Model Resume Sample

People with good looks have more chances to enter the modeling business. However, building a career in high fashion is impossible without composing a bot-beating resume. Sure, you may contact the resume writing service and springboard your work process as a commercial or editorial model. Before you do that, check the article below to

  • Learn the resume formatting rules and keywords to add; 
  • Get a free model resume sample; 
  • Learn how to write a resume for an entry-level model;
  • Find tips on writing a job-winning resume. 

To maximize your chances of getting a job as a model, we advise you to reach out to a cover letter writing service and create a cover letter that tells a story of your career and education. 

Meanwhile, check the main formatting rules of a model resume template below. 

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How to Format a Model Resume

A resume format is a layout of the data in your job application. 

  • Functional. This option is a perfect model resume format to win your first job interview; 
  • Chronological. Writing a resume sample in this format is great for industry professionals with years of experience;
  • Combination. This format is a mix of the formats above. Hence, perfect for all specialists regardless of their skills and work experience. 

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Model Resume [Sample]

Below you’ll find a resume sample for model that follows a traditional resume structure and data organization. To persuade the recruiter to hire you, make sure your model resume follows the resume writing requirements and includes sections like Summary, Skills, Experience, and Education. 

Miranda Ferreres 

Commercial Model

Phone Number: +61(03) 6723 9773



A commercial model with 4 years of work experience in the industry. Well-versed in acting and promotional shoots. Comfortable with working in busy, deadline-driven surroundings. Able to work complex schedules and long hours. 


Commercial Model

Talent Pool


  • Followed the advertisement vision of the producers and the market team;
  • Applied acting skills in the advertising procedures; 
  • Used the knowledge of photo shooting techniques and product promotion;
  • Provided attention to detail and self-organization;
  • Followed the requirements of the directing team. 

Art Model

Artsy Gallery


  • Followed the artistic vision of the director and artists and participated as a model in live installations; 
  • Used acting skills to convey emotion to the viewer; 
  • Collaborated with gallerists and artists;
  • Worked long hours due to physical stamina. 


Australian Academy of Modeling


  • Learned photo shooting techniques and acting;
  • Internship at Wonder Gallery. 

Australian Acting Academy


  • Bachelor in Arts and Design. 


Hard Skills

  • Physical stamina;
  • Collaboration with agents and the shooting team; 
  • Strong knowledge of acting and photo shooting techniques;
  • Stress resistance.

Soft Skills

  • Superb self-organization;
  • Self-discipline;
  • Attention to detail;
  • Active listening.

Other Sections


Blog Writing on Fashion

Below you’ll find a link to my blog, which I devote to writing about fashion and everything related to the fashion industry.


Since I majored in Design, photography turned into a lifelong passion for me. Please follow the link below to check my artwork, which is all a result of strong collaboration with other models in the industry. 

Resume Objective & Resume Summary

Depending on your experience, you’d like to create a model resume objective or summary. Think of them as the core of your resume. How do the two differ?

  • Objective. Shorter than a resume summary, an objective tells the reader about your career goals and the need for additional job training; 
  • Summary. Contains 2-3 sentences that summarize your skills, work experience, and achievements. In other words, a summary contains the main ideas of your resume, which a recruiter must know before a job interview starts. 

Resume Summary [Examples]

All well-written model resume samples will contain a summary or an objective. Learn the difference between a great summary and a bad one in a resume sample below. 


I’m a well-skilled model with 3 years of work experience in the job market. My knowledge of photo shooting lets me stand out among other job seekers.


A high-fashion model with 5 years of work experience. Used skills like physical stamina, competitiveness, and self-organization to work for Prada, Gucci, and Chanel. 

Resume Objective [Examples]

A typical model resume objective lists your career goals and specific job requirements if such exist. Check both a greatly written and badly composed resume objective in the resume example below. 


Need a job in the model industry that includes photo shooting and requires acting skills.


To find a job in the advertisement industry as a commercial model and receive proper training in acting. Ready to follow rigid schedules and long hours as well as participate in outdoor photo shoots.

Resume Examples [Experience]

To persuade the reader that you’re a sample model that deserves the best well-paid photoshoots in the modeling business, we advise you to pay special attention to the Experience section. 

  • Details. List your job duties in the Key Responsibilities section. For instance, standing as a part of the live installation at a gallery will show your physical stamina and patience; 
  • Length. The more photoshoots you mention, the better. A model sample will typically include all your photoshoots listed in chronological order;
  • Names and dates. Don’t forget to include the data like the names of galleries and fashion companies you worked for. 

Entry Level Model Resume [Experience]

What to include in a resume for model with no experience? Should you add an Experience section in this case? Yes, you should. Whether it’s your knowledge of automation photo shooting processes in the industry or responsibilities you had as a volunteer photographer, add them. Because leaving this section empty is a valid reason for the recruiter to miss your resume. 

Another tip is using a Functional resume format to emphasize your skills as a promising new talent.

Entry Level Model [Sample]

All model resume examples written by entry-level specialists contain an Experience section that is at least partially work-related. Check an effectively written resume example below. 


