Interior Design Resume Sample

An interior designer is a professional who makes one’s space beautiful and functional at the same time. The endless list of responsibilities in an Interior design resume sample would tell you that the work process of this specialist is complex and requires attention to detail. 

Therefore, we have created a guide on writing an interior designer resume, in which you’ll find:

  • Resume elements and how to compose them;
  • How to organize your skills, experience, and education facts;
  • How to make your resume truly unforgettable and outstanding.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average interior design salary at $60,340 per year and $29.01 per hour.

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How to Format an Interior Design Resume

A format in an interior design resume template for a senior specialist would differ from the one for an entry-level specialist. Because both have different goals in regards to a job application. 

  • Functional. A beginner in the design and architecture industry will choose this format because it highlights one’s skills rather than job experience.
  • Chronological. A senior professional would choose this type of format because its layout of resume sections focuses on one’s accomplishments and experience.
  • Combination. A resume sample written according to this format would include the features of other resume formats.

Interior Design Resume [Sample]

Check more results on the ‘resume interior design’ search query before writing an actual resume. By doing so, you’ll explore more samples and improve your resume writing skills for your future career.

The following interior design resume example has been composed according to the format requirements.

Name and Last Name: Scarlett Brightly

Address: 66 Ceres St

San Francisco, California (CA), 94107

Phone Number: (415) 673-2211


LinkedIn (not necessary - only if the recruiter requires it in the job post)


Enthusiastic, highly self-organized, and career-driven specialist with 8 years of interior designing experience. Due to excellent software knowledge, artistic taste, and outstanding communication skills built award-winning interiors for commercial and residential projects. Looking for working in a highly motivating job environment.


Senior Interior Designer

Spark & Fire

2013 - 2021

Key Responsibilities

  • Managed the team of medium-level interior designers;
  • Set deadlines for projects and reviewed the rough drafts of the team; 
  • Organized the working process and communicated with the clients to ensure their needs were satisfied in time;
  • Managed the client orders and complaints.

Key Accomplishments

  • Increased the company’s revenue by 32% during the first 2 years;
  • Increased customer retention by 36%.


Ohio State University, Ohio (OH)

2007 - 2011

Majored in Architecture Studies; minored in Interior Design Studies.

GPA: 3.8


Hard Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of Revit, Rhino, and 3DMax;
  • Strong knowledge of AutoCad and Adobe Suite;
  • Strong knowledge of industry standards;
  • Excellent project management skills.

Soft Skills

  • Strong communication skills; 
  • Attention to detail;
  • Stress resistance.


  • Spanish;
  • Portuguese;
  • English.

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

Both objective and summary are irreplaceable parts of a resume. 

  • Objective. As a standard rule, an interior design resume objective would contain a few short sentences to outline the professional goals you are pursuing or the skills you plan to develop. An advisable section for entry-level specialists. 
  • Summary. Bigger than an objective, this part showcases your job accomplishments, skills, and outstanding expertise in your previous job position. Perfect for medium-level and senior specialists.

Resume Summary [Examples]

The following example is a standard interior design summary on resume, which contains a brief explanation of the  candidate’s skills and achievements and would work for all types of job seekers.


Enthusiastic interior designer with 5+ years of experience. Created commercial and residential spaces, communicated with clients, and followed project deadlines. 


Enthusiastic and highly motivated interior designer with 5+ years of experience in the architecture industry. Due to my strong knowledge of Rhino and 3DMax built 70+ residential projects, increasing the customer’s satisfaction rate by 27%. 

Resume Objective [Examples]

Whether you wish to work for a big company or a small-scale agency, well-written interior design resume objectives will allow you to clearly speak your career goals and needs at the job market.


Objective to use AutoCad and Adobe Suite in a developing interior design company.


Looking to learn industry standards and improve my software skills under a 2-month supervision in a local agency specializing in residential renovations. 

Resume Examples [Experience]

Most hiring managers want your resume for interior design to follow the next requirements:

  • When it comes to experience, keep it specific. No need to include professionally irrelevant job experiences like waitressing as a student or writing poems for the local newspaper;
  • Mentioning 2-3 places of work is enough;
  • In the header, include such details as company name, the exact years of starting and ending the work, and the job position;
  • For a high-level killer resume, divide the Experience section into Key Responsibilities and Key Achievements;
  • A sample interior design resume would include numbers in the Key Achievements section.

