Film Resume Sample

The film industry is a versatile field with numerous career opportunities. You’ll find all professions, from a production designer and director to actor/actress and screenwriter. Once you immerse into the work process of filming, you’ll enjoy building imaginary worlds. But get into the film industry first. Don’t know how to do it? Check the article below.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average film producer’s salary at $79,000 per year and $37.98 per hour.

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How to Format a Film Resume

Before starting to write your film resume, think of the layout to organize the info. Depending on the format, your resume sample will be different. Yes, it will still have a header and will match the job application requirements, but the structure will be specific. 


  • Great for senior professionals 
  • Focuses on one’s job history 
  • Emphasizes achievements
  • Most ATS-friendly format


  • Erases job history gaps
  • Emphasizes one’s newly gained skills 
  • Great for recent graduates


  • Emphasizes both job history and skills
  • Great for both senior and entry-level specialists

Film Resume [Sample]

Ever wondered how to write a film resume with minimum technical input? It’s easy once you have a resume sample to follow. Check the following film job resume and learn to write an ATS-friendly resume so the industry moguls hire you. 

Film Director

Michael Smith

Address: 1820, Manitoba Street, North Bay

Ontario, P1B 8G3, Canada

Phone Number: +1(705)-953-0045

LinkedIn/ Social Media: link (optional)



Innovative and highly creative film director with 3 years of experience in the theatre and film industry. Due to unique artistic vision and superb knowledge of filmmaking, created independent films. Won “Best Cinematography Award” at the New York Annual Festival of Drama and the “Young Director” Award. 


Film Director

Searchlight Pictures


Key Responsibilities

  • Cooperated with producers and screenwriters during the concept and production stages
  • Managed the filming process from pre-production to distribution
  • Edited scripts and ensured that the crew followed deadlines
  • Managed the lighting and photography equipment

Key Accomplishments

  • Produced 2 short and 3 feature-length films 
  • Won “Best Cinematography” Award at the New York Annual Festival of Drama and the “Young Director” Award


Hard Skills

  • Superb knowledge of the filmmaking process
  • Excellent knowledge of the film editing software 
  • Great verbal and written communication skills
  • Superb time management and organization skills

Soft Skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to work under pressure
  • Leadership skills


University of British Columbia

Bachelor in Arts and Cinematography


  • Graduated summa cum laude in History of Cinema

Other Sections


  • Italian
  • English
  • French

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

You may have the “Best Motion Picture” award or be the best at making viral videos. Nonetheless, no one will know about it if the summary or objective in your resume for film lacks structure and clarity. 


  • Great for showcasing your job experience and skills
  • Serves as a job history told in short
  • Excellent for professional moviemakers with huge job experience


  • Shorter than a summary
  • Speaks about your career goals and needs like special training
  • Is goal-oriented

Resume Summary [Examples]

Most job seekers would put their professional experience into the Summary of their resumes for film. Do the same only if you’ve got years of experience to show.


I am a highly motivated film director with future plans to win the Academy Award for my filming work. 


Highly creative and motivated film director with 2 years of working in the film and entertainment industry. Due to superb knowledge of the film editing software, created 10+ advertisements that boosted the companies’ sales by 35-67%. 

Resume Objective [Examples]

Once you google “resume film,” you’ll find that career changers often use an objective in their resumes to get great hire by the best studios. Be direct in your objective and keep the message straight to the point.


Objective to find a position as a film director.


Objective to find a job position as a film advertisement director at companies promoting skincare products. Companies located in Toronto are preferred. Also, quick training on communication in filmmaking is required.

Resume Examples [Experience]

Read as many film job descriptions as you can to understand the duties of a film director. By exploring resumes, you’ll learn how to organize the Experience section and, eventually, how to make a film resume.

  • Length. Your Experience section should include 2-3 items in the job history.
  • Details. Write down the job position, company’s name, and years of work.
  • Two sections. List your responsibilities in the Key Responsibilities section and the accomplishments in the Key Achievements.
  • Links. You may also add links to your business projects if the latter are better described in your LinkedIn profile.

