Videographer Resume Sample

If your video became a TikTok trend and your YouTube records won a million likes, you might consider becoming a videographer. If nothing like this happened to you, and you simply love making videos, this profession is still for you. The work process might be tough, but the end result is always rewarding! 

In this article, you will

  • get a free videographer resume sample; 
  • make your resume sections work so you can get hired; 
  • talk about your achievements as a senior or entry-level specialist. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average videographer’s salary at $60,360 per year and $29.02 per hour.

How to Format a Videographer Resume

If you choose the right format for your resume, you’ll make a great impression on the reader.

  • Chronological. The best format for a senior videographer resume template. The chronological layout emphasizes your experience and professional accomplishments. 
  • Functional. This resume format will easily win you a job interview if you’re a career changer or a recent graduate.
  • Combination. The rarest resume sample is written in this format. To make the most ATS-friendly resume, better use the formats we’ve mentioned above. 
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Videographer Resume [Sample]

Once you’ve learned how to be a good videographer, check a guide on how to be a great resume writer. 

We have already prepared a videographer resume example. Our experts have created the sample according to all modern resume writing standards and requirements. You can use the template to write your own resume later. 


First Name and Last Name

Zadie Bright


67 Main Rd, Forestburn Gate

NE 61 694, United Kingdom

LinkedIn (optional)

Telephone: 070 8855 0045



Highly skilled videographer with unique artistic vision and superb technical skills. 7 years of industry experience. Due to excellent communication skills and knowledge of editing software and photo equipment, increased the customer satisfaction rate by 53% in a year. Also, expanded the target audience by 42% in 2 years. 



Marry & Merry

2013 - 2020

Key Responsibilities

  • Discussed the production stage with clients and ensured their needs were satisfied
  • Created high-quality wedding videos and photos according to customers’ preferences
  • Ensured proper functioning of the photo equipment
  • Arranged places for shooting
  • Cooperated with the stage designer 
  • Edited footage as a part of post-production

Key Achievements 

  • Boosted the customer satisfaction rate by 53% 
  • Expanded the target audience by 42% in 2 years


Hard Skills

  • Unique artistic vision
  • Excellent knowledge of the job industry
  • Superb knowledge of photo equipment
  • Excellent communication skills

Soft Skills

  • Superb interpersonal skills
  • Teamwork 
  • Organizational skills
  • Project management skills
  • Ability to work under pressure


London Film School


  • Master’s degree in the international film business
  • Graduated summa cum laude in screenwriting 

Other Sections


  • English
  • Arabic

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

A resume summary and resume objective have different goals. If you aim to showcase your career needs, use an objective. In case of the opposite, use a summary to tell your career story. 

  • Objective. A videographer resume objective would contain a few sentences to emphasize your career goals or any additional training you require as a specialist.
  • Summary. A well-crafted resume summary is a statement of your professional experience and skills. The best choice for senior videographers, a summary highlights the candidate’s accomplishments. 

Resume Summary [Examples]

Not all videographer resume examples you’ll find online teach you how to stand out among other job seekers. To “sell” yourself at the job market, make the summary section work.


I am one of the best videographers of modernity. My videos have won numerous awards. Hire me and get the best videographer ever!

Meanwhile, check a well-written summary extracted from a resume sample.


Highly skilled videographer with 4 years of experience in the advertising industry. Due to great attention to detail and software knowledge, won two Screen Awards for fragrance commercials.

Resume Objective [Examples]

Keep your objective at the top of the page, right under the header of your resume for videographer. To retain the recruiter’s attention, keep the objective short and factual.


To find a job position as a videographer in the advertising industry. 


To find a full-time job position as a videographer in the advertising industry. Preferences are for fashion companies specializing in women’s clothing and located in London or Edinburgh. 

Resume Examples [Experience]

A videographer job description for resume would tell you the exact experience one must have to set career goals. 

  • Length. An Experience section in a videography resume does not have to be long. Usually, the candidate is supposed to mention around 2-3 workplaces.
  • Structure. Write down the job position, followed by the name of the company. Add the years of work under these lines.
  • Duties and responsibilities. Combine your responsibilities with skills. For instance, mention your knowledge of cameras and green screens and how you used it at work.
  • Two sections. Divide your Experience section into Key Responsibilities and Key Achievements.

