Music Resume Sample

Are you Hanz Zimmer or Labrinth in the making? Can you devote your whole life to creating breathtaking sounds? Because being a musician takes talent and tons of patience. Sure, singing and dancing in a Broadway musical might be your biggest dream. But to get there, you should be able to make the show’s creator choose you among hundreds of applicants. 

In the article, you’ll find:

  • A free Music resume sample; 
  • Tips on how to structure and organize the resume parts;
  • Why skills and Other Sections matter.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average music producer’s salary at $79,000 per year and $37.98 per hour.

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How to Format a Music Resume

A standard resume sample usually has a chronological or functional format, rarely a combination of the two. 

  • Chronological. A perfect layout solution for professional musicians. This option organizes your work experience in a chronological order to show your career path and accomplishments;
  • Functional. Right under the headings, the Skills section starts. This Music resume format focuses on one’s skills. If you’re an industry beginner with a fear of writing a job application, consider this format;
  • Combination. This option mixes the features of the two formatting styles.

Music Resume [Sample]

Once you google ‘resume music,’ you’ll find tons of resumes for musicians who perform in different genres. A sample music resume showcases the applicant’s talents and achievements to the hiring manager and wins interviews.


Name: Zara Grim

Phone number: +61(08) 8362 92655



79 Banksia Street, Lewisham,

Western Australia, 6573


Innovative and passionate musician with 5 years of experience in music and film industry. Versed in cello and piano playing; capable of versatile music expression. Created soundtracks for short films and documentaries that won awards. Recipient of the John McCarthy Music Scholarship. 


Animation Studio Composer

Luna Studio

2017 - 2022

Key Responsibilities 

  • Composing scores according to the storyboard’s brief
  • Creating demo recordings with later edits;
  • Cooperating with the team of directors, producers, and screenwriters;
  • Using music and notation software like Cubase and Sibelius.

Key Accomplishments

  • Recipient of music awards for soundtrack creation in the category ‘The Best Animation Song.’ 


The Australian International Conservatorium of Music

Bachelor Degree in Music Composition

2013 - 2017

  • Honors degree in Arts and Film Studies


Hard Skills

  • Versed in guitar and drum playing, cello and piano; 
  • Composition and recording skills;
  • Superb at music editing;
  • Strong knowledge of recording and notation software.

Soft Skills

  • Self-discipline;
  • Openness to feedback;
  • Concentration;
  • Teamwork.

Other Sections


  • Blogging on music and animation industry (add the link leading to your blog here).


  • Turkish;
  • English;
  • French.

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

Both a Music resume objective and a resume summary are important parts of a resume. 

  • Objective. Includes 1-2 sentences. Perfect for beginners who want to showcase their creative potential and win their first music jobs. A resume objective contains your job needs and career goals. For instance, your need for additional training;
  • Summary. Includes 2-3 sentences. Suitable for professionals who want to show their passion for music in the form of accomplishments and short job history.

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Resume Summary [Examples]

Check music resume examples online. A well-written resume sample will contain a summary that is concise but lists all condidate’s accomplishments. Even if you’re not a senior musician and have only one achievement, mention it.


  • A piano and guitar player with 3 years of experience. Versatile in music genres. Multiple skills.


  • A professional musician with 3 years of experience in opera and chamber music. Versatile in piano and cello playing. Recipient of the Best Classical Instrumental Solo.

Resume Objective [Examples]

If you don’t know how to write an objective for a resume, check samples from a resume example below. An effective resume objective is concise and tells the recruiter your job goals.


  • A professional musician with a strong dedication to musical writing is looking for a position of music director.


  • To find a job position as a musical director in a local company. Additional training in music recording is required. Preference for companies suggesting flexible schedules.


Resume Examples [Experience]

The Experience section is the most important part of many resume examples if you organize your music job resume in a chronological format. The latter is important to showcase your work experience and career growth. 

  • Length. Include a few key places of work to demonstrate your career path;
  • Keywords. Use professional keywords like ‘music,’ ‘opera,’ ‘chamber,’ ‘genre’ to create a bot-beating resume section;
  • Content. Your music resume section should contain only work-related data. You may list the music oeuvres that you performed in a separate subsection;
  • Structure. The main elements of the experience description are the company’s name, the tenure, the name of the job position, and the key responsibilities and achievements.

