Animator Resume Sample

If you love cartoons and enjoy drawing, an animator career is an amazing future to consider. Before you get hired by gaming or film studios, you must learn all details of the animator’s work process and write a resume. While the university or college will help you with the first, we’ll gladly help you with the second. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average animator’s salary at $78,790 per year and $37.88 per hour.

In this article, you’ll

  • get a free animator resume sample;
  • find everything about the CV vs. resume specifics in animation;
  • learn how to get a job with or without professional achievements.
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How to Format an Animator Resume

A common animator resume template is constructed according to a specific format. Depending on the layout, three resume formats can win you a job interview. 

  1. Functional:
  • focuses on skills;
  • perfect for newbies and recent animation graduates;
  • fills the gaps in the employment period.
  1. Chronological:
  • focuses on one’s professional accomplishments; 
  • perfect option for senior specialists with decades of job experience;
  • emphasizes one’s job history;
  • the most ATS-friendly format.
  1. Combination:
  • provides a detailed job history analysis;
  • emphasizes skills in your resume sample;
  • allows structural flexibility.

Animator Resume [Sample]

Once you’ve learned how to be a good animator, find an animator job description and compose a bot-beating animator resume. 

All you need is to follow the resume writing requirements when it comes to style and structure in your resume for animator.

Character Animator 

Judie Longbottom


24 Park Row, Efford

EX17 4NJ

United Kingdom

Phone Number


LinkedIn Profile (optional)




Highly creative and attentive to detail character animator with 3 years of job experience in the animation industry. Due to superb artistic skills and knowledge of animating software, built 50+ characters and won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.


Character Animator 

20th Century Animation Studio


Key Responsibilities

  • Created storyboards and discussed them with other animators
  • Added changes to the character development if such were required
  • Used such animation software as Maya, Flash, and After Effects while working on a project 
  • Followed deadlines and ensured superb attention to detail
  • Applied motion capture techniques while building characters

Key Accomplishments

  • Built 50+ characters during 3 years
  • Won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature


Hard Skills

  • Superb knowledge of animation tools and software
  • Excellent critical thinking skills
  • Efficient verbal and written communication skills
  • Attention to detail

Soft Skills

  • Organization skills
  • Teamwork
  • Time management
  • Presentation skills


University of Brighton

Bachelor in Design and Illustration,


  • Graduated summa cum laude in Film studies 

Other Sections

Other Projects 

  • Graphic design (freelance)
  • Illustrating books for younger readers (freelance)

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

An animator resume objective differs from a summary. Depending on your career interests and professional goals, choose an option that suits you the best.


  • 1-2 sentences
  • Expresses your workplace demands. For instance, your reluctance to work in a deadline-driven environment 
  • Perfect for industry beginners with no experience


  • 3-4 sentences
  • Acts as a short statement of the candidate’s job history and professional accomplishments 
  • Showcases your core skills
  • Perfect for experienced specialists

Resume Summary [Examples]

A well-crafted summary lets you stand out in the crowd of other job seekers.

It showcases your skills at the job market and your dedication to work in a few lines of your sample animator resume.


Highly enthusiastic animator with amazing animation skills. Looking forward to letting my creativity bring your company to a new level. 


Highly creative and organized animator with 5 years of experience in the gaming industry. Due to software knowledge and teamwork skills, developed an animated film that won an Oscar in The Best Animated Character.

Resume Objective [Examples]

To keep the reader’s attention, put your animator resume objective at the top of the page, right below the header. If you google “resume animator,” you’ll see that the majority of efficient resume objective examples are direct and detail-oriented. 


Objective to find a job position as an animator in the animation industry. 


Objective to find a job position as a character animator in the gaming industry. Remote work and flexible scheduling preferred. 

Resume Examples [Experience]

Whether you work for animation studios or the fashion industry, you need experience to meet your career goals. A modern recruiter is tough and should be persuaded to give you the job. As a candidate, mention your job experience to prove you know your animator job duties. 

  • Use two subsections in your animators resume. In Key Responsibilities, list the tasks you did for the company. Your Key Achievements are the results of your work and commonly correspond with the job duties.
  • Mention any job-related experience. Ever did graphic design projects for publications? Add this info.
  • Keep the info organized. Mention the company’s details and the job position. 

