Technical Writer Resume Sample

If your magic power has always been explaining complex things like technology in simple written words, then the work process of a technical writer is natural to you. 

But like all other specialists, you might have been confused in writing a resume. 

You have come to the right place! In this article, you will

  • get a free technical writer resume sample;
  • learn to arrange resume sections to highlight your skills and achievements;
  • find out how to write a technical writer resume for an entry-level specialist.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average technical writer’s salary at $78,060 per year and $37.53 per hour.

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How to Format a Technical Writer Resume

  • Chronological. The most fitting layout to organize your work history and job accomplishments. This format type is mostly used by industry professionals with years of experience and remains one of the top resume formats for 2021 in IT. 
  • Functional. Yes, you can effortlessly write a sample technical writer resume by using this format. Cherry on top - this format wins a job interview for an entry-level specialist as it emphasizes one’s skills instead of job experience.
  • Combination. A rarely used resume format, which includes both functional and chronological resume features. 

Technical Writer Resume [Sample]

If you type “resume technical writer,” there is a high chance you’d find a pool of resume examples that do not follow the requirements of a technical writing resume. 

Meanwhile, a properly written resume for a technical writer would look as follows.

Technical Writer

Name and Last Name: Pauline Fiore 

Address (optional): 1000 Grant St

Denver, Colorado (CO), 50622

Phone Number: (319) 543-6231



Highly skilled and organized technical writer with 7 years of industry job experience. Adept at creating efficient end-user documentation and cooperating with design and marketing departments. Due to excellent software knowledge and written communication skills, increased customer satisfaction rate by 32%.


Technical Writer


2014 - 2021

Key Responsibilities

  • Constantly cooperated with design and IT marketing departments
  • Created instruction manuals and guides on using smartphones and tablets 
  • Created 12 end-user guides on installing and using company’s applications
  • Translated the high-end documentation in Portuguese and German
  • Edited and proofread technical texts while following project deadlines
  • Used design skills to create visual infographics for guides and manuals

Key Achievements

  • Increased customer satisfaction rate by 32%
  • Boosted the company’s revenue by 4%


University of Colorado Boulder

Master in Computer Science;

Minor in Technical Communications 

2010 - 2014

GPA: 3.9


Hard Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of technical writing software (FrameMaker, Typesetting, Whatfix, MediaWiki, etc.)
  • Superb research and exploration skills
  • Basic web design skills

Soft Skills

  • Strong organization skills
  • Teamwork
  • Punctuality
  • Critical thinking

Other Sections


  • German
  • English
  • Portuguese

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

After creating a resume header with the applicant’s personal information, one must write down a technical writer resume objective or summary. 

  • Summary. A resume summary is a statement of your industry experience and professional skills consisting of 2-3 sentences. In short, a summary describes your work history and accomplishments.
  • Objective. A resume objective is typically shorter than a resume summary. An objective is goal-focused and describes your specific expectations from a job or a company. 
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Resume Summary [Examples]

A common technical writer resume description would tell you that a properly organized summary is an irreplaceable resume section for all job seekers. To make a summary work and effectively present your skills at the job market, check the examples below. 


I am a dedicated specialist with 3 years of experience in the industry. I have worked as a technical writer for such industry giants as LG and Nokia. 


Dedicated and highly responsible technical writer with 3 years of job experience. Increased customer satisfaction rates at LG by 12% and boosted Nokia’s revenue by 2%. 

Resume Objective [Examples]

An effective technical writer resume objective is narrow and pays attention to specific professional goals one has as a specialist.

Looking for a technical writing job position. No need for additional training. 

While writing your resume objective, avoid general statements and use as much details and specifics as possible. 


Find a technical writing position at a local electronics company with a flexible schedule and stable workload. 

Resume Examples [Experience]

To become a technical writer, learn writing a resume to enter the industry and make your career goals a reality. 

The Experience section is the core of a resume for technical writer. This is where you tell about your work history to persuade the recruiter that you are the best fit. 

  • List your work experience in reverse chronological order, starting from the recent job place.
  • Make sure all those conferences and certifications were not in vain. Mention how professional courses added to the quality and number of your job responsibilities. 
  • Mention only the experience that is profession-relevant.
  • 2-3 job places are enough.

Entry Level Technical Writer Resume [Experience]

But how to write a resume with no experience efficiently? It is not that difficult to become a technical writer without experience if you know the best ways to present yourself.

