Article Writing in 2023: How to Make Your Article Stand Out

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No matter if you’re an experienced creator or a junior content writer, you’re probably familiar with what is an article writing. Bloggers and freelance writers often face the situation when they must produce a deeply-researched piece under a tight deadline. It seems impossible at first, but this is a doable task. In this post, we’ll explore the writing skills you need to create quality content quickly.

Useful Information on Article Writing

An article is a written piece aimed at reaching a large audience. Therefore, an article writing has to comprise many areas and find its followers with the help of the press. The press, in our case, refers to newspapers, journals, and magazines.

There are a few types of articles:

  • Essay: a short to medium-length piece based on personal experience and opinion;
  • Prescriptive “How To” article: contains a set of steps to help the reader do something specific;
  • Q&A: this type of article comes out after an interview. However, it doesn’t include your personal opinion or a feature story and is based solely on the responder’s thoughts;
  • Personality profile: evolves around one person’s story. Unlike Q&A, the writer has to provide an in-depth look at someone’s life, featuring the early beginnings, significant life events, accomplishments, quirks, faults, character, and strengths;
  • Trend article: aims to showcase an increase or decrease of movement over time, for example, when talking about housing prices or couples getting divorced every year;
  • Lifestyle piece: one of the most common types of article writing. It may be a summary of ideas to make the most in your 20s, including health or relationship advice, or tell about the recently-opened bars in the neighborhood;
  • Shorts: usually 150-500 words in length article on various topics. They are destined to meet the demands of the target market of the particular publication.

To be an on-demand writer, you have to be experienced in various types and topics for article writing. 

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A Guide to Creating a Great Article

An article writing for beginners involves researching the basic text structure and following specific guidelines. In article writing for SEO purposes, you also have to use the keywords organically, while freelance article writing may be more flexible in requirements. 

Let’s put together a list of points you shall remember to produce great content.

Pitch Your Ideas

One of the best article-writing tips is— always prepare a list of ideas. Your goal might be to pitch one topic solely, but it’s not a smart choice for an employer.

For example, a company might have different expectations on the content, or there’s a change of plans in strategy. So what is the author's purpose for writing this article is to give you an understanding that not every piece that feels good for you will suit your professional ambitions.

Don’t Distract

Article writing can be a burden in case you have something else in mind. Keep working in a quiet space without TV shows, noisy kids, or shouting neighbors. Whenever you work for one company for many years or are transitioning to another employer, keep in mind that you need to have your own space to produce quality content.

An environment matters: it might be a coffee shop nearby, an office, or your living room. The longer you are in a distraction-free space, the more your mind can concentrate on completing tasks.

Understand a Topic

Research is the first thing to do before you write. You have to be fluent in any topic; otherwise, you shouldn’t sign up for a project. 

At this point, your brain might be flooded with a lot of information, so your main task is to filter them based on the task requirements. Attempting to follow an inspiration is not a good idea because the content will likely be chaotic.

Simplify Your Words

An article writer is still a human being. You must convey the right message to your target audience as a creator. Therefore, avoid fancy words and keep the article relatable to knowledgeable readers.

Add Bullet Points

A professional article writer knows how to present even the most extraordinary topic in a laconic way. Bullet points are helpful for a range of reasons:

  • They draw attention to important information;
  • They are visually appealing;
  • They add variety to your article's body.

Besides, the information written in bullet points is easier to remember. One list per article can make a big difference; remember it!

Edit and Proofread

Proofreading is a crucial factor to take into account. Before writing a summary of an article, make sure to read the whole piece thoroughly. Then, remove the unused sentences or add some to clarify information.

Editing is critical for you to be perceived as a professional blog writer.You may be a great researcher and incorporate some interesting stories, but if you lack grammar knowledge, you’ll find it tough to land a prospective job.

Follow a Deadline

Last but not least: meeting deadlines can earn you a great reputation, in the same way as failing them can kick you out of the position. 

Before you start working on an article, ensure you know what the piece will be about and how fluent you are in the given topic. Online article writing demands a certain level of knowledge. In addition, you have to navigate through tons of information quickly. 

You can use time-management apps (such as Fetchnotes) to get more organized. It is a note-taking program that sorts your important things by hashtags and will remind you about an upcoming deadline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write a good article?

If you’re wondering how to write a good article, all you need to do is start. Read every day, pick the topics you like, and you’d want to explore. Also, don’t hesitate to ask a third party’s opinion to gain devoted readers and start creating your plan for professional success.

How to start writing an article?

To create a great article, you’ll need a lot of patience. Not every piece is great from the start; you’ll have many edits and additional requests until this becomes a masterpiece.

How many paragraphs should I write?

An average article should have a minimum of 3-4 paragraphs. However, the best article writing presumes aligning the number of paragraphs to the topic specifics. Therefore, the writer normally has a choice to present the content differently.

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Summary of the Main Points

Articles connect readers with writers. To write an article quickly, you must be fluent in the topic and have writing experience more about writing a great article you can read here. With lots of resources available online, it’s easy to start writing and get more friendly with article writing on a freelance basis or you can hire a freelancer at Skillhub writing and translation services for getting the best results.