Product Manager Resume Sample

You may be a professional product manager with great experience and the ability to optimize even the most complex work process. Different teams are at your fingertips, and you can easily switch between conversations with the engineering department and customers. All of your marvelous abilities should be presented in a resume respectfully. With our product manager resume sample, you will be able to optimize your resume and make it modern and accurate. Even if you create an entry-level resume, our sample resume for product manager will be in handy for you.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average product manager salary at $103,150 per year and $49.59 per hour. So, if you want to invest in your future and land a job in this industry, contact a professional product manager resume writing service and let these experts spare you time and stress.

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How to Format a Product Manager Resume 

When it comes to the project manager’s resume layout, it follows the general pattern of formatting. You need to enlist your contact information, experience, education, skills, and any other relevant information needed for an interview. Our resume sample will describe each of the sections in detail. There could be slight changes in the product manager resume format when it comes to the experience and previous workplaces. You may either describe your position or projects on which you worked in the past. It depends on the job application to which you submit your resume.

Let's take a look at a product manager resume sample written by our professional resume writer below. You always can count on our resume edit service.

Sample resume for a Product Manager 

John Doe  | Product Manager

Random Town, CA 0000 | 000-000-00000 |

Resume Summary

I managed award-winning and top-selling products with overall revenue of $20+ million.  

A motivated product manager with excessive experience in cross-functional team management. I have skills in planning, managing, and executing SaaS innovative products of the world level. 

 Blend technology skills with extensive Agile/Scrum experience, marketing orientation, and analytical abilities to evolve product strategy. Prioritize and manage multiple projects within specifications and budget restrictions.

Own the product lifecycle from initial concept to delivery. Skills include:

  • Research and development of technical products
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Active usage of Agile and Scrum methodologies
  • Development of the launch plans for the products
  • Roadmaps development. 


XYZ IT Company (SaaS solutions provider serving the IT industry) — Random town, CA

Product Manager, 2015-2021

I was responsible for leading a team of 20+ professionals in engineering, marketing, and product design spheres. Overseed all steps of the custom product solutions delivery for IT and customer developers. 


The resulting product was awarded as the best IT innovation of 2017. 

  • Managed concept-to-launch of commercial IT front-end solution that optimized efficiency of Q&A department work. The top-selling product has generated $9M+ since its launch in 2017.
  • Completed development and global market launch of cutting-edge SaaS solutions for payment activity.  
  • Role as a software engineer: Served as Technical Product & Software Engineer for ABC Company;  2009 to 2012.


MBA, Marketing Emphasis l ABC University

Certificate in UX Design l DEF College

Technology Summary

Java, Groovy, C, C++, JavaScript, Angular JS, jQuery, Ruby, VBA

This resume sample for product manager shows the basic structure of a resume with all necessary blocks of information. However, your resume layout may be different due to your experience or skills. You may use our following services to meet the job application’s hire requirements:

The services help not only with a product manager resume but with a wide arrangement of positions as well. 

Resume Objective & Resume Summary 

The opening section of a resume is objective or summary. The product manager resume objective section aims to demonstrate why exactly your resume is worthy of an interview and how you may contribute to a company. In the case of the summary section, you are to demonstrate your overall training, experience, and proficiencies in the field. The objective fits more for a particular position and tail your introduction accordingly. A summary is for the wide and active search of numerous job applications. 

Resume Summary [Examples]

When you are writing a product manager’s resume summary, you need to show what makes you unique on the job market. There are a lot of job seekers with similar experience and education as you. The point is to demonstrate this knowledge in the right way and get the job of your dream. The next product manager resume samples demonstrate right and wrong approaches to the summary section: 

Wrong Example ❌ : 

A motivated product manager seeks a new position in a good company. Years of work experience, high skills in product development and iteration, communication with cross-functional teams. 

Right Example ✅ : 

A product manager with 6+ years of experience. Managed 7 cross-functional teams to 10% efficiency improvement and $1 million of savings; met the 110% revenue goal in a high-tech IT firm ABC.  

Resume Objective [Examples] 

When it comes to a product manager resume objective, you need to show how your training and the relevant background will contribute to the company’s profit. There are a lot of stories about successful product managers who change the course of a certain business. Set your mind to the right course, and you will create an objective that will stand out from the general population. The next samples show you a right and wrong example of the product manager’s resume objective: 

Wrong Example ❌ : 

I am a well-trained product manager with years of experience. I have great communication and cross-team management skills; seek to improve the company’s service. 

Right Example ✅ : 

A product manager with 5+ years of experience. Managed to improve the company’s annual revenue by 3% via efficient management and close projects overseeing. Seek to increase ABC’s company income by 5% through team optimization and resource-saving. 