Entry-Level Film Resume [Experience]

Composing a film student resume might be exhausting at first sight. Though it feels like all degrees in the world can’t buy you the Experience section, try writing it. 

Think of the reason you’re applying for the job. Did you organize a film festival? Or probably you had some stunning responsibilities as a college student and want to tell about it? Add everything aforementioned to the Experience section. 

Even telling a story about why you want to be a film director is better than putting down “no experience.”

Entry-Level Film [Sample]

You might believe that an entry-level resume for film production has no chances to win the job-hunting races. Let us show you this is not true.


I have no experience in the film industry, but with acceptance from the right company, I’ll be able to show my motivation and talents. 


Event planner at the University of Toronto


  • Coordinated the Colorado Drama Festival for 2 years
  • Communicated with the festival guests and directors

Key Achievement

  • Increased the public awareness of the university, attracting more students and foreign investments 

Craft Your Education Wisely

The creation of films is impossible without proper education. Recruiters understand this; yet, displaying your education in a good light is a must. Follow a few requirements to ensure your film student resume has a well-constructed Education section.

  • Mention the name of the college or university, followed by the years you studied there.
  • Write down your bachelor’s or master’s degree.
  • Commonly, there is no need for any documentation to attach. Anyway, if you want to mention a few internship details, be sure to add them.
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Film Resume Examples [Education]

To make a stellar career in cinematography, mention your information on education in detail. No professional growth will stem from the following film resume example:



I am a recent graduate from University of Toronto. My favorite subject was cinema history. I also have a degree in creative writing.

Instead, keep your Education section well-structured and organized like in the example below.



University of Toronto, Canada


  • Master’s degree in Cinema Studies
  • Completed internship at Universal Pictures (2019-2020)

Skills on a Resume for a Film

Your film skills are written evidence for your competence as a movie or advertisement director. Even the best well-crafted functional resume won’t buy you a job if your Skills section is messy.

  • Keep your film resume skills slick and neat. Divide them into 2 sections, Hard and Soft Skills.
  • Hard skills are of technical nature. For instance, it’s your superb knowledge of the filmmaking process and editing tools.
  • Soft skills are less job-related but necessary for the successful completion of one’s duties. For instance, as a director, you must apply great communication skills to manage people.
  • Think of your secondary job-related skills. For instance, you may be great at screenwriting or storytelling, which is beneficial in your career field.
  • Use bullet points to list your skills.

Film Resume Examples [Skills]

None of the companies in all occupations you know would accept a messy layout of your skills. Your film skills resume should persuade the recruiter in a tidy fashion. To prove your director’s capability, provide bullet-point organization to your skills.


Strong organization skills, attention to detail, amazing storytelling and editing skills, etc.



Hard Skills

  • Great knowledge of filming and film editing tools
  • Superb usage of the filmmaking equipment

Soft Skills

  • Communication with other individuals in the team 
  • Excellent time management and organization 
  • Attention to detail

How to Excel at the Job Market

Your professional side is not the one to “sell” to your HR manager in resume sections. In fact, a person who decides to recruit you at the job interview wants to see your other sides too. While filling in a film resume template, be sure to add Other Sections.

  • Awards & Achievements
  • Volunteering
  • Hobbies
  • Languages
  • Other Projects

The only rule to follow while adding Other sections is keeping all information work-related.

Film Resume Examples [Other Sections]

If your film director skills stretch far from the film industry, mention this fact in the Other sections. For instance, you might be great at illustrating books. In this case, add the information to the Other Projects in your resume for filmmakers. 


Other Projects

Managing finances for the web-developing company (freelance).


Other Projects

Illustrating books for young readers (remote work).

In addition, scan the Internet for more examples of Other sections like the ones below.


  • Hobbies
  • Watching Netflix
  • Reading books
  • Cooking


  • Reading magazines in modern cinematography
  • Organizing lectures on modern cinema at the local school on a weekly basis

Final Thoughts

Congrats! Now you know how to write film resumes with ease. 

Your career depends on your resume. We hope our film production resume sample has taught you about preferences a recruiter might have for the resume. Choose the right format, follow the structure, and avoid grammar mistakes to catch your dream job. 

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