3D Artist Resume Sample

and getting compensated well for your effort. One of the professions that combines both is a 3D artist. It opens opportunities in cinema, animation, and tech. If one has specific experience in the field of their choice, all it takes to get to the interview is making the resume shine. Follow a 3D artist resume sample to construct a job-winning application. 

How to Format a 3D Artist Resume 

A resume by a visual artist should be neat and aesthetically appealing. However, it must also be informative and insightful for the company to accept the job application and move forward to the interview part. 

If one checks a sample 3D artist resume online, they will see that such documents are commonly brief and to the point. The secret of such a resume sample is keeping the information structured within a clean layout. All it takes is to systemize one’s skills, knowledge, and experience in one sheet. 

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3D Artist Resume [Sample] 

A successful resume is expected to contain information on the applicant’s skills, both soft and hard ones. The soft skills set must be presented to show how a person can work in a team and collaborate with the rest of its members. In the case of an artist, the hard skills must include the set of tools the person is familiar with and proficient with. 

The 3D artist resume examples follow the general reasons to hire an applicant, but it is strongly advised to make this document based on the requirements of the specific opening.

Jill Jones

Residence city, WA, 99999 l Contact number: 937-55-5555 l jayjay@mailbox.com l

LinkedIn profile link

3D artist / Concept artist

After the credentials, provide the information that describes you as a professional:

  • creative visual artist with vast experience in analog and digital painting;
  • a diverse portfolio that includes 2D and 3D projects for video gaming, mobile games, and narrative animation; 
  • careful and precise representation of the project’s ideas visually according to the brief;
  • research of the characters and spaces there are to create within the project; 
  • impeccable visualization skills from a character or environment prototype to the entire release-ready product. 

Core Hard Skills

Then, the resume must contain the list of the software the artist works with. If you feel it’s necessary, you can comment on your proficiency with the software, but you may as well leave it to the interview and portfolio parts.

  • Google SketchUp 
  • 3D Canvas 
  • Blender 
  • Softimage XSI Mod Tool 
  • Truespace
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator


This section is intended to show your successful path as an artist. List the things you’ve learned along the way and the things you are proud of professionally. 

3D visualization artist, 2016–2018

A 3D artist for an independent architectural bureau with a focus on interior design and building visualization. In this position, I created photorealistic images of the future projects that won clients and contracts for the small company and gradually turned them into actual buildings of spaces. 

3D/Conceptual artist, 2018–present

A conceptual artist for a game developer. This experience includes working with 2D and 3D spaces, with an emphasis on the 3D environment. While working in the industry, I sketched and developed characters for the games our company released. 

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

The sections applicants usually include in their resume are the 3D artist resume objective and summary. These are both considered small teasers for the job interview. They are supposed to illustrate one’s motivation and goals within the department they aim to join. 

Although the two sections may seem the same, their functions are different. The summary part serves as a brief presentation of professional accomplishments, while the objective must give an insight into what they can achieve in the future within the company they are applying to. 

Resume Summary [Examples]

Check out the summary in a well-written 3D artist resume example. Basically, it may be the impression that job seekers want to make on the employer. Keep in mind that it must make the resume stand out in the job market. 


  • A digital artist that follows their inspiration and is willing to impress you with something unexpectedly beautiful.


  • A creative 3D artist with diverse experience in visualization, gaming, and illustration. Ready to handle a brief and deliver the expected result within the intended aesthetics and expected deadline. A team player that understands their own role in the department and is ready to become a responsible member of it for the common success. 

Resume Objective [Examples]

An artist’s learning is continuous, so this section is about the expectations from the job and the goals one seeks to achieve in the open position. To stand out among other candidates, state the realistic accomplishments you will bring to the table—both for yourself and the company you want to join. Follow the right 3D artist resume objective example and express your own motivation. 

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  • I love creating art and playing video games, so this opening looks like a perfect match to my passion. 


  • I aim at making a powerful contribution to the digital art department as a conceptual artist. I intend to create new worlds for video games that will look realistic and function flawlessly for the user. Later in the future, I aspire to become a creative lead of an art department and expect to gain all the necessary skills in this position.

Resume Examples [Experience] 

Despite the idea that an artist relies a lot on inspiration, the 3D artist resumes experience section must demonstrate one’s consistency in the creative effort and represent the results of this effort. 

Think of your experience from the perspective of the profits it eventually gave the business you worked for. If most of the experience comes from freelancing, describe the scope of achievements in the 3D modeling resume in accordance with the brief, namely, “Why was I given this task and what was the function of my work for the employer.”

