Programmer Resume Sample

To successfully level up your programmer resume sample, this guide will help you with choosing its format, distinguishing what makes a weak or strong Resume Objective and Summary, choosing what to emphasize and write about as an experienced or novice programmer, choosing what to put in the education section, and choosing which skills to include.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average programmer salary at $93,000 per year and $44.71 per hour.

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How to Format a Programmer Resume

The best programmer’s resume format for a resume sample is by far the Reverse Chronological format (RC). For both experienced and new programmers, the RC format is the best option to integrate into your own resume and it may well land you an interview, not only because of its overall popularity but because of it: 

  • Shows where you are in your career. RC shows the most relevant and most recent experience you had in your professional life. 
  • RC format makes it faster for recruiters to read through it.
  • Many employers demand or prefer the RC layout for resumes.
  • For programmers with little work experience, the RC format can be used to highlight relevant achievements in education. Thus, try putting the education section above work experience. In the work experience section, write down everything that is relevant from volunteer work to part-time jobs. However, keep to what is relevant for the job position.

Programmer Resume [Sample]

Here is a sample of what a good programmer resume might look like; however, it’s important to note that the resume AND cover letter should be modified every time you apply for a position so that your application fits better with what the recruiter’s hire requirements are (e.g., highlighting the most relevant skills needed for the job position). Check out this programmer resume example.

[Full Name]

[Email address]

[Phone number]


Resume Summary 

Programmer with strong problem-solving and communication skills. Have a solid understanding of script development using C++ and Java, with 5 years of programming experience. Designed and developed over 35 applications in XYZ company that helped reduce costs for 100+ clients on a global scale.

Work Experience

Programmer (Frontend and Backend)


2019- Current

  • Developed and enhanced programs using Java and C++, contributing to solutions that increased efficiency, accuracy, and decreased costs. 
  • Developed apps that boosted customer loyalty by 10%.
  • Boosted sales by 10% through bug-fix and app enhancement.

Key Achievement

  • Lowered costs by 20% through the creation of enhancements for existing applications on Windows platforms. This was done by fixing bugs, troubleshooting, and decreasing the codebase by 25%.

Education & Certifications 

  • BS in Computer Science, ABC University 2012 - 2017
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer 2012-2014


  • Expert level C++ Programming (5+ years of experience)
  • Advanced knowledge in Java, Python, HTML, XML (4 years of experience)
  • Advance skills in MySQL, Sybase, and MongoDB (4 years of experience)
  • Team-oriented
  • High-level organizational abilities
  • High-level task completion abilities 

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

The difference between a resume summary and a programmer resume objective is that a resume summary is mostly used by advanced/experienced programmers who have been in specialized positions or are trying to find one. Resume summaries must also include your most important credentials, along with your strongest selling points.

On the other hand, a resume objective is best suited for entry-level and novice programmers who don’t have a lot of work experience just yet.

Resume Summary [Examples]


Software programmer skilled in C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Perl, PHP, and C#. Created and developed numerous software programs and applications.

Why is this resume sample wrong? It’s too generalized and does not go into more detail. It is better to use the active voice in resume summaries and to actively highlight your achievements. The wrong programmer resume samples showcase an ‘ok’ but an overall uninteresting approach.


Programmer with 10+ years of experience. Created, designed, and developed 40 applications from use cases. Awarded ‘most innovative and hardworking employee’ in 2020 during my time in XYZ company. 


Functioned Well Resume Summary Examples

How to Write an Objective for Resume [Resume Objective Examples]

Resume Objective [Examples]


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science graduate seeking a position where I can develop my skills in Java, Python, and C++. 

Why is this programmer resume objective wrong? It’s a very passive and weak resume example, and it ultimately does not sell the job seeker’s value and skill set. As we stated before, it’s important that you write about your most important credentials and why you are deserving of a position. 


Hard-working and dedicated programmer with strong problem-solving abilities. Completed an internship at ABC corporation as a junior programmer and successfully developed, tested, and fixed code that ensured functionality of 5 software programs. Looking for a position to use my programming skills and help companies boost software program efficiency.

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Resume Examples [Experience]

To properly list resume work experience using the reverse-chronological format, the first thing on the list should be your most recent work experience/position. For each position our sample programmer should create a separate entry as can be seen in the following resume.