Entry Level Interior Design Resume [Experience]

Certainly, you may write you’ve got no experience, but this kind of statement won’t impress your hiring manager when they read your resume.

On the other hand, to make your entry level interior design resume stand out, follow the next tips:

  • Use a functional resume format to outline your skills and college or university degree;
  • Use additional subsections like Awards, Hobbies, and Volunteering to emphasize your accomplishment in other profession-related areas like landscape designing or drawing.

Entry Level Interior Design [Sample]

Most interior design resumes samples for entry-level specialists would encourage you to fill in the Experience section. 

To get positive recognition from a recruiter, keep the Experience section neat and organized. 


Worked as a waiter at the Dancing Queen for 2 years; assisted at a design agency for 3 years, etc.


Flowers & Houses

Full-time Graphic Designer


  • Created leaflets and posters for business goals;
  • Cooperated with the landscape design department;
  • Sketched floral objects for interior decorations. 
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What to Put in the Education Section

Compared to the section of interior design resume skills or the experience part, writing down education details is easy. 

Your section of Interior design education should contain the following information:

  • The name of the institution;
  • The state where the college or university was located;
  • Years of studying;
  • Major and minor (devote 1 or 2 sentences to put down this information).

Adding the GPA score is optional. Nonetheless, if it’s high, you better add it to impress your recruiter.

Interior Design Resume Examples [Education]

In all modern resume templates, you’ll find that a standard interior design resume is rigidly structured and factual. This section does not contain your career aspirations or work duties. So, keep it simple.


I graduated three years ago from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. I studied the History of Fashion and Interior Design. My GPA score is 3.9.


Cornell University

Ithaca, NY

2016 - 2020

Majored in Design and Environment Analysis; minored in Art History.

GPA: 3.9

How to Organize Your Skills in a Resume

Your interior design skills resume search might have already taught you which valuable information to put into the Skills section. Yes, this section is a gem in your resume because, without the skills needed for interior design, you cannot be called a professional. Regardless of courses you have taken or not, a hiring manager wants to see what you can do as an interior design specialist.

  • Keep Hard and Soft skills in separate sections;
  • Mention your technical knowledge (software programs) in the Hard Skills;
  • Mention non-technical skills required for your job in the Soft Skills. For instance, great communication skills and attention to detail;
  • The skills you mention should match the requirements in the job post to show the recruiter that you’re the right fit.

Interior Design Resume Examples [Skills]

List your interior design skills for resume in two subsections. Keep the skills in bullet points.


Excellent knowledge of Revit, Rhino, and 3DMax; organization skills; communication skills; superb knowledge of AutoCad and Adobe Suite; etc.


Hard Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of industry standards;
  • Superb knowledge of traditional materials, colors, textures;
  • Excellent knowledge of Revit, Rhino, 3DMax, AutoCad, and Adobe Suite;
  • Superb knowledge of profession-related occupations (graphic design skills; illustration skills).

Soft Skills

  • Amazing communication skills with other individuals;
  • Strong organizational skills;
  • Superb attention to detail.

How to Brighten Your Resume Professionally

Your interior design job description for resume might not even require adding more resume sections. However, some managers have high expectations about resume writing. Therefore, we advise candidates to add a few short sections that tell the reader more about your skills, knowledge, and accomplishments. 

  • Awards. Name profession-related festivals and contests you have once won;
  • Volunteering. Helped the local community rebuild the shelter for homeless animals? Mention it;
  • Hobbies. Show the recruiter that you’ve got an interesting personality;
  • Languages. Knowing foreign languages has always been an admirable characteristic.

Interior Design Resume Examples [Other Sections]

Adding Other sections to your junior or senior interior design resume increases your chances for a recruiter to employ you and give you a quick salary raise in the future. Regardless of whether you’re composing a residential or commercial interior design resume, other sections let your personality shine.



  • I love reading technology journals and sci-fi literature!
  • I love cooking for my friends and family.
  • When I have free time (which happens rarely), I watch Netflix. 


Awards & Achievements

  • Won 2018 The Best Interior Design Portfolio at California Festival of Art and Architecture; 
  • Won The Best Computer-Generated Sketch Award at the Sketch & Go Festival in New York.

Final Thoughts

We hope our article has helped you understand how to write a Interior design resume and win your dream job. 

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