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Entry Level Videographer Resume [Experience]

Writing a resume for videographer with no experience might sound challenging, especially if you’re a very recent learner of those multiple-camera shoots. 

Don’t worry! Our experts are ready to help you.

  • Think of job-related responsibilities you had at college. For instance, mention your college video project and the techniques you used to complete it. 
  • Think of a videographer-related job. For instance, you might have worked with visuals as a graphic designer.
  • Emphasize job-related skills. The reason to mention that florist job you once held is that both a videographer and florist job positions require artistic skills.

Entry Level Videographer [Sample]

The minority of videographer resume samples will target entry-level specialists. 


I have never worked as a videographer before. However, with acceptance to your company, I will learn job details and become a professional in the industry. Thank you for giving me a chance!


Graphic Designer

London Art School College Newspaper

2016 - 2020

  • Chose images for the newspaper articles 
  • Created thematic drawings
  • Retouched and edited images using Photoshop application
  • Designed the newspaper’s layout
  • Cooperated with the students’ college council

Write Down Your Education Info

Fancy videographer education will help you get results in the job search. 

Job-related college or university degree has always given professional skills yet strengths to the future candidate. However, don’t worry if you haven’t got one because attaching your portfolio is one of the job-searching requirements.

  • Write down the name of your college
  • Add the years of studying
  • Mention your bachelor’s or master’s degree
  • Write down a few details on the internship or whether you’ve graduated with honors 

Videographer Resume Examples [Education]

Write down your education details in your videographer job resume to indicate that you have the skills to start a videographer career.


I graduated from New York Film Academy 3 years ago. My favorite subject was the history of cinematography. To ensure professional growth, I have completed an internship at an indie studio. 


New York Film Academy

2016 - 2019

  • Attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree
  • Graduated summa cum laude in history of cinematography
  • Completed internship at Annapurna Pictures

Skills on a Resume for a Videographer

Once you search for “videographer skills resume,” you’ll find that videographer skills are technology-driven and take a long time to master. To enter this career field, you must ensure your video shoots are professionally done with the required technology like drones and editing software.

  • Hard skills. All your knowledge of video technology and editing software will be listed here. Hard skills make a professional videographer who they are.
  • Soft skills. These are the skills required in many other unrelated professions, for instance, great collaboration and communication skills or organization and attention to detail.
  • Structure. Use bullet points to list your skills. Also, divide your hard and soft skills into two sections, with soft skills following the hard ones.

Videographer Resume Examples [Skills]

To present your videographer resume skills in the best light, organize them in bullet lists.


Excellent artistic vision, great communication skills, time management, organization, etc.



Hard Skills

  • Superb equipment operation and technology maintenance
  • Unique artistic vision
  • Excellent knowledge of editing software and photo equipment
  • Excellence at communicating messages to collaborators and clients

Soft Skills

  • Superb interpersonal skills
  • Great teamwork skills 
  • Project management skills
  • High stress resistance
  • Flexibility
  • Organizational skills

Let Your Professional Self Shine

To make your videographer sample resume more impressive, think of Other sections. The latter are additional resume sections with a goal to make you a unique candidate. It doesn’t matter whether you had complex duties that required stunning professional knowledge. 

Everyone is authentic in their own way. Yet, use the following sections to tell the recruiter about your personality.

  • Hobbies
  • Volunteering
  • Other Projects (College Projects or Freelance)
  • Awards & Accomplishments (think of festivals and contests here)

Videographer Resume Examples [Other Sections]

Yes, a wedding videographer resume would differ from a freelance videographer resume. Regardless of the resume you’re writing to your employer, use the top best fonts for resume and Other sections to make your job application work. 

The only tip here is to keep the info job-related.



  • Binge-watching Netflix shows
  • Exercising
  • Gardening



  • Watching documentaries on cinematography
  • Visiting cinema festivals
  • Blogging on modern cinematography


Other Projects

  • Managing the drama section in my son’s school
  • Learning carpentry on Fridays


Other Projects

  • Filming documentaries in post-soviet countries
  • Filming weddings and other events on a freelance basis
  • Making photos and retouching them with the use of editing software

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Final Thoughts

You no longer need to search for “how to write a resume videographer” because our experts have already taught you. If you feel confused and want to impress your recruiter with a breathtaking resume, trust our writers at Skillhub. They will effortlessly craft a bot-beating resume according to the videographer job description. 

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