Product Manager Resume Examples [Experience] 

The sample product manager resume shows two possible options for a resume: actual working experience and representing a new project. The point of the section is to demonstrate your actual competence relevant to the position. The product manager resume sample may not cover all of the possible product manager’s duties. Therefore, use it only as guidance. Write job positions and duties that you fulfilled. It should not be a bland list; try to include any achievements in business that you have during your duties fulfillment. If you had a dozen job positions, then don’t extend the section too much; list only the most relevant entries.

Entry Level Project Manager Resume [Experience] 

If you don’t have actual working experience, you may still enter the job market. Resume for product manager with no experience may be a bit more challenging but still a manageable task. The reason why you don’t have experience does not work as an excuse. Start with free-lance tasks; there are a lot of processes that require automation. If you create even a small app, it will still count as fulfilling the product manager’s responsibilities.

Entry Level Product Manager [Sample] 

An entry-level resume should not demonstrate the complete lack of experience nor beg for acceptance due to the indirect activities. The article’s resume example is tailed for an experienced product manager. The following product manager resume examples will demonstrate right and wrong approaches. 

Wrong Example ❌ : 

Product Manager experience: no real-world experience yet. 

Other Experiences: Customer assistance, retail 

Right Example ✅ : 

Freelance Product Management 2016-2017: 

  • Created an app for Google Store with 2000+ downloads
  • Volunteered for a Dev Startup Programming Jam. 
  • Customer support in the ABC company; correct transferring of the requests and their implementations.

The Education Section for a Product Manager Resume 

The product manager resume creation implies the education section. The product manager education section does not have strict requirements but has to be relevant to the current position. A product manager education includes different specializations such as IT, economics, human resources, etc. Provide the relevant background and any subjects that you are excelled at, your GPA, and years of studying. If you finished more than one university - enlist all of them.

Product Manager Resume Examples [Education] 

The education section of a product manager’s resume should not be too lengthy or too short. You need to provide the information that is relevant to your career and what theoretical knowledge is backing your skills. The product manager requirements imply that you are skilled in more than one field, including personal growth. The following product manager resume samples will demonstrate your right and wrong approach to the education section.

Wrong Example ❌:

Product Manager Education: 


ABC University, 2013-2018 

GBA: 3.5 

Obtained MBA. 

Right Example ✅ : 


ABC University, 2013-2018: 

  • Excellent management coursework. 
  • GPA 3.7 in marketing classes. 
  • President of the student council. 
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Skills on a resume for a Product Manager 

Like any other career field, the product manager position has a set of soft and hard skills. Usually, the application of a product manager is a combination of the following areas:

  •  IT development 
  • Leadership skills 
  • Economic knowledge. 

Still, you don’t have to be perfect in your product manager resume skills section. The point is to demonstrate the strongest of your sides with the hard skills and cover less profound areas with soft ones. Most of the product manager resume samples include both sets of skills.

Product Manager Resume Examples [Skills] 

You may find a lot of professional product manager resume examples that provide an excellent skills section for a resume. However, not all individuals meet the highest requirements nor all of the occupations demand them. The following product manager resume samples provide right and wrong examples for the resume section: 

Wrong Example ❌ :

Product manager skills: communication, leadership skills, UX, marketing, PowerPoint, MS Project. 

Right Example ✅ : 

  • Product manager for a developing IT business company. 
  • Improved user experience by 15% by synthesis of solutions and active communication with the customers’ base. 
  • Overseed launch of five new products within three years. 

How to make your Product manager Resume special 

You have enlisted all the necessary product manager resume sections, mentioned your education, skills, and experience. Still, you may struggle with recruitment. To get invited to an interview and, consequently, make a hiring manager recruit you, you need to add something extra to your resume. You need to add some personal resume sections to make it stand out.

These sections should remain professional and do not describe mere hobbies but additional activities that emphasize your value as a specialist. 

Product Manager Resume Examples [Other Sections] 

When you write other sections of your resume, you need to maintain the professional product manager resume image. Some people may add something goofy to seem more approachable. A good resume for product manager jobs may do without such things. You do not need to provide a scan of your most recent award or a detailed explanation of your homemade application work. 

Wrong Example ❌ : 

Other interests: 

  • Rock music 
  • Hiking 

Right Example ✅ : 

  • Active participant of Dev-gems 
  • Running a blog, “Tips for successful negotiations” 

General Points of Product Manager Resume Writing 

To generalize the pieces of advice concerning how to write a product manager resume: 

  • Make an emphasis on your achievements. These include the overall contribution to the companies’ benefits and launched products. 
  • Tie your skills and experience to the job position requirements. Show that you are the perfect candidate for the position. 
  • Add extra details to make a recruiter notice you and keep them professional. 

The custom resume is always better than one created by a constructor. Our certified resume writers will provide high-quality service and will help your resume stand out among competitors. 

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