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Many people hesitate about ordering their resumes online. There are lots of constraints that prevent them from making this step. First of all, people feel insecure when they share their career history with others. Secondly, many professionals don’t believe that someone can be better at wording when it comes to their career path. Also, customers are rightfully concerned about the safety of their personal data. The list of preventive factors can go on and on.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average freelance author’s salary at $69,510 per year and $33.42 per hour.

Of course, the financial aspect also plays a major role in a client’s decision to place an order. An experienced freelance resume writer provides services that can’t be cheap. Nevertheless, those who after all decide to give it a shot, very rarely regret this decision.

A well-written freelance writer resume is a piece of art that opens the doors to your dream position. It demonstrates the best freelance writer skills combined with experience and talent, which can significantly boost your chances to land an interview.

However, all the hesitations mentioned above are justified. You can’t be sure of freelance resume writing quality until you have a chance to test it. Check our freelance writer resume example in the set containing over 20 samples to help you make the right decision.

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How to Write a Freelance Writer Resume

We want to be 100% honest with our clients, so our decision to provide freelance writer resume samples stems from the desire to demonstrate what quality they can expect. Of course, each resume is different because one’s career, accomplishments, and set of skills are unique. Nevertheless, the approach to freelance resume writing remains the same.

If you wonder how to write a resume, here is the answer. First of all, you should analyze your career path, determine your major strengths, and use numbers to talk about your achievements if possible. Also, all your certifications, licenses, and volunteer engagements are important if they are relevant to the position you target.

What does a freelance writer do if I provide them with all the information? You are right to ask this question. They make sure the information you provide is placed and worded in the best possible way as well as guarantee ATS compatibility. They make your resume consistent with the applicant tracking system since it is essential if you want to get more interviews.

A resume freelance writer treats your resume as if it was a piece of art. They write an exceptional freelance writer job description for resume to grab recruiters’ attention and make it stand out. He or she designs the resume for it to look professional and appealing. Moreover, they highlight experiences that can help you to land a job that you want. Freelance resume writers work on every detail thoroughly, knowing how critical it is for the success of a job application.

Choose the Right Template for a Freelance Writer Resume

What is a freelance writer? This is the question your resume should answer in the best possible way. At the same time, it should meet the latest requirements, including but not limited to those of format, length, template, etc. For that reason, a freelance writer description should always be clear and concise while a freelance writer resume template is always easy to scan. Such details are critical for crafting a bot-beating resume that puts you on top of other applications.

Therefore, you must choose simple resume templates that do not distort information while scanning. Tables, WordArt objects, and other nice figures placed in the resume can negatively affect its ATS score. Thus, it is highly recommended to choose black&white ATS-friendly templates instead of trying to impress recruiters with unusual designs and colors. By the way, photos are no longer included in resumes as well.

Write a Freelance Writer Resume Summary or Summary Objective

If you think that your qualification is the only thing that interests a hiring manager, you are wrong. Quite often, a resume of a great employee doesn’t even reach their table. Why? Because of resume-scanning software.

If you order a freelance writer resume no experience, it has a great chance of trumping those created by industry experts if it meets all writing requirements. Even if you have freelance writer jobs no experience, a professional resume writer can create a great resume summary that will hook recruiters.

Your resume should include information concerning your employment goal and how you can contribute as an employee. This is the best way to get an interview or an offer as soon as possible.

After all, freelance resume writer jobs are not counted as formal employment, but it does not prevent experienced writers from getting excellent job offers and beating all their competitors in a job search.

Put Your Education on Resume for a Freelance Writer

ATS bots can block your resume and recruiters will never see it. Why do they do that? Because the number of resumes a recruiter receives is immense. Bots are programmed to filter applicants that do not qualify.

To make your freelance writer resume qualify, include only the most relevant information in your resume. For example, the education section should include certifications highlighting your freelance writer skills. Adding detailed freelance writer bio information won’t do any good. Your resume will look dense without having much meaning.

