Brand Ambassador Resume Sample

People mistakenly think that a brand ambassador is always a celebrity with massive online engagement. It is true. In many cases, movie stars become the public face of a particular company. But this does not mean that ordinary mortals can’t enjoy the work process of a brand ambassador if their achievements are below the stars’ ceiling (pun intended). 

In this article, you’ll learn the following:

  • what it takes to be a brand ambassador;
  • what is a resume in modernity;
  • what a brand ambassador resume sample looks like;
  • how to write a brand ambassador resume for an entry-level specialist;
  • how to make your resume stand out. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average brand ambassador’s salary at $133,380 per year and $64.12 per hour.

How to Format a Brand Ambassador Resume

A resume format is a layout of your personal information and professional accomplishments that can win you a job interview.

  • Chronological. It’s a perfect brand ambassador resume format for senior specialists. List your job experience starting from the recent job place. 
  • Functional. A resume sample written in this format focuses on your skills and education more than your experience. Yet, creating a functional resume is best for recent graduates and career changers. 
  • Combined. A combination type focuses both on skills and job experience. However, this format is the least used in the industry.
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Brand Ambassador Resume [Sample]

Are you in search of a perfect brand ambassador resume? There’s no need to waste your time. Check the resume for brand ambassador we have prepared for you below.

Sheila Morrell 

Address: 1972 Goyeau Ave, Windsor

Ontario, N9A 1H9

Telephone: +1(519)-543-900

Twitter or LinkedIn Profile (optional)



To find a brand ambassador job position in a local fashion company that promotes “green” fashion and sustainable living, preferably a company with a Portuguese and Spanish target audience.


Hard Skills 

  • High knowledge of fashion industry requirements and modern fashion trends
  • Strong marketing skills
  • Strong SEO skills
  • Excellent business knowledge
  • Strong sales and finance knowledge
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Solid project management skills

Soft Skills

  • Enthusiasm about the fashion industry
  • Strategic thinking
  • Creativity
  • Flexibility


Centennial College, Ontario


  • Master’s degree in business administration with a specialization in international business.
  • Two-year college courses in content writing and SEO optimization.


Brand Ambassador

Free Spirit


Key Responsibilities

  • Increased brand awareness by the use of social media platforms and active participation in trade festivals
  • Collaborated with the sales management department
  • Created marketing plans based on the customer feedback analysis

Key Accomplishments

  • Product-focused marketing plans increased the company’s sales by 37% in a year.
  • Expanded the fashion brand’s audience by 26% by raising the company’s awareness through social media and face-to-face communication.

Other Sections


  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish


  • Fashion illustration
  • Reading business literature

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

All resumes include a resume objective or resume summary. Depending on your professional goals, you must choose between these two elements.

  • Objective. Consists of 1-2 sentences. A brand ambassador resume objective would indicate your expectations from the future job. For instance, it might be the company’s specialization in the market or an opportunity for a flexible schedule.
  • Summary. Consists of 3-4 sentences. A resume summary is a statement of your job experience, education, and professional achievements. It’s a perfect choice for senior specialists.

Resume Summary [Examples]

An efficient brand ambassador resume example would focus on your experience and achievements. It would let your excellent work experience and skills stand out among the industry’s job seekers at the job market.


A brand ambassador with 2 years of experience in promoting and selling education books for students. 

Meanwhile, check the effective excerpt from a resume sample below.


Enthusiastic, goal-oriented, and highly communicative brand ambassador with 2 years of experience in selling and promoting education books to students. Due to strong communication skills and social media knowledge, increased the sales of the publishing house by 42%.

Resume Objective [Examples]

A great brand ambassador resume objective is placed at the top of the page and brings attention to your needs and professional goals. 

Check an objective extracted from a wrongly composed resume example.


Objective is to find a job in the beverage-producing industry.


Objective is to find a part-time job position as a brand ambassador in the beverage industry. Preferences include alcoholic beverage companies currently located in Toronto or Winnipeg.

Resume Examples [Experience]

If you closely read a brand ambassador job description for resume, it would tell you everything on how to be a good brand ambassador. Explore the job responsibilities and duties mentioned in the job description. By doing so, you can easily determine your career goals and write an attention-grabbing Experience section later.

  • Length. Including 2-3 workplaces in reverse chronological order is enough.
  • Structure. Mention the job position, the company name, and the years of work before writing down your key responsibilities and key achievements divided into 2 individual subsections.
  • Content. Mention your job responsibilities, like communicating with customers or giving presentations, in the first subsection. Add your achievements to the second one.

Entry Level Brand Ambassador Resume [Experience]

That’s all great. But how to write a resume with no experience at all? As a recent graduate or a career changer, you might have no experience to match those brand ambassador duties and responsibilities in the employer’s job description. In this case, follow our advice below.

