iOS Developer Resume Sample

Have you spent long hours searching for a perfect iOS developer resume sample? No need for more searching! Our article will tell you everything about iOS developer’s work process, responsibilities, and duties. Learn about the format in the iOS developer resume sample and how to organize the Education and Skills section. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average IOS salary at $109,020 per year and $52.41 per hour.

The material in the article is useful both for professional and entry-level specialists. As for the latter, we will focus on a few tips to make your no-experience resume shine out.

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How to Format an iOS Developer Resume

The layout of your iOS developer resume tells your recruiter a lot. According to the goal of your resume, you can organize it in three following formats.

  • Functional. This format builds an appropriate resume sample for graduates or career changers. Instead of focusing on the chronology of job experiences, the format lets your Skills section stand out. 
  • Chronological. The most popular and common iOS developer resume format for middle-level or professional specialists. Just organize your job experiences in chronological order to win a job interview.

Mixed or combined. You can answer the job application in this format too. Just use the best from both functional and chronological formats to emphasize the details.

iOS Developer Resume [Sample]

Your Name

Your Email

Your Phone Number

Address (You may skip this part in the iOS developer resume. However, if you are a foreigner planning to work remotely, it is advisable to mention your country and city.)


This is where an applicant is supposed to write their expectations from the position. Commonly, this part contains 2-3 sentences that narrow down your experience and plans. For instance:

“A highly skilled and organized iOS developer with 10+ years of experience in dynamic software-developing companies. Looking for an opportunity to improve the technical knowledge of C++ and Javascript.”


Name of the Job Position

Name of the Company, City


In the form of a bullet-point list, mention the responsibilities you had. For instance:

  • Implemented 15+ iOS applications 
  • Closely cooperated with the Scrum team to understand clients’ needs better
  • Performed code reviews to ensure high quality of the product 


Name of the College or University, Degree 


Graduation Date


Mention your hard and soft skills in this section. You must fit the requirements so the HR managers can hire you for the job. For instance:

  • Strong knowledge of CVS and Mercurial
  • Excellent knowledge of C++ and Javascript 
  • Strong organization skills 

Additional Sections

Depending on what you want to add, these sections will differ. There can be one section or a few. For instance:






Colorado High-Tech Festival - Winner of “The Best Web Design” Category, 2017



Reading sci-fi literature

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

An objective and summary are used for different purposes in resume writing. 

  • Objective. The most appropriate option for entry-level professionals in the industry. In a resume, an iOS developer resume objective will tell your reader what you expect from the job position. For instance, you had new training and developed extra skills to focus on. Mention this information here. 
  • Summary. A great option for experienced developers. Here, you may focus on your skills and accomplishments. This is a section the recruiter would focus on during the job interview. 

Resume Summary [Examples]

In the biggest pool of iOS developer resume samples, job seekers choose the wrong ones sometimes. A good resume sample will not contain an “I” pronoun or slang words. 


I have 2 years of presence in the job market. Developed and maintained iOS applications for such devices as phones and tablets. Looking for maximum flexibility in my new work. 


An experienced specialist in iOS development, highly skilled, organized, and motivated. During 7 years of working in deadline-driven companies, developed more than 30 mobile applications. Ensured effective code testing to increase product quality. Excellent knowledge of C-based libraries.

Resume Objective [Examples]

In an efficient resume, an iOS developer resume objective will tell the recruiter about your plans and job motivation. An objective in a good resume example will be short and straightforward. 


I am a highly skilled and well-organized iOS developer with 12 years of experience. Worked in fast-paced places and developed popular mobile applications. Want to move up the career ladder. 


A highly skilled iOS developer with 7 years of experience in the industry. Has received advanced training in using frameworks and code testing. Looking to improve your consumer rates by using excellent developing skills. 

Resume Examples [Experience]

Once you google a sample iOS developer, you will find that the Experience section is among the core resume parts. It’s no wonder since most companies want specialists with substantial experience. 

This section might not be long. But it should indicate the companies you worked for to show the recruiter how long you have been in a particular business or industry. 

Just list the job data in chronological order. Any iOS developer sample will note that you should mention the name of the company and the period you worked there. Also, in a bullet-point list, you should write the duties you were assigned at the job position. 

