Dance Resume Sample

If the language of gestures and movement is the primary language you speak, professional resume writing services suggested considering the career in dancing. Whether a show dancer or dance teacher, the world of dancing is a vast field to explore. And while you’re thinking of endless opportunities, check our article to learn how to make your achievements work for you.

  • Learn about the work process of resume writing; 
  • Check a free dance resume sample; 
  • Find how to get hired as an entry-level specialist;
  • Explore formats and a resume structure. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average dancer’s salary at $19.47 per hour.

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How to Format a Dance Resume

There are three resume formats to nail a job interview. Depending on your skills and job experience, a resume sample would contain a specific format. 

  • Functional. The best dance resume format to outline your skills and mask the lack of experience. Perfect for industry newbies and career changers;
  • Chronological. Provides the greatest layout for senior specialists who want to display their accomplishments;
  • Mixed. A combination of both functional and chronological formats. Be careful with using this format since combination resumes are the least ATS-friendly documents. 

Dance Resume [Sample]

While you’re learning how to be a good dance instructor, we’ll teach you how to write a sample dance resume and nail your dream job. The resume for dance specialists below is an efficiently written dance job resume as it follows all requirements. 

Dance Teacher

Normani Bridgerton


53 Galts Ave, Red Deer

Alberta, T4N 2A6, Canada

Phone Number




Energetic, highly organized, and result-oriented dance instructor with 12 years of work experience in the education industry. Due to superb knowledge of choreography and teaching qualifications, trained students who later became multiple contest winners. By the end of the first year, increased the attendance rate among students by 75%.


Dance Teacher

Edmonton College of Fine Arts

Key Responsibilities

  • Planned the teaching program and followed it as a part of the college curriculum; 
  • Delivered dance classes for various age groups and levels (beginners and proficient dancers); 
  • Ensured personal growth of each student;
  • Delivered classes in art history;
  • Followed safety protocols at the highest level. 

Key Accomplishments

  • Increased the attendance rate by 75%;
  • Attracted foreign investment of $1 million; 
  • Introduced a dancing exchange programme.


Hard Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of teaching approaches;
  • Superb knowledge of fine arts and choreography;
  • Great interpersonal skills;
  • Excellent verbal communication skills.

Soft Skills

  • Organization skills;
  • Leadership skills.


University of Ottawa

Bachelor in Art History (Specialization in Dance)


  • Graduated summa cum laude in Theatre studies;
  • Completed internship at Alvin Ailey Dance Foundation.

Other Sections


  • Participating in contemporary dance festivals;
  • Filming dance documentaries.

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

Including a dance resume objective or summary is a must-do for anyone. Our professional resume editing services suggests being careful since the two have core differences. 

  • Objective. Usually short and written in a matter-of-fact style. Here, one can express their job demands and career aspirations. For instance, you may ask the recruiter for a job training if you’re a newbie;
  • Summary. Longer than an objective and includes details on one’s job experience. Make a statement of your accomplishments and job history here. A perfect way to impress the HR manager at the very beginning. 

Resume Summary [Examples]

Check more dance resume examples in order to write an attention-grabbing summary. 

Here is an example extracted from an online resume sample.


A dedicated and energetic dance teacher with 3 years of ballet teaching. My teaching qualifications allow me to stand out among other job seekers. Got awards for the amazing work I have done at the dance academy. 

Better add details to stand out at the job market. 


An aspiring and highly organized dance instructor with 3 years of teaching ballet, ballroom dance, and hip hop at Ottawa Dance Academy. Improved the attendance rate by 50% in a year.

Resume Objective [Examples]

To attract the reader’s attention, place your dance resume objective at the top of the page right after the resume header. Keep this part goal-oriented and short.


Objective to find a job as a dance teacher at education centers, colleges, or private institutions. 


Objective to find a job position as a dance instructor at a local academy, college, or school. Preferences to public schools located in Ottawa or Winnipeg. Hip hop and ballroom classes with flexible dancing curriculum are highly preferred. 

Resume Examples [Experience]

Ever wondered what a resume is, in short? Think of yourself as a product and of your resume as an advertisement. 

But how to write a dance resume, particularly the Experience section? Follow the tips below.

  • You won’t find similar resumes for dancers because everyone has their unique career goals. Check resume examples online, but don’t copy paste one’s Experience section; 
  • Adding 2-3 workplaces is enough;
  • Upgrade your Experience section by dividing it into Key Requirements and Key Responsibilities as in the sample above;
  • Mention your awards in dancing contests;
  • Add links to your recorded performance to display your choreography skills in action.

