resume Templates

If you are planning to devote your work-life to an operations manager job, it is not difficult to create your resume template to use while applying to offers. At the very least, you can re-make your previous resume or choose a suitable free template layout from an online list.

In the beginning, you will need to read the operation managers job description from a company where you want to work. It will have all the requirements that you can adapt to your skills and experience for your resume to increase its rate.

As such, the hiring department will love to see their job simplified if you include what they are looking for. 

Operations Manager Resume Objective or Resume Summary

These parts are an applicant’s advertisement. They are necessary to engage the employer's attention and ensure an invitation to interview.

The operations manager resume objective tells about main professional goals and how they relate to operation positions

The resume summary includes a list of professional achievements and also mentions the most important skills and achievements and how they relate to the vacancy. 

The purpose of these sections is similar. They show the employer that the candidate has the necessary training and understanding of how to be effective in occupations. The difference is that the resume objective part is for people without job experience, whereas a resume summary is a manager skills resume.

Operations Manager Resume Summary [Examples]

Everything's better with examples to understand what the job market wants from an operations manager resume summary.

For this part, let’s envision a resume for ad operation manager work.


A professional ad operation manager with good experience and solid skill competence. Professional world outlook and quality teamwork included. 
Lack of specifics and no up-to-point will not attract attention.


A professional ad operation manager with 5+ years of experience. Able to work with video integration methods. Had a 4+ experience with Aniview and JW Player. Had 2+ Google Ad Manager experience. Skilled in teamwork, responsible for feedback, attentive to details. 

Operations Manager Resume Objective [Examples]

Remember, the operations manager resume objective should demonstrate professional goals and their relation to the position. Generic stories will not linger in the employer’s mind. 


An ad operational manager seeking a position to fully utilize soft and hard skills to benefit the company and its population.

It was an example of a generic operations manager resume. 


A skilled ad operation manager after respective training. Seeking to improve site’s monetization and technical launch for [company’s name]. Wanting to implement knowledge into developing processes to improve and simplify operations and save the company’s budget.  

That’s better because an employer will see an employee’s specific goals. 

A Job Description for a Operations Manager Resume

This job is all about the management of operations. Depending on the companies, an employee can learn about a variety of disciplines. Among them, it is possible to find:

  • business process management system;
  • order control system;
  • project management system;
  • a system of operational planning and control in all areas of the organization's activities, including production.

As a result, an operation managers job description tells about risk assessment and improving the company's image. The result of the managers' work will prevent stories of bankruptcy, unhealthy competition, and poor performance.

Before writing an operations manager resume, make sure you are prepared for the following responsibilities:

  • to identify factors that affect losses and prevent the company from developing;
  • to identify risks (financial and competitive);
  • to reduce the company’s financial costs;
  • to find ways that will increase the income for the company
  • to build operational strategies
  • to increase competitiveness
  • to change production systems.

Operations Manager Resume Examples [Experience]

You have some operations manager experience but do not know how to list it to catch an employer’s attention? Worry not, business follows specific routes, and an operations manager sample is no exception.

Always follow the reverse-chronological format. Begin the section with the most recent place where you have worked. Include the company's name, your position, and data. Then, use bullet points to list your duties. 

Be specific. Mention what you did to be the best at your company. Include numbers and specific examples. For example, you developed a method that saved a large sum for your previous company? Mention this fact and include the particular figures. 

Entry Level Operations Manager with no Experience

If you are an operations manager with no experience, it isn’t a reason not to send your resume. There will always be a company that lives in the future, where the capability to learn is equally important.

For a resume, choose a functional format. Here, you will emphasize your skills and abilities instead of previous workplaces and duties. Follow the order:

  • mention a relevant skill;
  • make a bullet list to write down accomplishments related to a skill;
  • include numbers;
  • mention specific programs, software, courses, if any;
  • repeat.

Just practice and make automation of describing skills to ease the resume writing process. 

Entry Level Operations Manager [No Experience]

“Show, don’t tell” is the best way to explain “how-to” in operations manager resume examples.


Company Name

Operations Manager


  • was responsible for process automation;
  • improved work culture;
  • brought new regular customers

This style tells stories but does not demonstrate the necessary experience level. To be above the acceptance rate, you need to be specific. 


