Art Director Resume Samples

Any jobseeker interested in an art director position needs to know what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for in a candidate’s resume. Art director resume samples are a great way to learn this and be able to show that you are well-familiar with the work process. 

Whether you are a newbie in the industry or a seasoned art direction professional, check out our tips on how to format your resume and what to write in resume summary and objective as well as in the experience, education, skills, and “other” sections.

How to Format an Art Director Resume

An art director resume is only the first step of the job application process. All it has to do is get you an interview for the position you want. So be concise. The layout does not matter much, but in most cases, it is better to stick to the classics. 

As you will see in the resume sample below, the sections you are supposed to include are resume summary or objective, experience, education, skills, and “other.” Write in bullet points and try not to go over one or two pages.

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Art Director Resume [Sample]

We have worked with tons of art director resumes for various art director positions. We know exactly what achievements and experience to highlight to convince the person looking at your resume that you fit the job requirements and they should hire you. Here is one of the good resume examples to follow.

Contact Information

Candidate’s name, email, address (optional), phone number


To obtain a middle-level Art Director position in an advertising agency specializing in B2C consumer goods and services. Would appreciate an opportunity to work for an industry leader akin to The O Group.

Work Experience

Studio B Films, San Francisco, CA

Set Designer, 2016-2018

  • Designed sets for TV commercials and music videos
  • Managed set execution
  • Successfully worked on 50+ projects

Assistant Art Director, 2018-2020

  • Assisted in developing concepts for the assigned video projects (commercials and music videos)
  • Directed teams of videographers and set designers
  • Facilitates meeting with potential and current clients

Digital Silk, New York, NY

Art Director, 2020-2022

  • Developed the concepts for 30+ advertising campaigns
  • Successfully managed all aspects of 30+ advertising campaigns and oversaw their completion
  • Supervised a team of 10+ design professionals working


BFA in Art Direction

The American Academy of Art, 2014-2016

Gained expertise in design thinking, advertising, and creative project management.

Key Skills

  • Set design
  • Team management
  • Creative project management
  • Illustration and photography concept development


  • Portuguese—fluent
  • Passionate photographer and videographer
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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

Some job seekers use an art director resume objective and summary interchangeably, but they are not actually the same thing. Sure, the ultimate goal is to get the candidate to the job interview, but the functions of the two are different.

A resume objective highlights what the job seeker wants to get career-wise and typically includes a statement along the lines of “getting an entry-level position in art design.” A resume objective summarizes the entire resume and includes the candidate’s accomplishments and training.

Resume Summary [Examples]


  • Outstanding artistic and supervision skills with extensive experience as an art director.Such a summary from a resume art director is vague and will not get one any advantage in the job market. Job seekers who actually want to get work should model their summary section after the following resume sample.


  • Art director with 5+ years of experience at a top-10 advertising agency. Has successfully led 20+ advertisement campaigns for consumer goods, B2C services, and social projects.

Resume Objective [Examples]


  • To advance the career in art direction.This statement is too generic and says nothing. It does not highlight either the job duties the candidate expects to perform or the responsibilities they are proficient at. Instead, experts who create art resume samples recommend following this objective from a resume example


  • To obtain an entry-level position as an art director in an advertising agency focused on B2C goods and services

Resume Examples [Experience]

When you are considering what to include in the experience section, follow our art director resume sample. Think of your past duties and tasks you performed and decide which of them make you look good. Try to answer the question of “How to be a good art director?” and make sure that your experience section reflects the answer.

Not everything you include should necessarily be about art direction. It is totally fine to feature your experience in business management and graphic design as well. What matters is that everything your experience section includes has to be relevant for the position you are applying for.

Entry Level Art Director Resume [Experience]

If you are applying for one of the entry level art director jobs, not having much (or even any) professional experience is not a big deal. Entry-level jobs are called this way for a reason: you are expected to have relevant training but not necessarily work experience.

However, never leave the experience section empty. Include anything art direction-related you have completed, such as workshops and internships. Show that you know what the responsibilities of an art director are and how to perform them. 

Entry Level Art Director [Sample]

If you are an entry-level job seeker, most recruiters and hiring managers will show acceptance even if your junior art director resume is far from perfect. Still, try to make your experience sections as competent-looking as you can.


  • Used to be a solutions manager
  • Completed an art design course
  • Have no work experience in creative positions so far


  • Background in graphic design at an advertising agency
  • Completed an A+ final project at Kingston University London
  • Successfully interned at Kohl’s marketing department

Education Section: What to Include in It

Education is what all recruits and hiring managers look at, even more so if the candidate has not had much work experience yet. Their thought process is as follows: “This candidate clearly lacks experience, but their educational background is impressive. They are guaranteed to know at least something about the job requirements.”

But do not stress over the creation of the education section of your artistic director resume. Look at the suggestions we prepared in the next section—and you’ll be just fine.

Art Director Resume Examples [Education]

Once again, consider what makes a good art director and compose your education section accordingly.


Creative and Cultural Industries: Design Marketing BA (Hons)

Kingston University London, 2018-2021

  • This example is okay but it lacks details. It does not communicate that the candidate has the right skills to build a successful career in art direction, is growth oriented, and is good enough to join basically any account team.


Creative and Cultural Industries: Design Marketing BA (Hons)

Kingston University London, 2018-2021

  • Gained expertise in design thinking, marketing, and creative project management.

Skills on a Resume for an Art Director

As much as education and experience matter, art director skills are what a hiring manager is interested in the most. Art direction is a career field where one’s responsibilities and, therefore, job requirements depend on a particular project or company. For example, one company might be looking for a candidate with experience as an illustrator while another will prioritize communication skills. So all resumes art director sends should be tailored to the specific position they are applying for.

Some of the skills that art directors are typically expected to have include:

  • Creative project management
  • Graphic design
  • Visual marketing
  • Marketing Design

(as well as industry-specific skills, such as set design for a television production art director or basics of museum curatorship for an art director at a gallery)

Art Director Resume Examples [Skills]

As discussed, the skills a recruiter might be looking for in individuals willing to obtain a position in art direction depend on the company and the expected occupations. What works for one job posting might not work for another. Still, there is such a thing as the right or wrong art director skills resume section.


  • Design
  • Project management
  • Marketing


  • Graphic design and illustration
  • Team management
  • Creative project management
  • Graphic design software

What Helps Your Resume Stand Out

If you want your dream company to recruit you (or at least invite you for a job interview), listing your education, work experience, and skills is not enough. The best art directors also include statements about their additional competencies that make them stand out.

There is no place for the “one size fits all” approach when it comes to deciding what to include. But the things to consider are language proficiency and any competencies that might be helpful in the position you are applying for. Model the “other” section after our resume art direction examples.

Art Director Resume Examples [Other Sections]

Whether you have a senior art director resume or an entry-level one, keep in mind what the work you want to get implies. If it is active listening, include it. If it is the ability to scan the room and “read” the people in it, say so (unless it is something you are actually bad at). Featuring your interests is a good idea too as long as they have something to do with the position.


  • A true gym rat
  • A proud dog owner
  • Interested in public opinion research


  • Fluent in German and Spanish
  • Exceptional at written communication
  • Drawing

What to Include in Your Art Director Resume

If you follow our sample art director resume and guidelines, a recruiter will most definitely invite you to an interview. Hopefully, you will get the job you want in no time. Just remember to be concise yet specific.

Still, if in doubt, contact us—and our experts will prepare a custom resume for you that will give you a huge advantage in your job search. Professional help is worth more than even the best art direction example of a resume.

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