With acceptance to your company, I’ll prove that my skills are efficient. :


Fashion Concept Artist

Trim and Dream Studio


  • Assisting photographers with photo shooting preparations
  • Creating sketches aimed to convey an artistic idea of the photoshoot
  • Applying my drawing skills and editing the photo shoot sketches
  • Cooperating with the designers’ team and mode

How to Put Your Education on a Resume

There are no special requirements for model education. Nonetheless, listing your modeling courses in your model resume is a good idea. All because the creation of this section is direct proof of your skills. 

When putting down your education data, mention the year of courses graduation and what you’ve learned. For instance, a Comprehensive Modeling Course or Photography Courses. Mention the place of the internship if necessary.

What to add to your Education section?

  • Modeling courses;
  • Art & Design education;
  • Photography classes.

Model Resume Examples [Education]

Not all model resume samples will include an Education section. Yes, model requirements are more about good looks rather than traditional skills. 


I’ve got no education that would have somehow prepared me for the career of a model.


Melbourne Arts University

Bachelor in Arts and Photography


  • Basic education in Design and Acting as a part of the curriculum aimed to inspire growth in students
  • Internship at the Michigan Gallery of Native Arts and Toronto Academy of Design.

Skills on a Resume for a Model

Along with professionally developed portfolios, most model resume samples will include a list of skills to prove the candidate’s ability to do the job. When persuading the reader that you’re the right fit for the career field in your Skills section, follow the next tips:

  • Divide your model resume skills into Hard and Soft skills. Your hard skills are the core requirements for the profession, like physical stamina, stress resistance, and strong knowledge of the industry. Meanwhile, your soft skills are ones like active listening and attention to detail;
  • Develop a good structure for the section. After you divide a section into 2 parts, list the skills and make sure to use the right font, margins, and punctuation marks. 

Model Resume Examples [Skills]

Regardless of the professional occupations, job-hunting individuals are required to present their model skills to employers. The standard model resume samples will include a list of model resume skills in a separate Skills section. Check a sample of a Skills section in the professional model resume examples below.


I have a great knowledge of industry experiences and superb stress resistance to working long hours.



Hard Skills

  • Superb physical stamina
  • Superb knowledge of photo shooting techniques
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Communication skill


Soft Skills

  • Active listening
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong self-organization

How to Stand Out of the Crowd

How to emphasize your authenticity and add more details about your career? By adding secondary model resume sections before you mention more model qualifications during a job interview. Other Sections are resume sections that allow you to mention job-related data and create a well-rounded idea of a perfect applicant for the job. 

To persuade a hiring manager to recruit you, we advise you to add the following sections:

  • Hobbies;
  • Other Projects;
  • Volunteering;
  • Awards and Achievements;
  • Associations and Certifications.

Model Resume Examples [Other Sections]

A professional model resume will contain Other Sections that contain information related to model requirements and give a better glimpse of your personality, interests, and career plans. If you scan the job market, you’ll find that a standard resume for model jobs has a goal to present your model qualification in the best light. 

How to make Other Sections work for you? Check the examples below. 


Others Sections


  • Playing volleybal
  • Reading books
  • Watching Netflix


Other Sections


  • Reading books and magazines on design and fashion
  • Writing articles for the fashion blog (add the link here)
  • Fashion sketching and drawing
  • Amateur photography
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Use Model Resume Keywords 

Why are professional keywords so important in your model resume? The keywords you use create a pattern in a sample model resume, which an ATS system ‘reads’ and decides whether you’re a right fit for the job or not. Yeap, the ATS system is a challenge to deal with if you want to make sure your resume for model ends up on the recruiter’s desk. 

  • Professional nouns. Use terms like ‘photo shooting,’ ‘outdoors,’ ‘artistic,’ ‘editorial,’ ‘commercial,’ ‘promotion,’ and others; 
  • Professional verbs. Think of verbs like ‘shoot,’ ‘pose,’ ‘act,’ ‘edit,’ ‘create,’ etc.;
  • Professional skills. This is the main group of keywords that the ATS would target. Think of model skills for resume like ‘physical stamina’ and ‘stress resistance’ here.

In the end, try to use as many professional words as you can to maximize your chances of getting the job you’ve been dreaming of for so long. Make sure the keywords in your resume are in all sections instead of grouping them only in one part of the job application.

Final Thoughts

Congrats! Now you know how to write a model resume that wins job positions. Let’s summarize the main tips for creating a model job resume for both professionals and entry-level specialists:

  • Follow a standard structure and pay special attention to the sequence of your resume sections;
  • Use Other Sections to present yourself to the recruiter as a multidimensional specialist with a variety of professional skills; 
  • Don’t forget about keywords. Sure, you can get resume help and win your dream job without following all resume writing rules. However, make sure you follow the core format guidelines while adding keywords. 

We also advise you to focus on custom-written and ATS-friendly resumes for model because each position requires a special resume that matches the demands listed in the job post. Contact our resume editing service, and let’s start your career together! If you’ve already used our services, make sure to share your reviews on social media! 

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