Company Name

Operations Manager


  • automated order processing and reduced company expenses by 35% within three months;
  • implemented the Lean manufacturing Kaizen system, improving the work culture and increasing productivity by 40% within four months;
  • developed and implemented CRM, doubling the base of regular customers in six months.

Always include related things that have numbers and examples. 

What to Include in Education Section

You are unlikely to find clear requirements for the operations manager education level, but there are things you need to know:

  • the priority is for specialists with higher education related to business analytics and enterprise management;
  • former managers, top managers, experts in the implementation of business processes choose this profession.

Clear requirements in the creation process. You may have an education related to other fields. But if you have taken thematic courses, then this will do. 

In the operations manager resume, you need to include:

  • college name and location;
  • years of education;
  • degree;
  • achievements that relate to the profession.

Operations Manager Resume Examples [Education]

Look closely at educational sections excerpts from operations manager resume samples. You will know what to include to demonstrate your growth and value to a company.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Colorado Technical University, 2012 - 2016

  • Graduated with Bachelor degree;
  • GPA 3.0

The most likely fate for such a resume is to be automatically rejected. A few facts will improve it.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Colorado Technical University, 2012-2016

  • did an internship at the department, automating the maintenance of documents;
  • participated in a conference with a research report on how to reduce university budget expenditures by 15%.
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Formatting Skills for Operations Manager Resume

When the work experience and education sections are ready, it is time to organize the resume skills part. Depending on the career field but you should always use soft skills and hard skills as well, the employer will look in the applicant for skills that are suitable for a specific position or responsibilities.

Technically, operations managers must have clear hard skills. The need to ensure the setting of tasks of different types dictates a kind of certainty.

For resume examples, it is possible to word the following hard skills:

  • the ability to conduct business correspondence;
  • knowledge of legal documents;
  • ability to work with the amoCRM system;
  • knowledge of specific logistics disciplines (e.g., customs clearance, sea transportation management, air cargo transportation).

Personal qualities (soft skills) are also important. An operations manager is a person with developed analytical thinking. Such a manager knows how to notice any mistakes. They are purposeful, responsible, and ready to learn new things.

At the same time, an applicant should emphasize hard skills.

Operations Manager Resume Examples [Skills]

Let’s proceed with professional operations manager resume examples for how to and how not to list your skills.


Operations Management Skills: knowledge of specific logistics disciplines (e.g., customs clearance, sea transportation management, air cargo transportation), ability to find a common ground with any individuals, etc.

It is not bad, but it does not include specific moments important for operations manager occupations. When you mention a skill, it should have an example of how it was useful at your previous workplace. 


The knowledge of air cargo transportation allowed [company name] to reduce annual transportation costs by 15%.

Advanced communication skills helped to improve work culture and productivity by 10% in one month.

What to Add to Make Your Resume Notable

Work experience, education, and skills are important, no doubt. But, sometimes, they can’t include other necessary information. What else can be included?

You, as a recruit, have an important task: to include information but understand how it relates to the position. Do you have certificates? Were you a volunteer? Have you written articles? Include these parts and name sections on a resume correspondingly. 

In addition, you can mention personal projects. If you know foreign languages, also indicate this in your resume, including the level of proficiency. This will attract the attention of the employer if the company positions itself as international.

Operations Manager Resume Examples [Other Sections]

As always, examples are the best explanation for an operations manager resume. Take a closer look at the part below. 


  • I love cats
  • I am an amateur photographer
  • I know Latin

The fun thing is that there is nothing wrong with this additional section. But the problem is that the employer will simply scan the part and forget about it.

It tells about a person, which is good because people are surrounded by other people at work. It just should be more of a professional resume


  • Work with a volunteer shelter for pets. Organized donations at the fair, increasing the budget by 15%.

What To Remember

The operations manager’s responsibilities depend on what a company needs from them. A recruiter will always mention the most important duties, tasks, and expectations. All of these affect how to write a operations manager resume

Though, there will be some standard moments you need to remember:

  • use reverse-chronological format so that the employer can see the latest achievements;
  • use functional format with a focus on skills if you do not have experience;
  • keep your resume short and up-to-the point;
  • You can always use help of our professional resume writing service if you want to get a job of your dreams as soon as it possible;
  • never write generic information;
  • always show how your skills, experience, and achievements relate to the job and mentioned responsibilities;
  • check your resume for mistakes.
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