Entry Level Animator Resume [Experience]

But what to do if you end up among candidates with no experience at all? Then, you should list other job-related experiences and responsibilities, like a college project or freelance illustration. The reason to do so in your resume for animation is to show the recruiter that you can deal with the animator’s duties. 

Additionally, use the functional format to organize your resume. This way, you’ll distract the recruiter from your experience gaps and emphasize your skills.

Entry-Level Animator [Sample]

Don’t beg for acceptance in your Experience section. Instead, use your animator resume example to add details on why you’re a promising young talent. 


I have no experience of working in the animation industry. Nonetheless, I am willing to show you my ability to learn quickly and effectively.


Animation Film “In Search for the Right Word”


A college project that won numerous accolades, among which is an Annie Award. Follow the link to check the film (add the link to your project and awards here).

Taught or Self-Taught: Add Your Education Smartly

Once you’ve learned how to become a successful animator at college or online courses, you have all the strengths of a potential professional. Adding education details to your resume will help you get results and show the recruiter that you’ve followed all resume writing requirements. 

  • Put the college name and its location in the first two lines
  • Write down years of studying 
  • Name the bachelor or master degree
  • Add honors degrees or internship info in a bullet-point list

Animator Resume Examples [Education]

Your resume of animator is a ticket to entering the animation industry and ensuring stable growth in your future career. Regardless of degrees in design or animation, the Education section is still a great way to increase your job-hunting chances.


I am a recent graduate from Falmouth University. With little experience in animating, I believe that my college professors have taught me everything I need to know.



Falmouth University

Bachelor in Game Development 


  • Graduated summa cum laude in design
  • Completed internship at Epic Games

Skills on a Resume for an Animator

To pursue your dream in the animation career field, you must have a good grip of animator job skills. Whether you join modelers or background artists, you should know animation principles and have adequate work ethics. But you don’t stop there because your animator skills should include teamwork and superb self-discipline. 

Divide your Skills section into Hard and Soft Skills. 

Hard Skills for Animators

  • Creativity. You should be able to bring life into a sketch or an animated object.
  • Software knowledge. An ability to use Maya and After Effects is a must.
  • Communication. You should be able to present your concept to others.

Soft Skills for Animators

  • Teamwork. You should know how to agree and disagree politely. 
  • Time management. Meeting deadlines is important in the animation pipeline.

Animator Resume Examples [Skills]

Put your animator resume skills into one list. You don’t have to use resume action words for a better effect, but using adjectives like “superb” and “excellent” is fine. 

Keep your hard and soft skills separate to showcase your resume writing excellence.


I have amazing artistic abilities and organization skills. I am great at managing my time and cooperating with colleagues. 



Hard Skills

  • Superb knowledge of animation software
  • Unique artistic vision
  • Critical thinking

Soft Skills

  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Attention to detail

Be Your Amazing Self to Get the Job

If your goal is to surprise the recruiter, use Other sections. An animation resume example with Other sections tells the reader about one’s impressive hobbies, other projects, or achievements. But just like with the job duties, keep everything in Other sections work-related.

There are plenty of Other sections. You can even make your own section to let your talents stand out. However, the traditional Other sections are the following.

  • Awards & Achievements
  • Hobbies
  • Languages
  • Volunteering
  • Other Projects

Animator Resume Examples [Other Sections]

A common resume for 3d animator will match the animators job description to persuade the employer of your work eligibility. Whether you write about job training or secondary courses, keep everything job-related. Once you write about culinary instead of illustration courses, you miss the whole idea of Other sections.


Awards & Achievements

  • Won the Festival of Influencers and Bloggers in The Best Outspoken Message, Massachusetts, 2019 
  • Won the literary college contest in The Best Character Development nomination, Texas, 2020


Awards & Achievements

  • Won the Annie Award for The Best Character Development, New York, 2020
  • Won the college festival in The Best Environment nomination, New York, 2018

Final Thoughts

Congrats! Now you know how to write an animator resume and beat the ATS programs. To make sure your animator resume ends up in the top results of all headhunting websites, contact SkillHub services. Our writers will effortlessly make your resume match the job description, so the recruiter chooses you as a potential candidate for the job. 

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