You should include your job title, the company you worked for, the duration of your employment in said company, your duties, experience and you should also include your most relevant accomplishments while working in the company. The active voice should be employed again for this part of your programmer resume.

Resume for Entry Level Programmer [Experience]

A resume for programmer with no work experience should start with a list of internships at the top. An internship can really help in getting more responses from employers. If you don’t have one, try applying for one as soon as you can.

Additionally, as a programmer, you can list your programming projects in the work experience section as well. This will make your resume more attractive, and it shows that you want to learn and grow in your field. Voluntary work and part-time jobs can also be listed, but consider if they are relevant to the field you are applying for.

Entry Level Programmer [Sample]

The work experience section needs to highlight key achievements from your former workplace. It needs to show the recruiter why you might add value to their teams. Here are some right and wrong programmer resume examples for you. Both of these are viable but one resume example is clearly more proactive than the other.


Work Experience:

Programmer 2010-2013

  • Coded for X company
  • Used Python and Java 


Work Experience



2018- Current

  • Developed and enhanced programs using Java and C++, contributing to solutions that increased efficiency, accuracy, and decreased costs. 
  • Boosted sales by 10% through bug-fix and app enhancement.

Key Achievement: 

  • Developed a payment system with Java that enabled crypto to fiat conversion on the platform.

Education Section: What It Might Be

For advanced programmers with more work experience, the programmer education section should be placed below the work experience section. University, relevant coursework, and certifications can all be placed there – just make sure they are relevant. Add the dates of when you did the major or coursework. 

For entry-level programmers without too much experience, you can place the education section above the work experience section in your programmer resume, and add bulleted and detailed lists of relevant academic achievements, projects, activities, etc. This will help make your resume more attractive.

Programmer Resume Examples [Education]

Here are more programmer resume samples of the education section that will help you understand the dos and don’ts of resume writing.


 BS in Computer Science, XXX University


  • Received Degree
  • GPA 3.3

BS in Computer Science, XXX University


  • Received award for developing back-office application with Python for a university project
  • Head of class in Artificial Intelligence and Python

If you want to learn more on how to list education on resume, follow the link.

Skills on a Resume for a Programmer

Show off programmer resume skills relevant to being a programmer, but add skills that show your value as an employee as well. Remember to list the most relevant skills first that the job requires each time you apply for one.

Skills a programmer can list down:

  • JavaScript (3 years of experience)

Notice that I added 3 years of experience in parentheses in this resume sample. Specifying how advanced you are with a specific coding language can help your recruiters assess you better. Consider including it in your resume.

  • Python
  • Java
  • C/CPP
  • PHP
  • Swift
  • C#
  • Ruby
  • Objective – C
  • SQL

· Mathematical skills

· Problem-solving capability

· Communication skills

· Self-motivation


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5 Mandatory Resume Sections & Resume Categories

Programmer Resume Examples [Skills]

‘Programmer resume skills’ is one of the most important sections. In these professional programmer resume examples you’ll be able to see how to properly write one.


  • I am advanced in C++ and I’ve learned this language for years. I know that I can……

Keep your skills concise and to the point. The sample above is too long.


  • C++ (3 years of experience)


All-Powerful Skills for a Resume that You Need to Include

The Future of Work: Skills You Will Need Soon

Additional tips to make your resume stand out

You can add additional programmer resume sections to your resume to help it stand out. Add resume sections that showcase hobbies and interests that are related to the field you’re interested in.

Skillhub tip: try to send resumes in PDF so that their layouts are locked in place when being viewed.


X Strong Resume Tips for Crafting Your Perfect Resume

Programmer Resume Examples [Other Sections]

Anything that doesn’t fit into your professional programmer resume main sections can go under ‘Other’.


  • I enjoy playing video games
  • I enjoy repairing computers 


Extracurricular activities:

  • Obtaining certificate for CompTIA Security+
  • Algorithm coding challenges

Key Takeaway

Overall, the main points to polish in your programmer's resume are definitely the Resume Summary and Objective, the Work Experience section, the Skills section, and the Education section.

The best decision you could take; however, is to get a professionally written resume from experts who know how to write a programmer resume effortlessly, and at the highest level of proficiency.

Your resume needs to be well written but most importantly, it has to be able to stand out. You can use a professional resume writing services to get yours written today – it will definitely get you closer to landing a job.

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