  • Use a functional format to focus on your skills. This will bring you confidence that you are the right match for the job.
  • Mention the job-related responsibilities you once had. For instance, you might have worked as a consultant in the perfume department. 
  • Give a strong reason to an employer to hire you. For example, mention your medical background if you want to be engaged in pharmaceutical sales.
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Entry Level Brand Ambassador [Sample]

You’ll get acceptance to a company if your resume details showcase you as a young promising talent. 


I have never worked as a brand ambassador in the fashion industry before.

Learn how to properly write an Experience section in the following resume example extracted from a brand ambassador resume template.


Fragrance Sales Consultant



  • Consulting the shop’s customers on the fragrance samples
  • Contacting the target audience through social media channels for advertising purposes
  • Collecting the sales information for further sales statistics
  • Managing customers’ orders

Compose Your Educational Information in the Resume Section

If you browsed “brand ambassador duties resume,” you know how education requirements might differ depending on the industry specifics. Unlike your amazing ability to get results and showcase professional strengths, your education might not be that important to an employer. However, all resumes include an Education section. 

  • Having a degree in communications, business, or marketing is beneficial.
  • When writing down your educational information, start with the university name. Mention years of studying and the attained degree.
  • Mention additional education, like minors or college courses.

Brand Ambassador Resume Examples [Education]

All brand ambassador resume examples contain an Education section to follow the resume writing standards. 


I have recently graduated from Humber College in Toronto, Canada. My bachelor’s degree is in digital communications. Two years ago, I finished a one-year college course in web content writing. In such a way, I improved my SEO knowledge and sales skills for professional growth in my future career.


Humber College, Toronto


  • Bachelor in digital communication
  • Graduated summa cum laude in communications design


Course is content writing and SEO at Humber College 

Skills on a Resume for a Brand Ambassador

A brand ambassador’s career field might be described in one word: sales. It means that your brand ambassador resume skills will focus on sales, communication, and advertising. 

Once you type “brand ambassador skills resume,” you’ll find that this resume section impresses with diversity and numerous points. But don’t worry, we’ll teach you some organization rules.

  • Use bullet points for structure and strong visual appeal.
  • Divide your Skills section into Soft and Hard Skills parts.
  • Start with your Hard Skills. They are your core professional skills that all brand ambassadors need. For instance, mention your great prowess in event organizing and project management.
  • Continue with your Soft Skills subsection. These are non-technical skills that show your additional knowledge and let your personality shine out. For instance, mention problem-solving skills or creativity.

Brand Ambassador Resume Examples [Skills]

All brand ambassador resume samples prove that to be a great representative of this profession, one must attain great excellence at speaking and persuading. Use the Skills section to show the employer that you’ve got everything it takes to advertise products and lead the company’s delegation.


I am an amazing speaker with strong persuasion and communication skills. Years of professional experience have improved my relationship-building and leadership skills. 



Hard Skills

  • Excellent knowledge of industry specifics and marketing trends
  • Strong knowledge of social media software
  • Relationship-building skills
  • Leadership skills

Soft Skills

  • Brand loyalty
  • Confidence
  • Commitment
  • Creativity

Add a Spark to Your Resume

Any brand ambassador job description resume would tell you that additional sections let you shine like a diamond. Think of the most impressive fact that characterizes you. Once you get it, check the sections to which you may add this fact.

  • Awards and Achievements. Keep this section job-related. For instance, you can mention the contest on advertising duties you have won at college.
  • Hobbies. The goal of this section is to showcase your authenticity.
  • Languages. You’ll get the employer’s respect once they see your linguistic talent. 

Brand Ambassador Resume Examples [Other Sections]

A sample brand ambassador resume would contain secondary sections that bring additional information to persuade an employer to give you the dream work. So, write these sections smartly. 


Other Sections

Awards and Achievements. I won the article writing contest at college 2 years ago in the “Creative Writing” Nomination. 


Other Sections

Awards and Achievements

2018 - Won the Creative Writing Festival in the “Advertising Texts” Nomination

2020 - Won the SEO Writing Festival in the “Best Content Writer” Nomination


Other Sections

Hobbies: creative writing, swimming, watching Netflix. 


Other Sections


  • Creative writing
  • Reading fashion magazines
  • Visiting fashion shows
  • Blogging on fashion

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! Now you know how to write a resume brand ambassador effortlessly. Follow the structure and professional keywords you have learned about to make sure your resume matches the job description while appearing in the top results. A custom-written resume always follows modern resume writing standards. Our experts will ensure the recruiter that you are an excellent job candidate to consider. As for a technology-savvy candidate you are, check our LinkedIn profile writing service. Use social media to win your dream job!

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