Java Developer Resume Sample

The demand for Java developers in the IT industry is steadily increasing. If you get this profession, you should be able to earn good money and get great job satisfaction. In this article, you’ll discover an excellent sample resume for Java developer. Relying on this Java developer resume sample, you’ll be able to compile a convincing resume for yourself, regardless of whether you’re an entry level, junior or senior specialist. Besides, we’ll tell you how to order a high-quality resume.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average JAVA developer salary at $109,020 per year and $52.41 per hour.

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How to Format a Java Developer Resume 

Successful professionals usually stick to the following Java developer resume format:

  • Summary 
  • Professional experience (in reverse chronological order)
  • Education
  • Additional skills

The resume sample that you’ll find below in this article is based on this layout. If you compile your job application according to this template, you should get a higher chance of being invited for an interview. 

Please use bulleted and/or numbered lists. Avoid adding charts or graphs to the text. Always be honest and don’t exaggerate your capabilities.

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See below java developer resume sample written by our professional resume writers on Skillhub.

Java Developer Resume [Sample]

Here is a real-life Java developer resume that you can use as a template.

Technically advanced Java developer with 2 years of experience. Good command of JavaScript, HTML, and other programming languages. Seeking to secure a responsible career opportunity to utilize my training and skills.


YZD Company, New York

Java Developer, May 2019 — June 2021

  • Used Java technologies to build web applications
  • Carried out user requirements analysis to build applications 
  • Delivered support for system improvements
  • Worked as a part of an Agile Scrum team
  • Consulted with clients on project status and technical issues


DDD Online Courses at the FFF Virtual Academy, December 2018 — May 2019


  • Programming languages: Java, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, and others
  • Databases: Oracle, MySQL
  • API’s: Java Naming and Directory Interface 
  • Software: Eclipse, NetBeans
  • Frameworks: J2EE, Apache Struts”

That was a 2 years Java developer resume. When the list of tools that you can use is not too large, their order doesn’t matter. But if you know over a dozen programming languages or APIs, start with the most popular ones.

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

Summary and objective are important parts of a resume. But, one should understand the difference between them. While the summary shows your experience, the objective rather states your career goals and explains why you are a good fit for the position.  

Here are three tips on writing a Java Developer resume objective.

  • Use keywords.
  • Customize your resume for each organization you submit it to.
  • Offer your potential employer exactly what they are looking for.

Avoid saying that you would be glad to complete training if the company doesn’t offer any. Don’t state that your goal is to land an interview — your objective is to get a job. Don’t mention your salary expectations in the resume — you’ll discuss it later.

Resume Summary [Examples]

Good Java developer resume samples feature clear statements with facts, names and numbers:


 “Around 4+ years of experience of work in IT design, development, implementation, and testing of client-server web applications using Java/J2EE technologies”.

And here is a resume sample that would hardly help a job seeker succeed in the job market:


“Wide experience in Java development and testing. Basic experience in testing web applications. I have worked for two companies and want to explore new opportunities.”

Resume Objective [Examples]


“Skilled and ambitious Java developer looking for a junior position at a rapidly evolving European or American software company.” This is a convincing Java Developer resume objective.


 “Entry-level Java Developer looking for free training and a good salary.” This is a very poor resume example. 

Mind that the larger the population of IT specialists in your area, the more convincing stories you should tell. Please emphasize your desire to work and grow but not just earn good money.

Resume Examples [Experience]

Here is a worthy sample resume for Java developer with 2 years experience.

“Java Developer

June 2019 — June 2021

RRR company, New York

  • Designed and analyzed application changes. Created design documents (PRD, FRD, UIRD, TRD, SRS, and SDD). 
  • Planned, documented, and carried out testing to ensure that the code meets specifications and requirements.
  • Supported programming changes during quality assurance.
  • Tested user acceptance.”

This basic template should come in handy for professionals with 1 year experience or 3 years experience as well. The larger your work experience, the more business duties, data, tools, and achievements you will need to mention.

Entry Level Java Developer Resume [Experience] 

This is a sample resume for Java developer fresher with little experience:

  • Documented diverse business problems and technical work processes 
  • Helped customers to answer technical questions in everyday language
  • Got a vision of end-user requirements and learned to provide comprehensive solutions
  • Helped senior developers to make design specifications

Such a list will contain minimum facts and figures — and this is the reason for keeping it short. When describing your potential responsibilities, prove that you can work with automation tools.

