Web Designer Resume Sample

A web designer is a professional who codes and creates websites and later adds texts, videos, and other elements as a part of the work process. In short, web designers create the design of a website from scratch or change the existing one. 

In this article, you will learn the following:

  • the development of a resume format;
  • how a web designer resume sample should look like;
  • how to organize the information on achievements, education, and skills;
  • effective resume writing tips to increase your chances of getting your dream job.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average web designer’s salary at $78,300 per year and $37.65 per hour.

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How to Format a Web Designer Resume

A format in a resume sample tells your recruiter everything about you. Let’s see why.

  • Functional. The Skills section is the opening part in this layout. It tells your recruiter that either you have gaps in the work history or you are an entry-level specialist who emphasizes their skills.
  • Chronological. The Experience section that showcases the candidate’s job accomplishments opens this format. It tells the hiring manager that the applicant has been working in the industry for years.
  • Combination. It’s the least popular web designer resume format to win you a job interview. The method combines the functional and chronological format features.

Web Designer Resume [Sample]

The web designer resume below follows the requirements of a chronological format to mention one’s job accomplishments and years of experience. 

Nina Burton

Web Designer

Phone: (510) 637-0054

Address: 762 Fulton St

San Francisco, California (CA), 94102

Email: nina.burton@gmai.com


Enthusiastic and highly organized web designer with six-year experience in creating and managing responsive sites. Due to strong coding and database knowledge, increased customer retention rates by 35% and developed an SEO-optimized design that enhanced the site traffic by 200%. 


Senior Web Designer

CheckTech, San Francisco, California

October 2014 - August 2018

  • Cooperated with the marketing and editing departments
  • Designed personalized SEO-optimized websites for advertising, traveling, and fashion companies
  • Created demo pages to attract more customers
  • Organized workshops for the applicants and mentored their progress during the first 2 months of their work

Web Designer

New Heights, San Francisco, California

May 2012 - August 2014

  • Created and coded sites for business companies
  • Organized the debugging process if the need occurred
  • Communicated the work progress to the clients
  • SEO-optimized the created sites to increase the client retention


  • Strong knowledge of HTML, Bootstrap, CSS
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress and AdobePhotoshop
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work under pressure


Santa Clara University, CA

Bachelor of Web Design & Development


  • Graduated summa cum laude in graphic design and digital imaging
  • Attained UI/UX design skills in college courses


  • English
  • German
  • French

Side Projects


  • Designing printed production for advertising companies
  • Writing SEO-optimized content for advertising sites

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

The majority of resumes contain either an objective or a summary.

A web designer job resume objective would contain a few one or two sentences about your career goals as a professional and the skills you would like to develop in a new niche.

Meanwhile, a well-composed resume summary would contain the candidate’s accomplishments, experience, and professional skills in a few sentences. It is perfect for senior specialists who want to showcase their achievements and expertise in the industry.

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Resume Summary [Examples]


Don’t know how to be a good web designer? Ask me! I am a professional web designer who entered the job market at a young age and has developed job skills to optimize your sites and make your customer retention rates skyrocket! Before joining the job seekers, better work on your Summary section of your resume for web designer to sound less boastful, as in the example below.


Energetic and career-driven specialist in web designing with 5+ years of expertise in the media and advertising industry. Due to excellent software and coding knowledge, built more than 100 sites to meet the sales needs of the agencies’ clients.

Resume Objective [Examples]

The following web designer resume objective fails to communicate the needs of the candidate and confuses the hiring manager.


Objective to learn building sites from scratch in a professional environment. 

Compare it with the following objective that clearly communicates the needs of an applicant. 


Objective to be hired as an entry-level specialist in a developing advertising company. Preferably, the job position must have a 2-month training for junior specialists to improve my entry-level skills.

Resume Examples [Experience]

Once you type “web designer skills resume,” you will find that a standard web designer resume example places its focus on the Experience section. Recruiters want highly skilled candidates with stunning expertise in the professional area. 

As you start writing this section, follow the next rules: 

  • mention skills that helped you to create websites, for instance, the knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite and HTML;
  • list it in a chronological order starting from the recent workplace;
  • include the time when you worked for the company;
  • list the responsibilities in a separate subsection, followed by the accomplishments.

