Fashion Stylist Resume Examples

Recruiters and hiring managers choose candidates for interviews based on their resumes. Yours needs to show that you have relevant skills and experience and understand the work process. So check out these relevant fashion stylist resume examples. We’ll cover:

  • Resume objective vs. summary
  • A complete fashion stylist sample resume
  • How to format your experience
  • What education to include in the resume
  • What skills to talk about
  • What action verbs to use, and more.
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How to Format a Fashion Stylist Resume

When choosing your fashion stylist resume format and layout, stick to the basics. A creative resume is a good way to stand out, but don’t go overboard. Or your job application might turn out to be a complete failure. And if you lack resume-crafting experience and are wondering, “who can write my resume,” hire a professional to edit your resume sample and maximize your chances of landing an interview.

We encourage you to explore the following resume examples developed using our resume writing service. We’ve developed them for dozens of professions in all kinds of industries: from customer service to engineering. And we will keep updating the list each week with new examples.

Fashion Stylist Resume [Sample]

A decent fashion stylist resume example must highlight your achievements in a positive light. The main requirements for a winning fashion stylist resume example are to tell everything about you that might make the recruiter want to hire you and be more or less honest. Here’s a good model to follow.

Jeena Kravitz


To bring my three years of experience and 400+ happy clients to Narrow Lane as a fashion stylist. I am well-familiar and have a deep appreciation for Narrow Lane’s work, including its commitment to sustainable fashion.

Work Experience

Fashion Stylist

Fifth, New York, NY


  • Collaborated with the design team ahead of new collections
  • Worked together with photographers and stage designers to prepare models for photoshoots
  • Worked with individual and corporate clients and maintained a satisfaction rate of 90%
  • Assisted in orchestrating runway shows

Freelance Fashion Stylist


  • Worked with individual and corporate clients in-person and online
  • Provided thorough consulting service in the fields of fashion, shopping, and styling


Fashion and Textile Design, Syracuse University, NY


Gained a thorough knowledge of the fashion industry and learned to work as a fashion stylist for individual clients, organizations, and events. Maintained a GPA of 3.9.

Key Skills
  • Innate sense and professional knowledge of style and color
  • Commercial awareness of the global fashion industry
  • A proactive and assertive approach to clients
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution

  • Languages: English - Native; French - Fluent.
  • Have a deep knowledge of sustainable fashion.

This fashion stylist resume sample is just an example, though. Yours must be personalized.

Resume Objective & Resume Summary

A fashion stylist resume objective and summary are equally important if you want to be invited to an interview, but they aren’t the same thing. A summary focuses on your training and accomplishments, while an objective is all about your career goal.

There’s no need to include both in your resume unless you have all the space in the world (which you don’t). But make sure you don’t have a weird hybrid⁠—choose one and write it perfectly.

Resume Summary [Examples]

No resume sample is complete without a summary example teaching job seekers how to succeed in the job market. So here is how your resume summary should and should not look for it to work. Follow this fashion stylist resume template:


  • Experienced and passionate fashion stylist with a commitment to the work and individual appreciation for each client.This is way too vague. 


  • Licensed fashion stylist with five years of experience working with individual clients and organizations (40% referrals).

Resume Objective [Examples]

A fashion stylist resume objective statement focuses on what you want to achieve (including what position you’d like to get and what you expect your job duties and responsibilities to be). So here’s a resume example of the wrong and right resume objectives.


  • To get a job as a fashion stylist.This is vague, bland, and self-evident.


  • To bring my five years of experience and solid expertise to Park Avenue as a staff fashion stylist.

Resume Examples [Experience]

If you have years of experience, only list the last couple of jobs you’ve had. This will be enough to show that you know how to be a good fashion stylist. Include brief information about your duties, business expertise (for example, the numbers that show your success), and timelines.

Make sure that everything in the experience section of your resume for fashion stylist is relevant. There’s no need to include the buyer job you had five years ago but do mention your recent experience with photo shoots. The overall length of the experience section should be 2-3 paragraphs, one per job.

Entry Level Fashion Stylist Resume [Experience]

If you lack experience, you can still make the experience section of your resume fashion stylist look presentable. For example, include workshops you’ve completed or focus on the relevant responsibilities you’ve had in adjacent jobs.

If you were a buyer or a salesperson in the retail industry, highlight the responsibilities you had that align with those of a fashion stylist. Make sure that the recruiter looking at your experience has at least one solid reason to hire you as a fashion stylist.

Entry Level Fashion Stylist [Sample]

No fashion stylist resume description is complete without a resume example of what to include in the experience entry. Don’t repeat other people’s mistakes—the fashion industry is very competitive, so there isn’t much acceptance.


