Web Developer Resume Example

With the emergence of the Internet and social media, the job market has expanded. There are more job opportunities than ever with a new set of skills and job operations. This means both constant demand for new specialists and increased competition. Hence, nailing a web developer resume sample is a must. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average web developer’s salary at $78,300 per year and $37.65 per hour.

Writing a catchy and effective essay is a win-or-lose process . Done correctly, a resume for web developer allows you to tell the recruiter why you are the best-qualified candidate for the job position.

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How to Format a Web Developer Resume

A common job application rarely suggests a separate resume sample or format requirements. However, a strong resume will have sections organized in a logical flow or in three following patterns. 

  • Chronological. Fairly considered the best Web developer resume format. This method allows the applicant to narrate their career steps from one’s humble beginnings. 
  • Functional. If web development is a new career field for you, use this approach. Start with the skills section and continue with the job history later. 
  • Combined. Contains the best of both worlds. Appropriate for professional web developers. 

Go here for more details on top resume formats.

An Example of a Resume for a Web Development Applicant

Before writing your own unique resume, we advise you to check as many resume templates as you can to learn the resume writing requirements. You do not necessarily need to hire anyone to write a notorious Web developer resume. Instead, read and analyze the samples. 

Name Surname 


Phone Number

LinkedIn URL

Address (you can mention the city here)

Web Developer 


This section must contain the summary of your job experience and skills, as follows.

 “A professional web developer with a 5-year of experience in developing world-class products. Received a 2019 Webby Award for Best Design. Improved the usability of (add the app’s name) by 34%.’

Key Skills

This section is usually organized in the form of a list. Think of the most important job skills and add them. For instance:

  • Expert knowledge of C++, Oracle, HTMS, and Python;
  • Strong knowledge of online advertising and SEO;
  • Proficient in LAMP Stacks;
  • Efficient at team communication. Respects the time and efforts of others and builds peaceful relationships inside the team. 

Professional Experience


JOB POSITION (Date you started working - Date you finished working)

Continue with writing what you exactly did for the company.

For instance:WEB DEVELOPER (November 2017 - May 2019)

Decreased rework by 17% during the first year. Worked alongside the designers on turning applications with multiple pages into one-page projects. The application changes boosted the company’s annual revenue by 3%.’



Name the degree (add the Major), the Graduation Date 


Bachelor in Design and Technology (Major: Computer Design and Web Development), May 2016’

We hope our resume template for Web developer saved you precious time. Now let’s dive into more section details.

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Web developer Resume Objective & Resume Summary 

Don’t get overwhelmed trying to distinguish how ‘objective’ and ‘summary’ differ. Check the ready explanation below. 

  • Intermediate and Beginner Levels. Unlike a Web developer resume objective, a summary is perfect for entry-level web developers. In this part, mention that you require more training in the industry. 
  • Proficiency Level. An objective section is perfect for professional web developers who have been in the industry for more than a decade. If you are a proficient web developer, be free to list the expectations you have regarding the company before your job interview. 

Web developer Resume Summary [Examples]

A good resume sample will teach you how to ‘sell’ your work skills and professional experience at the job market. Meanwhile, all efficient Web developer resume samples will contain summaries written in a confident but polite tone.

Wrong ❌ :  

“I am the best web developer in the world!!! Just check the products on my Facebook page, and you’ll get it. Ten years of experience and knowledge of Python.”

Right ✅ :

“An award-winning specialist in web development with ten years of professional experience. Highly attentive to detail in projects and analytically-driven.”

Web developer Resume Objective [Examples]

An efficient objective in a resume example contains an appropriate conversational tone and clearly set goals. With a little bit of additional training, you will write a perfect 

Web developer resume objective with clarity.

Wrong ❌ :

“I have recently finished working for a world-class company and want a job that pays $1 million a year. I improve the everyday lives of the population, yet my request is reasonable.”

Right ✅ :

“Objective to be hired as a web developer in order to learn the industry from inside while applying the proficient knowledge of Python and HTML.”

Web developer Resume Examples [Experience]

While organizing the data in this section, remember:

  • Treat the experience section like a business card. Any Web developer sample will tell you that this is the longest part of the resume. However, focus on the most outstanding details in your career that can impress the recruiter. 
  • Include only the relevant experience. No one is interested in your long-forgotten catering duties.  
  • Sometimes, it is all about variety. If you feel that to sample Web developer life, you must add the teaching experience to your resume, go for it! 