Entry Level Web Designer Resume [Experience]

But what to do if you’ve got no experience at all? 

Don’t worry; just follow the rules below.

  • Write your entry level web designer resume in a functional format to focus on your skills.
  • Mention job responsibilities you once had that are profession-related. For instance, add designing printed production for an advertising agency. 
  • Include your volunteering experience to show the recruiter your other-than-material sides.
  • Add college projects and awards to give the recruiter a reason to hire you as a promising young talent.

Entry Level Web Designer [Sample]

In your Experience section, show that you’ve got the skills required for web designer to enter the industry.


I have got no experience, but my master’s degree in graphic design and computer science has provided me with all the necessary skills to become a web designer. Hence, I am asking for acceptance in your company to prove that I am the right person for the job position.


Graphic Designer

Print Blossom, San Francisco, California

June 2020 - July 2021

  • Created layouts and images for the printed production
  • Cooperated with the marketing department

For more project details, follow the link in my resume below. 

Quick Tips to Organize the Education Section

There are no specific requirements when composing the Education section. Commonly, a web designer job description for resume implies that you mention your degree in web design or computer science. 

However, college education does not give you the strengths to be more professional than a candidate who has finished a course in design. Whether you graduated summa cum laude or finished an online course, mention it. Then add the date of graduation and the state. 

Web Designer Resume Examples [Education]

Mention your degrees to persuade the recruiter that your education and skills growth have been effective in letting you start a career in web design. 


Tulane University, New Orleans (LA); Web Design and Computer Science


University of California: San Diego, 

California (CA)


  • Majored in web programming and minored in web design
  • Finished a course in visual communications in design, which allowed me to improve my web designer skills 

Skills on a Resume for a Web Designer

Showing the hiring manager that you’ve got all it takes to join the team is important, especially when you are an entry-level specialist or a recent graduate with a goal to land more interviews.

  • Keep your web designer resume skills profession-related. 
  • Start writing the Hard Skills section, in which you’d mention the knowledge of UX and UI, coding languages, etc. In short, hard skills are the exact skills needed to be a web designer.
  • In the Soft Skills section, mention communication skills, attention to detail, and other secondary skills. 
  • If you are a career changer, mention the skills you have taken from another career field. For instance, it might be the knowledge of digital photography or digital illustration.

Web Designer Resume Examples [Skills]

All resumes you find after typing a “resume web designer” would contain skills separated in two subsections and listed in bullet points. Also, all occupations require that a candidate organizes their skills in a form that is easy to read.


Knowledge of coding languages; organization skills; attention to detail; knowledge of digital photography. 


Hard Skills

  • Knowledge of HTML, C++
  • Strong knowledge of Dreamweaver, Bootstrap, and MediaQuery
  • Excellent skills in image editing and retouching software
  • Strong graphic design knowledge

Soft Skills 

  • Attention to detail 
  • Strong communication skills
  • Punctuality 

How to Compose a Brilliant Resume 

In the web designer job description resume, you will sometimes find Other sections. The latter are sections an applicant may add to their resume to highlight their skills and accomplishments. For instance, you can mention your experience and achievements in other profession-related areas like graphic design or coding. 

Think of the characteristics that make you special and highlight your personality traits.

Other sections to mention in your resume are

  • awards;
  • hobbies;
  • languages;
  • other projects;
  • volunteering experience.

Web Designer Resume Examples [Other Sections]

A sample web designer resume would contain strongly profession-related information in the additional sections. You may use Other sections for demonstrating to the employer that your work in other areas has influenced your skills in a positive way. 



Finished culinary courses in 2018. Won The Best Cook Award in 2019 at the California Festival of International Foods.



  • Currently, I am working on a digital illustration project to improve my visionary skills as a graphic and web designer
  • Reading professional literature on web development

Volunteering Experience

Designing leaflets for the local shelter (2018-2020)

Final Thoughts

A web designer is one of the most creative professions in the technical field. We hope our article has taught you how to write a web designer resume and analyze a web designer job description. 

Nonetheless, a custom-made resume has higher chances of impressing your recruiter. We suggest you contact our experts to get the best resume written with the highest proficiency and attention to detail. 

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