Freelance or in-house, there are many ways to make the experience shine. The key is to look at it from the perspective of the HR manager that will interview you. 

Entry Level 3D Artist Resume [Experience]

The common challenge for many aspiring digital artists is a lack of the tangible experience to prove their professionalism. However, it does not mean one has no chances. A 3D artist resume with no experience must stress their future aspirations, responsibilities they are suitable to handle, and the skills they have to take the position. 

If one’s experience mostly consists of freelance work or is quite brief, focus on the approach to the execution you took while working on each project. The depth of understanding one’s task combined with hard skills will serve as a reason to hire that person. 

Entry Level 3D Artist [Sample] 

Follow this 3D artist resume template to represent all the experience you have to get the acceptance chance. The point, in this case, is to represent the potential rather than impress the employer. The most important thing in this resume example is not the actual experience but what the applicant has learned from it. 


  • Although I have little experience as a 3D artist, I love character modeling and people say I’m good at it. 


  • My experience with art starts in childhood. However, as a professional digital artist, I started gaining it with my first order on freelance. It taught me to work with the client, understand their needs, and direct my work in accordance with their business objective in the first place. 

Education Section: How to Deliver Your Background

A university degree is not the most important part of a resume for 3D artist. The portfolio is. However, If the applicant has formal 3D artist education, it will definitely be a plus. For an artist, it is best to list where they learned and practiced to work with images and models. 

Since digital art is constantly evolving, one of the default job requirements is the ability to catch up with new tools and techniques. New software and hardware for digital art give applicants more opportunities, so it’s important to show up-to-date knowledge rather than the sole diploma. For that reason, contemporary courses and self-education will look great on an artist’s resume. 

3D Artist Resume Examples [Education]

In this case, listing the places one studied at is not enough for a quality resume profile. Every source of education is best to comment on with the takeaways the applicant had from there and the growth they triggered. Check out how to talk about 3D modeler resume education. List as many sources of education as necessary. 


Visual Arts College


  • Studied painting for 4 years
  • Learned to maintain my own unique style


Visual Arts College


  • Received a bachelor’s degree in painting
  • Gained extensive expertise in color theory, composition, anatomy in art, and design

Skills on a Resume for a 3D artist 

As it was stated before, the main 3D artist skills that this career field requires is the list of visual editing tools one can use plus the imagination to embody the ideas one has. However, it will be a huge plus if the applicant can support it with soft skills. Here are the main soft skills to highlight in a resume 3D artist: 

  • the ability to work in a team since a lot of the team’s success depends on the visual artist's dedication; 
  • time management skills since deadlines are crucial. 

When writing about the software, mention what exactly you use it for and how you can apply this skill in the desired position. However, one can also approach this list from the perspective of the kinds of work they do, such as “creating a digital environment for a video game”. 

3D Artist Resume Examples [Skills]

Here is how to showcase all the important points in a quality 3D artist resume skills list. Feel free to change it according to your professional objectives. 


  • creating unique characters for video games
  • making beautiful environment concepts


  • creating bright multifaceted characters the player will relate to and engage with
  • creating coherent and functional environments for video games that will keep the player engaged with the gameplay
  • creating photorealistic visualizations for architectural projects that win the hearts of clients
  • formatting the created work so that it is easy to proceed with at the production and rendering stage

Winning the Heart of the Employer With a Resume

Making a resume stand out is quite simple: just list everything the employer needs to know to recruit you. For a creative job, make your 3D artist resume sections about your style, skills, and personal qualities. 

All the resume sections must work for you as for a motivated professional with lots to bring to the table. For that reason, keep the balance of creativity and clarity, mention both your artistic qualities and personal values. Finally, be ready to elaborate on everything written during the interview. 

3D Artist Resume Examples [Other Sections] 

For an established creative, their professional 3D artist resume may include comments on their style and approaches, a list of certifications with scans, and recommendations from previous employers. 

Also, the center of an artist’s application is their portfolio. Make sure it is organized and intelligible for a person who sees it for the first time. Additionally, any resume for 3D artist jobs should be visually appealing. Here is what to include.


  • Debate skills
  • The developed personal visual style that can adjust to the objectives of the project


  • Additional skills in analog sketching
  • The developed personal visual style that can adjust to the objectives of the project

Final Tips

Whether it is an entry position you look for or one with more responsibilities, these tips on how to write a 3D artist resume emphasize that the application should reveal your full potential. For that reason, make sure your application is intelligible, clear, and contains an impressive portfolio that backs everything in the resume. 

If you’re not sure whether your resume meets all the requirements, you can always use our resume editing service to make it flawless. And if you liked the article, share the helpful tips and samples with your friends on social media.

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