To find the right balance for your education sections, we recommend checking our freelance writer profile example. So, if you want to write about biological diversity, your degree in Biology is worth mentioning. However, if you are a qualified freelance fashion writer, do not mention your degree in Physics. The same logic should be applied each time when you hesitate whether the information is relevant and actual.

Put Skills on a Freelance Writer Resume

Your freelance writer resume should include as many key skills as possible. They not only stress what competencies you have but also help your resume rank higher in the applicant tracking process. However, it doesn’t mean that you should put all the skills you have.

As a freelance writer, your resume should contain only freelance writer skills. It means these hard and soft skills should be relevant to the position you seek. If you want to write for an online magazine, your public speaking skills would hardly be your asset.

A great freelance writer skills resume is always tailored to the needs of a particular position. Spare another minute to filter your skills based on the freelance writer job description that you have in front of you. The better you tailor your resume to the position announcement, the higher your chances of getting the job are.

Remember that freelance writers with or without experience compete as job seekers equally. If you invest in your career by finding someone to craft a winning resume, your work experience may not be that critical. Instead, the focus will be shifted to your skills and potential rather than previous accomplishments. The better your profile matches the one of an ideal candidate, the higher your chances are.

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Add Contact Info to Your Resume

A great resume for freelance writer should include clear and accurate contact information. If you worry about information disclosure, do not put your home address. Instead, mention your city and state.

At the same time, writing your phone number and email address is essential. Have a look at any freelance writer resume sample. They all include detailed contact information. You should give your potential employer several options on how they can contact you. Otherwise, you risk losing an interview.

Also, make sure your phone number and email are spelled correctly. Do not allow any typo to negatively affect your job application.

Add Other Sections to Your Effective Resume

The number of sections that should be added to a successful resume freelance writer should decide on their own. However, many recruiters check applicants’ involvements and interests before they decide to hire them. Thus, it is worth mentioning something about your personality and soft skills.

Add information on your volunteer experiences or community involvement. If not, mention what your hobbies and interests are. If you were on a church mission, include this too. Recruiters evaluate your people skills as well. This can be beneficial for your job search.

Should you be a very experienced freelance writer, list all your successful projects in a separate section. Add the names of referees who can confirm your role in the project. If you have several similar positions in your work experience, you can create the ‘key highlights’ section to place your best accomplishments there.

Check our freelance writer sample resume to get a general idea of how your resume should look. However, it’s you who creates the document, so it’s you who decides what sections it should include.

Use Key Action Verbs

For your resume to get through ATS, resume keywords should be used. You can find them in job descriptions, so it’s always a good idea to highlight them while reading. The more you find, the better. The same words and word combinations should be placed in your resume for it to rank higher in the system.

However, keywords are not the only thing that makes your freelance writer resume more successful. You should use action verbs to demonstrate your value to recruiters. “Was responsible for” and “streamlined” do not sound equal. The first one shows your passive role, the latter makes you active in your duties. The latter makes you an achiever rather than a doer.

Beginner Freelance Writer Resume Sample

Usually, a beginner freelance writer resume is the hardest to complete. The writer only starts their professional path, so there is no professional experience to mention as well as no accomplishments. This is a real challenge for our freelance resume writers. Yet, there is nothing impossible

In this case, the focus should be made on key skills, educational endeavors and achievements. If you studied English Lit at school or participated in school writing competitions, you should include this information in your freelance writer resume.

Add a section where you write about your career expectations. It is usually well-received by recruiters. Tell them what kind of person you are and what you can do for the company they represent. We all once started from the beginning, so having no experience and being a beginner is not your flaw.

A beginner resume is good if it shifts attention from a lack of experience to your being a prospective and aspiring employee. Check our beginner sample freelance writer resume to understand what strategy we apply to help clients land freelance writing positions.

With a professional approach, even career gaps can become your strengths. Let professionals work on your resume to get the best document ever.

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