Data Scientist Resume

In the world of IT, such a profession as a data scientist is a good chance to start a career. This job is quite close to a data analyst. Very often, data scientists and data analysts work together as a team. The main responsibility of the data scientist is to analyze and interpret the raw data. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average data scientist’s salary at $100,910 per year and $48.52 per hour.

The hiring process is quite complex. And a resume is the first thing you need to start a job search. Our article focuses on a data scientist resume sample to highlight the most important features of the document. In a sample resume for data scientist, you will find what to include in the resume, and what skills and experience are worthy of mentioning.

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Best Format for a Data scientist Resume

The data scientist resume format should follow the basic requirements of the standard resume. There should be headings and subheadings for each section. Also, we recommend using white spaces between the blocks and bullet points to list experience, achievements, and skills.

One more important issue is to use simple and eye-friendly fonts. Candidates often forget that a resume layout affects your success during a job application. The hiring manager needs only 7 seconds to decide whether to read or not to read your resume. So, format it wisely.  

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Template of Data Scientist Resume

The Data scientist resume should include several blocks, starting from the header and finishing with the others section (if necessary). Start with the personal information and then move to the experience and a list of skills. Follow with the education section. At the end, you can put additional data. If you are an entry-level specialist, you can put the education section at the top.

We are ready to present a resume sample for Data scientist to show the best way for organizing the data in your document. 

Boris Harrison 



Dedicated Google data scientist with 7+ years of expertise. Created data regression models and worked on the improvement in investment returns. Increased the work efficiency of the Data Scientist Department by up to 15%. Applied innovations and boosted investment returns up to 12%. Highly skilled in statistics, critical thinking, and big data capture. Seeking the opportunity to apply my experience as a senior Microsoft data scientist.


  • ability to use analytics platforms;
  • regression analysis;
  • advanced data mining;
  • statistical computing methods; 
  • quantitative methods.

  • Leadership;
  • Creativity;
  • Time management skills.
  • Perfect communication skills.

Job Experience

NextgenUSCorp, New York, NY

Google Data Scientist

September 2013-December 2020

  • Created data regression models;
  • Applied the innovation in the field of investment returns; boosted the investment returns up to 12%;
  • Worked under the improvement of the machine learning tools;
  • Increased the work efficiency of the Data Scientist Department by up to 15%.


B.S. in Statistics 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA

Completion: 2012

Other Sections


French and German (Proficient).

Technical Skills:

  • Google Analytics;
  • SQL and SAS Enterprise Miner;
  • Programming (XML, ETL, or Javascript).

We hope that this resume Data scientist resume template will be useful for you. You can submit it with your personal data or just interpret some of the sections. Remember that the layout of the document influences the decision of the hiring manager. Finally, make sure that you followed all the requirements posted in the job advertisement. 

Contact Information: What to Include

Sometimes, job seekers believe that the more information they mention, the more interviews they will get. But a good resume requires only important contact information, such as your name, phone number, and email. So, be precise and list only relevant personal data as it’s mentioned in the example below. 

Boris Harrison 


Data scientist Resume Objective & Resume Summary

Both Data scientist resume objective and resume summary are crucial sections. Their main goals are to impress the hiring manager, show that you are the fitting candidate, and persuade the recruiter that your goals fit the values of the company. 

Still, remember that summary and objective are different. The first is the summary of your occupations, training, and achievements. As for the resume objective, it shows how you see your role in the new position. 

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Data scientist Resume Summary [Examples]

Check this resume summary sample to understand how to summarize your job experience effectively and succeed in the job market.

Right Data Scientist Resume Summary✅ :

Dedicated and certified Google data scientist with 7+ years of expertise. Created data regression models and worked on the improvement in investment returns. Increased the work efficiency of the Data Scientist Department up to 20%. Boosted the investment returns up to 10%.

Wrong Data Scientist Resume Summary❌:

I worked as a data scientist for about 7 years. I had to work with investment returns. 

Data Scientist Resume Objective [Examples] 

As for the resume objective, you should show that you have enough experience to get this position and your goals correspond to the goals of the company. See the resume example to compare how effectively the candidates present the information.

Right Objective Example ✅ :

Senior Data Analyst with 7 years of experience. Highly skilled in statistics, problem-solving, critical thinking, and big data capture. Seeking the opportunity to apply my experience and achievements as a Microsoft data scientist.