Fashion Stylist

Fifth Season, 2020-2022

  • Worked with different clients
  • Would style models for photoshoots
  • Assisted with bookkeeping


Fashion Stylist

Fifth Season, 2020-2022

  • Worked with clients and helped them have an enjoyable shopping experience.
  • Collaborated with the design team on new collections ahead of every season.
  • Provided merchandising guidance to store managers.
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Education: What to List There

If you have a college degree, make sure to include it on your fashion stylist resume. Ideally, include some information about the projects you had to complete and the requirements you managed to meet during your studies.

But it’s okay if your fashion stylist education isn’t formal. For example, if you’ve been an intern for public figures in the fashion industry, don’t be afraid to name-drop (as long as you have the person’s permission). If you’ve assisted in the creation of a fashion-related project, mention this as well.

Fashion Stylist Resume Examples [Education]

There’s no right or wrong education needed to become a fashion stylist. But it has to show your growth and willingness to invest in your career.


  • B.A., Fashion Apparel and Design
  • The Fashion Institute of South Florida, 2018


  • B.A., Fashion Apparel and Design
  • The Fashion Institute of South Florida, 2018
  • Gained a solid understanding of the retail industry and learned to work as a fashion stylist for clients preparing for public appearances. Maintained a GPA of 3.8.
  • As you can see, a few details make all the difference in a fashion stylist job description resume.

Skills on a Resume for a Fashion Stylist

Edit your skills based on the job description so that the recruiter can see that you’re a great match. A lot of fashion stylist skills have more to do with communication than the fashion career field. After all, as a stylist, you’ll get to work in all types of settings and with various clients, including those who are notoriously difficult to please and even celebrities.

So when you’re writing your fashion stylist skills resume, make sure to present the right mix of hard and soft skills. Here are a few to consider:

  • Outstanding sense of style and color
  • Deep knowledge of fabrics and materials
  • Understanding of fashion trends
  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Expert conflict resolution
  • Work ethic.

Fashion Stylist Resume Examples [Skills]

Make sure your fashion stylist resume skills match the job posting and the career field. Don’t put something that you’ve gained in other occupations yet will hardly use as a fashion stylist.


  • Communication
  • Business Analysis
  • Time Management


  • Outstanding sense of style and color
  • Understanding of fashion trends
  • Ability to find common ground with individuals with different backgrounds, occupations, and tastes.
  • Conflict resolution.

How to Make Your Resume Catch Recruiters’ Attention

If you want to land an interview and for your dream employer to eventually recruit you, education and experience aren’t everything you can use to make your resume stand out. The “Additional skills” or “Other” section is a great place to shine.

But it’s essential to include only relevant skills there and show that you understand how to be a good fashion stylist. For example, broad statements about your concern for the planet’s future don’t belong there, while your interest in sustainable fashion does.

Fashion Stylist Resume Examples [Other Sections]

Fashion stylist resume examples online feature tons of vague or irrelevant “Other” sections. If you want your fashion stylist resume to stand out and work in your favor, don’t make the same mistakes.


  • Avid hiker
  • Dog lover


  • Have a 90% sustainable, 80% vintage wardrobe.
  • Can scan any room and find a potential client there.

Use Key Action Verbs

Finally, make sure to use tons of action verbs in your resume. Since all entries in all sections on your resume start with verbs, it takes active effort to avoid overused and repetitive ones. Use this list to diversify yours:

  1. Coordinated
  2. Executed
  3. Planned
  4. Delegated
  5. Orchestrated
  6. Consolidated
  7. Achieved
  8. Generated
  9. Accelerated
  10. Improved
  11. Capitalized
  12. Maximized
  13. Created
  14. Designed
  15. Implemented
  16. Negotiated
  17. Navigated
  18. Resolved
  19. Advised
  20. Educated
  21. Coached
  22. Identified
  23. Evaluated
  24. Quantified
  25. Defined
  26. Reviewed, and more.

Action words can help your experience seem more diverse than it actually is. They are a lifesaver for candidates who’ve worked in different places but basically the same role. So don’t be afraid to sound pretentious. Find more elaborate synonyms for “organized” and “reached.”

In Conclusion

Hopefully, you’re no longer wondering how to write a fashion stylist resume. Focus on the resume summary or objective (whatever you choose), education, experience, skills, and additional interests. Be thorough⁠—your resume is the first thing a recruiter sees. So it can either work to your advantage and land you a job or leave you with no interview.

Given how high the stakes are, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to help you craft a perfect resume. Our experts know exactly how your fashion stylist resume is supposed to look and are happy to help.

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