Entry Level Web developer Resume [Experience]

But how to persuade the employer that you are ready for responsibilities if you are a recent graduate?

Resume for Web developer with no experience is not as tricky as it sounds. Just focus on the Skills section. Mention the valid reason you have to work for this particular company. 

You can be a smart web developer with brilliant projects and awards. Yet, such companies like Google will gladly read your web developer resume. Even if the only degree you have is a high school diploma.

Entry Level Web developer [Sample]

A great resume sample will say that leaving the Experience section empty is the wrong idea. Even the simplest Web developer resume examples contain an amazing story. Even if this is a story of how you babysat a 6-year old and taught them to use computers.

Wrong ❌ :

“Well, I do not know what to say because I worked nowhere. I only ask for acceptance to your company as an entry-level applicant.”

Right ✅ :

“Volunteered at the local shelter by creating and managing a site and an application. The latter allowed hundreds of animals to find loving owners.”

Education: What to Include

The creation of the Education section is the easiest part of the resume writing process. No need for reading outstanding resume examples late at night. 

  • Relevance. Put on the education that refers to the position you apply for. 
  • Details. A Web developer resume must contain the name of the university (no abbreviations!). Add the major and the minor, as well as the names of all other non-college courses you have attended. 
  • Date. Being educated is never out-of-date (pun intended). Among other requirements, be sure that you remember the right date of college graduation as a part of your Web developer education. 

Web developer Resume Examples [Education]

In a vast pool of Web developer resume samples, you will find some badly crafted Education sections. Usually, they lack important details like the university’s name and the major. Some of them talk about college subjects. College adds to your growth, but do not turn your resume into an essay.

Wrong ❌ :

“College in Florida, Temple Terrace. Studied for 4 years. My most favorite subject was Web design.”

Right ✅ :

FLORIDA COLLEGE, Bachelor in Design and Technology (Major: Technology Design), May 2020.”

How many mistakes are acceptable on a resume? Are you at risk?

Skills on a Resume for a Web Developer

The greatest section for your strengths to put on resume is definitely the resume skills part.  Still, follow a few tips:

  • A great career start. If you are a novice in the career field, use the Skills section to persuade the recruiter that you have learned everything about being a good web developer. For instance, mention your proficient knowledge of Python and Java. Spice up your resume with a few additional skills like web design and advertising.
  • Personality traits. Advance your resume personality. If you are already hardworking, add your conflict-solving skills and attentive listening. 
  • Outstanding skills. All efficient Web developer resume samples will contain a long list of skills. Do you know Java and Python except for C++? Don’t be too shy to add it.

Web developer Resume Examples [Skills]

All Web developer resume samples will teach you to add only relevant evidence to prove the statements. 

Wrong ❌ :

“Hard-working. Easy to motivate. Love relatives. A life of the party. Learned Java for two years.”

Right ✅ :

  • Proficiency in computer design and Java; 
  • Solving conflicts between individuals at work;
  • Working at multitasking projects with short deadlines; 
  • Knowledge gained at other occupations (web design).

Add Other Sections to Impress Your Recruiter

Earlier, we discussed the basic resume sections any resume would contain. But how to make sure your outstanding resume persuades the company to recruit you as the only candidate?

  • Awards. If your last site won a few awards, this is the place to mention them. 
  • Volunteering. Show your employer that making the world a better place is among your top priorities. 
  • Projects. Not all recruiters discourage side projects, especially if such a project is a potential Nobel prize winner.

These few Web developer resume sections will add to your well-rounded image. 

Web developer Resume Examples [Other Sections]

If you scan the Internet for resume sections gone wrong, you might find hilarious examples. Don’t walk into the danger of making your plan sound like a dream. Any statement will work miracles in your Web developer resume if you add realistic details.

Wrong ❌ :

Projects. Planning to create an application that would save marine life.”

Right ✅ :

Projects. Currently working on an application that would track the number of marine species. Hope that my personal project will create more web developer jobs in the future.”

Final Thoughts

Writing a professional resume may sound intimidating, especially for a recent college graduate. However, we hope that our guidelines have taught you how to write a Web developer resume correctly. Also we recommend you to read about how to upload resume to linkedin. If you want to bring your resume to the next level and impress the recruiter, our writers will gladly help you nail your dream job! With great proficiency, attention, and years of experience, we will ensure your resume stands out. 

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