Network Engineer Resume Sample

A network engineer is a person responsible for the stable network work process and seamless connection of data and wireless network services. In this article, you will read about the most efficient way of writing a network engineer’s resume. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average network engineer salary at $80,600 per year and $38.75 per hour.

You will see a sample resume for network engineer and read a detailed description of each of its sections. The network engineer resume sample is designed according to modern, actual standards, and it may serve you as a reliable template.

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How to Format a Network Engineer Resume

The best layout for the network engineer resume format is reverse-chronological. In this type of formatting, you put the most recent job positions at the top and the oldest ones at the bottom of your experience section. 

Such a structure is more familiar to hiring managers and highlights your skills and achievements necessary for job application. To have a successful interview, make sure that your resume has a clear font, reader-friendly headings, and no empty spaces in the sections. 

Sample Resume for a Network Engineer 

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John Doe

Address: Random city, random street, random state, USA; 

Email address:

Phone number: 555 555 555

Resume Summary

A network engineer specialist with proficiencies in communication network installation, configuration, and maintenance. 

Exceptional proficiency in network performance monitoring, backups creation, and overall improvement of the network infrastructure efficiency. 

Motivated to provide high-quality work. Network+ and CCNP certification. Analytical and management skills. 

Work Experience

06/2016 - 04/2019, Network Engineer, System Technology Solutions, Ltd, Manchester, United Kingdom

  • Maintained communication networks, monitored network performance, and resolved any technical issues.
  • Collaborated with colleagues on the improvement of network infrastructure to increase quality, reliability, and effectiveness, as well as reduce expenses.
  • Installed and configured network devices, including routers, modems, hubs, switches, wireless APs, and WLAN controllers.
  • Performed backups of all servers and provided support and assistance to users.
  • Completed troubleshooting, tested networks, and performed other duties as required.
  • Increased reliability of networks by 10% and was awarded Employee of the Month twice.


09/2010 - 05/2015, Computer and Network Technology, ABC University, State, US

GPA 3.6

Relevant coursework: 

  • mobile communications;
  • computer systems organization.


04/2016, Network+ Certification, CompTIA IT Certifications

05/2017, Cisco Certified Network Professional, Cisco Systems, Inc.


Computer Skills

Microsoft Office

PuTTY, WireShark

ZenMap, NMap

GNS3, IPerf

Interpersonal Skills

Analytical Skills

Communication Skills

Good Team Player



Technological Expertise

Time Management

Other Information


07/2013 - 05/2014, President, Manchester Metropolitan University Math Society, Manchester, United Kingdom

Resume Objective and Resume Summary

Resume objective and resume summary serve as an opening section of your resume. These blocks may be similar but serve different purposes. A resume summary provides the overall scope of your knowledge and training, while a resume objective shows how your skills may contribute to the job application. If you want to land an interview, a direct and professional resume objective will serve you well. 

Resume Summary [Examples] 

The provided resume sample contains a summary. You need it when you are in search of broader opportunities. There are many job seekers who fill the job market with low-effort or clumsy summaries. Putting extra work into this section will increase your chances for a successful interview. The following resume samples show the right and wrong approach to the summary. 

Wrong ❌

An experienced and motivated network engineer with exceptional skills in the field. Deep knowledge of network designs. 

Right ✅

A customer-oriented network engineer with 5+ years of experience. In-depth knowledge of documenting network topologies, designs of networks, and IP allocation. Motivated and strategically minded. 

Resume Objective [Examples] 

The resume example shows one of the possible variants of the resume’s objective. Keep in mind that your resume objective should be focused on how your training can contribute to the job you seek. 

Wrong Example ❌

A network engineering specialist seeks to join the ABC company to increase the quality of network connections for the population. Friendly and knows a lot of cool stories. 

Right Example ✅

An XYZ university graduate (GPA 3.1) in electrical engineering, specializing in computer networks, wishes to join the ABC company to maintain and improve the unprecedented network service performance. Experienced in switch, NX-OS, and VLAN configuration. 

Network Engineer Resume Examples [Experience] 

When it comes to the experience section of your resume, you need to focus on your achievements and words of action. There are a lot of sample network engineer resumes that go straight to the extensive list of duties. Your achievements are your duties supported by hard data. 

Modern business appreciates a straightforward approach. Therefore, enlist your working positions in a respective manner and emphasize what you achieved there. The main rule for the network engineer sample resume is not to leave the experience section empty. 

Entry Level Network Engineer Resume [Experience] 

If you need to write a resume for network engineer with no experience, then you should discard the idea at once. Experience may be obtained through freelancing or volunteering. Your internships during the graduation acquisition may be counted as well.