  • Mention the position-related experience. For instance, you might have published articles for a college newspaper as a student.
  • Other Sections are a perfect part to write down about your volunteering experience, profession-related hobbies, and knowledge of foreign languages. Focusing on these sections allows you to show the recruiter that you are not afraid of responsibilities.
  • Use a functional format for a reason to showcase your skills.

Entry Level Technical Writer Experience Section [Sample]

Not all technical writer resume samples are meant for recent graduates and career changers. Most of them are written in a chronological resume format, which tells the reader that acceptance rates to tech companies are high only among pros. It’s not true since anyone can reach the entrance level with an ability to quickly learn and follow task details.


No job experience.


Worked as a journalist for University Colorado Boulder Newspaper. During 4 years of studying, I improved my writing software knowledge and SEO skills.

How to Organize Your Education Section

Regardless of whether your education familiarized you with your technical writer duties or not, a recruiter needs to know the name of your college or university.

Technical writing courses also give you professional strengths as they follow the skills and knowledge requirements. 

  • Write down the name of the educational institution in the first line.
  • Mention your major and minor in the second and the third lines.
  • Mention the start and end date of studying in the last line.
  • Add your GPA score in case you graduated summa cum laude.

Technical Writer Resume Examples [Education]

The technical writing resume examples you find on the Internet will contain well-structured education sections. In fact, education is among those underappreciated resume sections. This part proves you have acquired the skills needed for your professional growth and technical writer career.


I graduated from Texas A&M University 2 years ago. My bachelor’s degree is in computer science and engineering. My GPA is 3.7.


Texas A&M University

Major in Computer Science and Engineering,

Minor in Web Development

2016 - 2020

GPA: 3.7

Skills on a Resume for a Technical Writer

If you are an entry-level specialist, the Skills section is evidence for you as a promising player in a new career field. Yet, be especially accurate when it comes to displaying your technical writer resume skills.

An efficient technical writer resume example will give you the following tips to professionally organize one’s Skills section in a tech writer resume:

  • keep the Hard and Soft Skills subsections separate;
  • start with mentioning your technical skills like computer skills followed by non-technical skills like teamwork; 
  • emphasize your ability to engage in active Internet research;
  • make sure to prove that you are technically savvy; for instance, mention the software name;
  • keep your skills profession-relevant: no need to mention your “strong knowledge of the fashion industry” or “teaching skills.”

Technical Writer Resume Examples [Skills]

Make sure to follow a rigid structure while writing down your hard and soft professional skills.


Strong exploration skills; superb knowledge of the design industry; strong communication skills, etc.


Check the way technical writer skills have been organized in the following example.

Hard Skills

  • Excellent research and exploration skills
  • Superb professional software knowledge (Microsoft Office, WordPress, Microsoft Visio, Notepad ++, etc.)
  • Strong graphic and web design skills 

Soft Skills 

  • Punctuality
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Excellent teamwork
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Superb organization skills

Make Your Resume Unforgettable

A recruiter will pay zero attention to your unbelievable productivity rates if your technical writer resume sections present you in a bad light. This is especially relevant to the industry newbies. In this case, use secondary resume sections to ensure the recruiter you are capable of dealing with your professional duties.

  • Awards and Achievements. The goal of this section is to showcase you as a winner in job-related fields.
  • Languages. Let your linguistic talents shine. 
  • Hobbies. Make sure they all are profession-relevant.

Technical Writer Resume Examples [Other Sections]

Both a junior and senior technical writer resume may contain Other sections. 

The main rule to remember while writing an additional resume section is relevance. The information you tell your employer in these technical writer resume sections must relate to your work specifics. 


Awards and Achievements

  • I have won the poetry contest at school. 
  • My essay on environmental problems took second place in the college contest.


Awards and Achievements

  • The Best Creative Essay Writing in the 2016 “Sci-Fi Future” Nomination
  • The Most Productive Content Writer at the Festival of College Newspapers (Colorado, 2017) 

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to write a technical writer resume like a pro. Make sure your resume follows a proper structure, matches a job description, and has no grammar mistakes. 

A custom-written resume has more chances to win your dream job by putting your resume into the top results of the recruiter’s search. Our writers know how to persuade the recruiter that you are the most outstanding candidate for the job, with or without experience. 

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