Entry Level Java Developer [Sample]

In entry-level Java Developer resume examples, you would normally find the following information:

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Technical leadership and successful implementations
  • SDLC Understanding of the Systems Development Lifecycle
  • Work collaboratively within a Scrum/Kanban team

Typically, such a resume example should be enough for acceptance. A recruiter would hardly be able to assess the candidate’s efficiency in all these spheres. But you should be ready to back up these statements with facts and examples during a face-to-face interview.

What to Mention in the Education Section

If you got a higher Java Developer education, you can write in your resume something like this:

YZD High School, YZD town

Master of Science in Computer Science, May 2019

Honors: cum laude (GPA: 3.7/4.0)

Yet today, an applicant doesn’t need a high school diploma to land a position with a high salary. If you studied at online courses, it won’t tell on the creation of your Java Developer resume. Just prove that you meet the requirements!

Java Developer Resume Examples [Education]


This is what you can come across in good Java Developer resume samples: “Completed JJJ online courses in Java development (May 2019 — February 2021). Carried out the graduation project on this and that topic”.


 “Graduated from JJJ online courses in 2020”. This won’t convince the recruiter that you meet the Java Developer requirements and have career growth potential.

If you graduated from high school, but your education wasn’t related to IT, it might be worth mentioning nevertheless.

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Skills on a Resume for a Java Developer

So what are the skills required for Java developer? The answer consists of two parts. For a successful career, you should have both hard and soft skills. When listing your Java Developer skills in a resume, start with the hard ones first. Here is a real-life example.

Hard Skills:

  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM)
  • JavaScript Pages (JSP)
  • Service-oriented architecture – SOAP/REST
  • Web technologies – HTML, CSS, JQuery, and others
  • Web frameworks – Struts and Spring

Soft Skills:

  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Team player
  • Critical thinking
  • Work well under pressure

To make your resume look balanced, make sure the list of soft skills is shorter than that of hard ones. For entry-level professionals or junior developers, both lists might have identical lengths.

Java Developer Resume Examples [Skills]


This is what authors of professional Java Developer resume examples would say: “Java Basics – Spring, JMS, JSF. Web Development Languages — CSS, HTML, JQuery”


 In low-quality Java Developer resume samples, you might read something like, “I have general computer skills, and I know PL/SQL. I love to think outside the box.” This won’t work because creative vision is not the primary skill for individuals who would like to get an occupation in the Java Development sphere.

Java Developer Job Description: Tailor Your Resume 

Experienced professionals might want to add the following resume sections to the template that was described above:

  • Certificates
  • Personal projects (it doesn’t matter whether you have monetized them or not)
  • Conferences and courses (short-time ones that enable you to master one particular skill or tool)
  • Honor awards
  • Organizations (such as professional associations and communities)

These Java Developer resume sections will convince the recruit during the interview that you perceive this job as your vocation and are planning to develop continuously. 

Java Developer Job Description [Example]

This is a Java developer job description example that you might come across on a job search platform. “A startup is looking for a Java developer for building Java applications. You should handle back-end services and client-end interfaces. You will need to coordinate your activities with the rest of the team.”

To apply for this position, you should write in your Java developer resume something like:

  • Good command of such and such back end Java development tools
  • Experience in building desktop and mobile applications since 2019
  • Communication and teamwork skills

Accentuate these skills from the onset in your resume summary.

Java Developer Resume Examples [Other Sections]


 In the Personal Projects section of a professional Java Developer resume, it would be reasonable to write something like: “Emoji chatbot app, 2020 - present. The app generates custom emojis by written text request”.


 “I enjoy building Android chatbots in my free time.”

Mind that an ATS application system will scan any resume for Java Developer jobs that you will submit. The better it conforms with the guidelines, the more likely you will work in the company.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article came in handy. After reading it, you should understand how to write a Java Developer resume, no matter how large or limited your experience is. We suggest that you focus on honing your immediate technical skills and improving your key soft skills. We, meanwhile, can write a top-notch resume for you. With the help of our dedicated writers, you’ll have higher chances to be invited to an interview, impress the recruiter, and land your dream job.

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