Any network engineer responsibilities may go as your experience. The reason behind such necessity is the automation of resume analysis. Resumes with no experience are the first to be put aside. 

Entry Level Network Engineer Sample [Experience] 

When it comes to entry-level resume acceptance, try to mention as many activities related to the position as possible. The network engineer resume example from the beginning of the article is tailored to a mid-network engineer. The following network engineer resume examples provide the right and wrong approach for an entry-level resume. 

Wrong ❌

Network Engineer Position: 

No actual experience. 

Other activities: helping in maintaining the network across the street. 

Right ✅

Network Engineer Experience

  • 3 months of internship in a DEF bureau. 
  • Volunteering for the local Internet provider. 
  • 6 months as a network engineer freelancer.

Other activities: keeping the stable connection for the local network. 

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Education Section for a Network Engineer Resume 

When it comes to the network engineer listing education on a resume, it all depends on your actual working experience. If you write an entry-level resume, then you should expand the education section to highlight your proficiency and meet the job position requirements. 

When you write a senior network engineer resume, the focus naturally shifts towards your actual experience and achievements. During the section creation, mention the next items: 

  • graduation date;
  • name of the school; 
  • GPA if above 3.5;
  • degree earned. 

Network Engineer Resume Examples [Education] 

A job position may entail a detailed education section as one of the network engineer requirements. In that case, you should highlight all of your academic achievements and relevant coursework. Another important part of the education section is the certification. Certification is vital for your career growth. The next network engineer resume samples demonstrate the right and wrong approach to the education section. 

Wrong ❌



ABC university 

Electrical Engineering: Computer Networks 

GPA: 3.5 

Right ✅



ABC university 

Electrical Engineering: Computer Networks 

GPA: 3.5 

Relevant Coursework

  • Mobile Communications
  • Computer systems organization


Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) 

Skills on a Resume for a Network Engineer 

The career field of network engineers includes a variety of skills related to both hardware and software work. You already mentioned some of your network engineer skills in other sections of the resume. Now, it is time to highlight your primary proficiencies. 

In many network engineer resume samples, you will see the division into hard skills (more precise) and soft skills (more general). You may include some of the next entries to your network engineer resume skills section: 

  • network security; 
  • application flows;
  • cybersecurity; 
  • hyperconverged systems; 
  • Nexus Operating System (NX-OS). 

Network Engineer Resume Examples [Skills] 

The skills section in different network engineer resume samples may vary. The main point of this part of your resume is to highlight your strongest sides. In the professional network engineer resume examples, the skills sections may be paralleled with the “achievements” part to make your abilities prominent. 

Despite the variety of network engineer occupations, as well as individuals with mediocre resumes, a resume with a strong skills section will have more chances to succeed. 

Wrong Example ❌

Network Engineer Skills: network security, Cisco technologies, written and oral communication, network automation. 

Right Example ✅

Network Engineer Skills

  • Successful prevention of cyberattacks for 1+ year in cybersecurity.
  • Optimization of the workflow by 5% in network automation.
  • Provision of adequate communication within the team, which leads to positive customer feedback. 

How to Make Your Network Engineer Resume Special 

You have compiled all of the necessary resume sections. Now, it is time to add something extra to make your resume stand out. The rest of the network engineer resume sections demonstrated you as a professional, and the aim of the additional section is to show your personal qualities. A good additional section is a great contribution to a successful interview and the chance that a recruit manager will pay attention to your resume. 

Network Engineer Resume Examples [Other Sections] 

Despite being the part about personal interests, you need to keep the other sections within the professional network engineer resume frames to pass the ATS scan. Don’t place anything goofy or absurd. Besides, don’t include activities that are not related to the position in a resume for network engineer jobs.

Wrong Example ❌

Other Information:

I like hiking and rock music. I am good at quiz games. 

Right Example ✅

Other Information:

Write a blog about network security and general computer awareness. 

Teach computer education in a local community.

It can be really tempting to go off about your plans and aspirations in this section. But do try to stay as close to the point as possible. It's not the best place to pitch your tech idea or share your dreams. Remember that recruiters go can go through dozens of applications daily, especially if you are applying for a position in a big company. So be concise and leave the fluff for later.

Main Points About Network Engineer Resume 

This article demonstrates how to write a network engineer resume. The key points are the following: 

  • design your resume based on the position you are applying to; 
  • give a strong summary or objective;
  • back your skills with achievements. 

These factors are vital for a good resume. If you want to get the job done correctly and make sure a recruiter notices your resume, you may apply for our resume editing service. Get your resume neat and professional with our custom service and client-oriented approach.

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