Wrong Objective Example❌:

To my mind, I have a lot of experience and training in this sphere and I am ready to do my best while working in your company.

Work Experience and Data Science Projects 

In the work experience section, you should mention only relevant responsibilities you had at the previous positions. Do not try to enumerate all experiences you ever had in your life. Include only appropriate data for the data scientist position. 

One more useful recommendation is to add the achievements to the duties. Listing the experience is not enough. There should also be the results of your work to ensure the future employer that you can be an effective worker. So, analyze your job background and choose the fitting one.

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What to Mention in Education Section

The education section in the Data scientist resume should follow the same basic requirements as other sections. This part of the resume is more important for entry-level specialists, as they often lack experience. Still, the senior specialist can also include it in their resume. 

The Data scientist education section should mention these points: college name and location; completion year; degree. If you have several degrees, do not forget to put them in the reverse-chronological order. Finally, do not forget about the appropriate formatting.

Data Scientist Resume Examples [Education]

Look through this Data scientist resume example and compare two samples of the education section.  

Right Resume Example ✅ :

B.S. in Statistics (Statistical Computing Track)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA


  • Applied Microsoft statistical software for a college project to analyze data;
  • Created dashboards in Excel to present the results of the research;
  • Conducted the research aimed to increase sales and investment return.

Below is the incorrect example that shows how Data scientist education section should not look like.

Wrong Resume Example ❌:

I obtained a B.S. degree in Statistics (Statistical Computing Track); finished in 2014

  • GPA: 3.5

What Skills Does a Data Scientist Need 

To succeed in your future career, you should be able to present your strong sides effectively. The Data scientist skills section should include both technical and non-technical skills to persuade the recruiter that you are not only a good worker but also a strong personality. Do not forget to keep a balance between hard and soft skills. 

One more important recommendation is to list only relevant skills for your future position. Also, use bullet points to highlight the skills but not just enumerate them in one sentence. The hiring manager can just miss these sections if you forget to use appropriate formatting for the document.

Here you can find a list of skills to include in your resume:

  • Technical skills (ability to use analytics platforms, regression analysis, statistical computing methods);
  • Investigate skills (advanced data mining);
  • Communication skills;
  • Leadership skills;
  • Time management skills.

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Data Scientist Resume Examples [Skills]

Look through these Data scientist resume samples and compare the way individuals present the information. 

Right Resume Example ✅ :

Hard Skills:

  • ability to use analytics platforms;
  • regression analysis;
  • statistical computing methods
  • advanced data mining.

Soft Skills:

  • Leadership;
  • Creativity;
  • Perfect communication skills;
  • Time management skills.

Wrong Resume Example ❌:

I have such skills as the ability to use analytics platforms, regression analysis, and statistical computing methods. Also, I can be a good leader and manage all the tasks successfully. 

We hope that our professional Data scientist resume examples will help you to craft this section.

How to Make your Resume Stand Out 

Apart from standard Data scientist resume sections, the “others” block can help to make your resume stand out. Still, you should add this section into a resume only if it will include relevant information that can impress the recruiter.

If you know several languages or have additional technical skills that can be applied at your position, mention them in the others section. The same as the other resume sections, it should be neat and precise. Also, list the information instead of writing long and wordy sentences. 

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Data scientist Resume Examples [Other Sections]

The following Data scientist resume sample demonstrates how to format the other section.

Right Resume Example ✅ :


French and German (Proficient).

Technical Skills:

  • Google Analytics;
  • SQL and SAS Enterprise Miner;
  • Programming (XML, ETL, or Javascript).

Wrong Resume Example ❌:

I am good at coding. Also, I am fond of web design. 

Remember that a resume for Data scientist jobs should mention only data related to this field. Do not try to impress the hiring manager with a variety of hobbies and interests that are not relevant to the position.

Wrapping Up

Before you finish reading our article, we are happy that you already know how to write a Data scientist resume in a way to attract the attention of the recruiter and get many job interviews. 

Let’s summarize the key points of a successful resume:

  • Be precise and include only relevant information;
  • Pay attention to the layout; use only simple fonts;
  • Structurize your resume; use headings and subheadings;
  • Apply bullet points to list info about the experience, skills, and so on.

If the job applicant doesn't bother to create a CV, they make an impression of not really willing to take the job.

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