Entry-Level Music Resume [Experience]

Do you know how to write a music resume with no professional experience? If writing a resume is a challenge for you as a beginner, check a few tips below:

  • Show motiation. Did you have a music project that inspired you to play in a jazz band? Tell the recruiter more about the reason you pursued a career as a musician;
  • List ‘music-related’ responsibilities. Did you volunteer in the neighboring school and taught children how to play the piano? Mention it in the section.

Entry-Level Music Sample

An entry-level resume for music specialists will contain a short Experience section. Just don’t leave it empty. Check a few samples from a resume example on how to make the recruiter choose yours among tons of other applications.


  • No experience. I have checked the acceptance rates in your company, and I’m happy that there are high chances that you might become my employer. 


College Jazz Band

2016 - 2020

Key Responsibilities

  • Preparing concert programs
  • Playing live
  • Using music notation software

How to Write an Education Section

Whether you graduated from a top-notch Conservatory or you’re a self-made artist, filling in the Education section in a Music resume is a must. Even if your Music education includes only online courses on Coursera. Moreover, most recruiters will focus on your performance rather than a Degree.

The possible structure of your Education section should include the following elements:

  • The name of the university, college, or the courses;
  • The date of entering the college and graduating from it;
  • The name of the college degree;
  • Accolades and scholarships.

Music Resume Examples [Education]

You’ll hardly find Music resume samples that don’t include an Education section. When putting your music education degree on a resume, emphasize your growth in music knowledge if possible. 


  • I haven’t got enough work experience, but I believe that my top-notch education in the Elder Conservatorium of Music will give a great start to my career in your Opera House.


The Elder Conservatorium of Music

2018 - 2022

Master of Music

  • Honors degree in Arts
  • Completed internship in the Sydney Opera House

Skills on a Resume for a Music

Regardless of whether you’re a composer or instrumentalist, you’ll need to develop specific music skills to enter the industry. Depending on your preferred music genre or industry, the skills might differ. However, in many cases, music skills for resume are the same in their basis. Whether you used to play Mozart or Ray Charles, check the job requirements before applying for the job. 

Most perfect resume examples will include skills divided into two subsections, Hard and Soft Skills. 

Hard skills to mention in your resume are:

  • Superb knowledge of music logistics;
  • Great knowledge of music notation and recording software;
  • Great knowledge of audio recording and editing. 

Soft skills to mention:

  • Teamwork;
  • Verbal and written communication;
  • Discipline and organization.

Music Resume Examples [Skills]

Once you google ‘skills music,’ you’ll find that they’re as diverse as music genres. 


  • Strong knowledge of music genres like Concerto and classical Opera. I have worked at the Symphony yet have all skills required for playing in the orchestra.



Hard Skills

  • Strong knowledge of music recording software
  • Strong knowledge of music supply chain
  • Great composing and editing skills
  • Piano and cello playing
  • Creativity
  • Soft Skills

  • Punctuality
  • Strong verbal and written communication
  • Open to feedback
  • Self-discipline


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How to Make Your Resume Authentic

To persuade the hiring manager to recruit you, use these resume sections to tell more information about your personality. The data in this resume part might not be directly related to the job position you’re applying for. However, the sections must show your character in the best light so you can have more chances to win the job interview.

A music resume example might contain Other Sections like the following:

  • Awards & Honours;
  • Languages;
  • Hobbies;
  • Other Projects;
  • Volunteering, etc.

Music Resume Examples [Other Sections]

A music resume for high school students will differ from a music teacher resume immensely. However, once you scan them, you’ll see that both resumes follow the same structure at their core. Hence, both resumes have Other Sections regardless of the candidate’s work experience or the employing company. 


Other Sections


  • Watching Netflix
  • Going out to the cinema
  • Cooking
  • Volunteering

  • Working at the local shelter for animals


Other Sections


  • Reading music journals
  • Blogging on composing music for the animation industry
  • Volunteering

  • Teaching high school students how to play the piano
  • Organizing community events (music festivals and concerts)

Final Thoughts

Congrats! Now you know how to write a Music resume to get your dream job. Just follow the basic structure and keep all your data job-related. Don’t forget about Other Sections!

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