Entry Level Dance Resume [Experience]

Composing an effective beginner dance resume is both difficult and intimidating. Don’t worry! Our experts are here to help you. Check a few tips on how to write a resume with no experience below. 

  • Most dance candidates have almost zero experience. To stand out of the crowd, mention your awards and accomplishments in Other sections;
  • Prove that you are serious about job responsibilities. Ever volunteered as a dance teacher at the local school? Write about it;
  • In the end, provide a reason for why you should be hired. If your internship was stunning, talk about it.

Entry Level Dance [Sample]

A dance resume example for a newbie will ignite the recruiter’s interest in you as a promising young talent. No need for endless details here.


I have no experience, but your high acceptance rates tell me that your company is the right place to start a career and learn choreography teaching. 



Winnipeg High School


Key Responsibilities

  • Organized ballroom classes for young learners;
  • Motivated students to grow as aspiring dancers;
  • Organized dance contests for adolescents.

Key Accomplishments

The charity dance show has brought a $10 thousand donation to the local school.

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Education Section and Secrets of Organizing It

All professional dance resumes provide education details to the recruiter. To show your strengths as a professional with superb skills and get results, use this section. 

  • Start with the name of the university or college;
  • Name the bachelor or master degree;
  • Add years of studying;
  • Though there are no requirements for further information, you can mention your internship;
  • If you’ve graduated summa cum laude, don’t be shy! Write down this fact in the Education section.

Dance Resume Examples [Education]

All those astonishing degrees will ensure growth in your career if you showcase them right. Keep the Education section in your professional dancer resume neat and well-organized.


I am a recent graduate of Concordia University. My education has gave me everything I need to join your group and perform at the theatre.


Concordia University, Montreal

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Contemporary Dance


  • Graduated summa cum laude in Dance History;
  • Specialized in Theatre Studies.

Skills on a Resume for a Dance

To persuade the casting director that you’re the one and only dancer to get the leading role, you must have amazing communication skills first. Yes, dance skills do not end at stomping around the stage. In fact, your dance resume skills are all about variety. 

  • Start with your technical or Hard skills. Your ability of precise movement and the feeling of music are the basic skills. It would have been impossible to become a dancer without them, right? 
  • Continue with the non-technical or Soft skills. Depending on your chosen career field, the soft skills would differ. However, the hard ones will stay the same. If you’re a dance instructor, communication skills are a must. But if you’re a show dancer, attention to detail and discipline substitute the need for amazing communication.

Dance Resume Examples [Skills]

Your dance skills resume is a separate tip on how to write an ATS-friendly resume. Yet craft a Skills section wisely. Again, keep it well-structured. 


My hard and soft skills are vast. I have amazing abilities at ballroom dancing and communication with my partner. At the same time, I am extremely attentive to detail, disciplined, and motivated.



Hard Skills

  • Superb excellence at applying various teaching concepts;
  • Superb knowledge of dancing styles and dance history;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Effective interpersonal skills.

Soft Skills

  • Listening skills; 
  • Attention to detail;
  • Management skills.

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How to Persuade the Recruiter to Hire You Once and for All

Some dance resume samples might contain Other sections. Yes, some resumes are more impressive than others. But don’t worry, we know how to make your resume stand out. 

  • The goal of Other sections is to create a well-rounded image of you as a job candidate. Sections to choose from are Awards & Accomplishments, Volunteering, Hobbies, or Other Projects;
  • Set a goal in your head. If you want to show your great communication skills, better mention your volunteering experience and duties at the local school rather than the last award at the dance contest. 

Dance Resume Examples [Other Sections]

It is reasonable that a dance resume for college would differ from dance instructor resumes. In the same way, the Hobbies section differs from the Other Projects. Keep these sections job-related to start working for your favorite employer.


Other Sections


  • Watching documentaries at Netflix;
  • Watching culinary programs. 


Other Sections


  • Listening to podcasts on the difficulties in modern dancer’s work and possible solutions;
  • Reading books on choreography training (new methods and approaches). 


Other Sections


Working at the local shelter for homeless animals.


Other Sections


Working at the local school (organizing and delivering dancing classes to the youngest learners).

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Final Thoughts

Congrats! Now you’ve learned how to make a dance resume effortlessly and with hours saved ahead. If you want to be 100% sure that the recruiter finds your resume in the top results, contact us. Our Skillhub writers will match your dance resume details to the job description.

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