Entry Level Social Media Resume Sample

If you’re a social butterfly with a love for Instagram and Twitter, then the work process of a social media specialist might be fulfilling for you. 

How to list social media skills on resume for recruiters? Sure, you can contact a resume writing service or reach out to a cover letter writing service for social media resume templates. Before you do that, learn the basic social media resume requirements in the article below: 

  • find the truth about resume formats; 
  • learn how to organize your skills in a resume to impress hiring managers;
  • get a free entry level social media resume sample.

Check the formats in the following section.

How to Format an Entry Level Social Media Resume

Depending on your career goals and skills, the layout of your job application will differ. 

  • Functional - a perfect functional format to emphasize your skills as an entry level social media resume and win your first job interview.
  • Chronological - a great option for a resume sample of a professional social media specialist with years of experience in the industry. 
  • Combination - a mixture of both formats.

Should I write my resume with the help of a professional article writer? Well, custom resumes are preferable. Meanwhile, familiarize yourself with our Skillhub resume examples. 

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Entry Level Social Media Resume [Sample]

Before you compose your own social media job resume, learn more about the structure of resume sections in resume examples that have already been written by professionals. This is especially important if you have to create a social media resume with no experience and persuade the recruiter to hire you.

Mario Sanchez

Social Media Analyst




Highly experienced and organized social media analyst with 7 years of experience in social media marketing. Due to outstanding critical thinking and analytical skills, increased site traffic by 65% in the first 2 years. Also increased brand exposure and maximized the company’s online presence by 24% and 35%, respectively.


Social Media Analyst

‘Be Mindful’ Company


Key Responsibilities

  • Monitoring competitors for the changes in the marketing strategy 
  • Creating analytical reports and presenting them to the team
  • Identifying marketing risks
  • Creating marketing strategies that would comply with the company’s sales requirements and market growth plans 
  • Managing the company’s social accounts and analyzing the site traffic specifics.

Key Achievements

  • Increased brand exposure by 24% during the first 2 years
  • Maximized the company’s online presence by 35% during the first year
  • Increased the company’s site traffic by 65% in the first 2 years 


McGill University, Montreal


  • Bachelor in Arts and Communications, minor in Visual Arts
  • Completed internship at Google, 2015 


Hard Skills

  • Math skills
  • Marketing and sales knowledge
  • Tech literacy (strong knowledge of Union Metrics, SparkToro, etc.) 
  • Superb analytical skills and critical thinking
  • Strong research skills
  • Strong organization skills
  • Self-discipline

Soft Skills

  • High communication skills
  • Stress resistance
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability

Other Sections


  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • English
  • French


  • Writing blog articles on public relations, marketing, and sales (add a link to your blog)
  • Reading books on social media development, sales, and design

Resume Objective & Resume Summary

If you google ‘resume social media,’ you’ll find that most resume examples will include a summary or objective. Including them is important to showcase your skills and talents concisely. 

  • Objective. A resume objective contains your specific job demands before you voice them during the job interview. For instance, it’s your need for additional training. 
  • Summary. A resume summary is commonly longer and includes your skills, experiences, and project accomplishments. Think of a summary as of the data that has been compressed into a short section.

Resume Summary [Examples] 

A typical social media resume example will include a professionally written summary that makes an applicant stand out among other job seekers. Check examples from a resume sample below. 


A social media specialist with a high value in the job market is open for hire.


A highly motivated social media analyst with 5 years of work experience. Due to outstanding critical thinking, analytical skills, and marketing knowledge, increased brand awareness and site traffic by 55% and 76%, respectively, in 3 years.

Resume Objective [Examples]

Most entry-level social media resume samples will include a well-written resume objective in the form of a statement for your job demands. Check objective samples from a resume example below. 


To find a job in the social media industry.


To find a job as a social media analyst in the product placement niche. Preference for job duties that imply flexibility and work responsibilities that include teamwork and emphasis on close cooperation with the advertising and marketing departments.

Resume Examples [Experience]

An Instagram influencer resume will surely differ from a creative social media resume. However, what will unite them is the applicant’s emphasis on their ability to promote and sell products. How to put your experience on social media resumes? 

  • Mention the tools you used for promoting specific products, for instance, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • List your job duties. You might even separate your Experience section into Key Responsibilities and Key Achievements. 
  • Combine your skills and job responsibilities in your social media resume sample. Tell the reader how your professional skills allowed you to help the business achieve its goals. 

Entry Level Social Media Resume [Experience]

Once you google ‘social media experience resume,’ you’ll learn that no one leaves their Experience section empty. Whether it’s your ability to use Instagram or outstanding selling skills, mention them. 

  • Write down your college projects that are directly related to the desired job.
  • List responsibilities from the previous workplaces that can be job-related.
  • Give a reason to the employer to hire you. For instance, you created the most selling advertising campaign at college for a book. Mention it!