Entry Level iOS Developer Resume [Experience]

There is no reason to worry if you have no experience at all. In a resume for iOS developer with no experience, you can mention any other experience you had in iOS-related industries. 

Your future employer wants to be sure that you are ready to take on responsibilities. You can mention volunteering or academic projects you worked on. For instance, if you won an award on an automation processes project, write about it. 

Entry Level iOS Developer [Sample]

In a pile of iOS developer resume examples, aim for ones written for the entry-level specialists. Check what others had to say in the resume example to win the employer’s acceptance.


An entry-level specialist who does not have experience. Earlier, I worked as a web designer. However, my new skills as an iOS developer are effective.


An entry-level specialist with previous 4-year experience in web designing. Looking for additional one-month job training in using frameworks for iOS development. 

Education Section: Which Information to Put Here

Like the Skills or Experience sections, Education is a basic part too. Unlike other sections in an iOS developer resume, this part might not contain iOS-related education at all. It is fine since there are many career changers in the iOS development industry. 

The requirements regarding the creation of the Education part are not strict. Just mention the college or courses you have attended to get your skills as a part of the iOS developer education.

iOS Developer Resume Examples [Education]

Many iOS developer resume samples will keep the Education section nice and clean. Commonly, education will show your recruiter that you fit the iOS developer requirements. 




  • Excelled in literature classes; 
  • Attended academic writing classes to improve my personal growth and increase my chances for a better career. 


Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Master in Computer Science


  • Excelled in web design classes
  • Worked on developing an application for college students as a final-year project 
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Skills on a Resume for an iOS Developer

The best of the iOS developer resume samples will tell you which skills set you need to get into the career field of your dream. 

The main rules to remember while writing the resume skills section are as follows.

  • Separate hard skills from soft ones. Your hard skills are the most iOS-related ones. They are the skills you cannot imagine an iOS developer’s day without. Meanwhile, soft skills are not always iOS-related and aim to tell the reader about your personality. 
  • Choose the functional format. The latter is skills-focused and creates a perfect opportunity for entry-level specialists to let their iOS developer resume skills stand out.

Possible hard and soft skills you can mention are as follows:

  • strong knowledge of coding languages; 
  • excellent knowledge of code versioning tools and frameworks; 
  • superb organization skills and attention to detail. 

iOS Developer Resume Examples [Skills]

Most of the iOS developer resume samples will have the skills organized in lists. Meanwhile, professional iOS developer resume examples will teach you which skills you need to enter iOS development among all occupations. 


Knowledge of offline storage and threading. Great knowledge of Javascript and C++. 

Very friendly with other individuals at work.


Hard Skills

  • Strong knowledge of CSS, Javascript, and C++ 
  • Excellent knowledge of Mercurial and Git 
  • Strong knowledge of Angular, Core Data, and Zend
  • Basic knowledge of C-based libraries

Soft Skills

  • Strong communication skills
  • Excellent organization skills 

How to Make Your Resume Stunning 

Now when we have talked about the main resume sections, let’s learn about the secondary ones. 

There are a few sections that you can add to your resume to increase the chances of getting a job interview. You can include the following iOS developer resume sections. 

  • Awards and Accomplishments. Any HR manager will be happy to recruit a person with awards in the IT industry or other tech-related fields.
  • Hobbies. If you love reading sci-fi literature, mention it. 
  • Languages. Knowing a foreign language is always a bonus. 

iOS Developer Resume Examples [Other Sections]

If you scan the Internet for a great professional iOS developer resume, you will find that it contains at least one short additional section. To make this section work in your resume for iOS developer jobs, however, add only the information that is directly or partially iOS-related. 


Awards and Accomplishments

2016 - Won a college literature contest 

2018 - Won a campus bicycle competition


Awards and Accomplishments

Developed a mobile application for college bookcrossing in 2018 

Focused on web designing in the final-year project (the link is here) - 2019

Final Thoughts

Writing a resume for the first time feels like fighting with a dragon. Nonetheless, think of the format and structure, and everything will be fine. We hope our guidelines will come in handy. 

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