Entry Level Social Media Resume [Sample]

Mention your social media experience on resume even if you’ve never worked a day for an advertising company. How to do it? Check the examples below.


If you give me acceptance at your company, I will prove that I am worth holding creative positions. 


Event Planner

Montreal University


  • Organized a campaign for a charity event 
  • Provided creative solutions during the advertising stage
  • Cooperated with the catering company
  • Managed the expenses
  • Raised $50 000 during the events

How to Put Education on Your Social Media Resume

Most employers will ask you about education. Hence, we advise you to mention the courses you had at college or online in your social media job resume. During the creation of an Education section for creative social media resumes, make sure to name the university you’ve graduated from, the year of graduation, and the name of the degree. 

There are no strict requirements for this section. However, our suggestions are that you keep the data well-organized and neat. Check the example below. 

Entry Level Social Media Resume Examples [Education]

A typical social media marketing resume will include some data on the applicant’s education to indicate their growth as a professional and their career aspirations. 


I graduated from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, in 2016. I’ve participated in many job interviews, but I’ve decided to apply for your company due to my background in advertising


University of British Columbia, Vancouver


  • Bachelor in Technology and Communications, minor in Design and Advertisement 
  • Completed internship at Apple in 2017

Skills on a Resume for an Entry Level Social Media

Putting your social media skills on resume is a must because recruiters place a higher value on your skills rather than career field experience or education.

How to list your social media resume skills to win the job?

  • Divide your Skills section into Hard and Soft skills subsections. Your Hard skills will be the technical skills you need for the job, while your Soft skills will be the non-technical skills like communication. 
  • Engaging the reader with your non-technical skills is important. Pay special attention to this part to showcase your personality and interests.

Entry Level Social Media Resume Examples [Skills]

All social media marketing resume examples, regardless of the industry occupations, will include a Skills section. All because the applicant’s skills are the reflection of their ability to perform the job.


Cooperating with individuals, strong communication skills, promoting brands, etc.



Hard Skills

  • Superb critical thinking
  • Strong knowledge of advertising and social media analytical tools
  • Analytical skills
  • Authentic artistic vision
  • Strong knowledge of marketing and sales
  • Soft Skills

  • Stress resistance 
  • Patience
  • Communication skills
  • Organization and self-discipline

How to Showcase Your Hidden Talents

To shed some light on your personality and job-related interests, add Other Sections to your social media marketer resume. A typical hiring manager would like to recruit a person who is friendly and highly driven to continue their professional education outside the workplace. During your job interview, mention your interests in the form of job-related statements. For instance, tell the recruiter about your passion for writing about sales. 

Other Sections to add are:

  • other Projects;
  • volunteering;
  • languages;
  • hobbies. 

Entry Level Social Media Resume Examples [Other Sections]

A social media influencer resume will differ from a social media evaluator resume in many ways. However, both of them will contain Other Sections as a recognition of the applicant’s talents. Once a recruiter decides to scan your resume, they’ll find that you’re a multidimensional individual with a variety of interests and hobbies related to work. 


Other Sections


  • Playing computer games
  • Reading books
  • Going out to movies


Other Sections


  • Reading books and magazines on marketing, sales, and self-development
  • Leading a blog on psychology, design, and communication
  • Working on advertising and design projects as a part of volunteering

Use Entry Level Social Media Resume Keywords 

Resume keywords are professional terms that an applicant must use to maximize the chances of their entry level social media resume landing on the recruiter’s desk. Most companies use ATS bots that ‘read’ the professional terms to identify whether you’re a great candidate for hire and can successfully perform tasks. 

  • Names of software. List the tools you’ve worked with to complete the projects. 
  • Skills. Your hard skills are the main keywords the ATS system will pay special attention to. For instance, list ‘marketing skills,’ ‘research skills,’ ‘organization,’ etc.
  • Action verbs. Use job-related words like ‘complete,’ ‘manage,’ ‘analyze,’ ‘advertise,’ ‘promote,’ ‘sell,’ etc.

To springboard your career, use as many professional keywords as you can. Remember that before a recruiter reads your resume, it will go through an ATS-scanning process. So, use action words, mention skills, and name your software. In other words (pun intended), do your best to present your proficiency through words.

Final Thoughts

Landing a job in the social media field has never been easier. All you need is a bot-beating resume, even if your work experience is zero. 

  • Structure. Make sure the sections of your entry level social media resume sample are well-organized and follow a logical sequence.
  • Never leave your Experience section empty. All entry level jobs demand a bit of professional experience, even from industry changers.
  • Use keywords and Other Sections. Show the recruiter all parts of your well-rounded personality.

Meanwhile, make sure your social media entry level jobs resume is ATS-friendly and custom-written to maximize your advantage over other candidates. For instance, you can get resume help from writing specialists who know what makes a modern recruiter tick. Or contact a resume editing service and get a job-winning resume right now!

If you’ve already built a career with the help of our Skillhub services, let us know your opinion and share it on social media.

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