Game Design Resume Sample

The first thing a game designer working on their resume should do is find a decent game design resume sample written by someone with an understanding of the work process in game design and systems thinking. This article is a great place to start if you feel like you lack experience.

Find out what should be included in an excellent game design resume in each of the sections—resume summary and objective, experience, education, skills, and other.

How to Format a Game Design Resume

There are tons of layout options for a game design resume, but in most cases, it is better to stick to the classics. List each of the key sections (resume summary and objective, experience, education, skills, and other) in this particular order and try not to go over one page. It is okay to write in two columns, though.

A resume is the main part of the job application and a ticket to a job interview. If in doubt, follow the resume sample from the next section.

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Game Design Resume [Sample]

There are tons of game design resume examples online, but not all of them are the right role models to follow. If you are a game designer looking for a good company to hire you, pay attention to the position requirements and reflect them in your resume.

Contact Information

Candidate’s name, email, and phone number


To obtain a middle+ level position in game design with specialization in free-to-play or action RPG. Would love to work for an industry leader like Rockstar Games.

Work Experience

Nintendo, New York City, NY

Lead Game Designer, 2017-2020

  • Worked on four projects (free-to-play and action RPG)
  • Successfully led a team of ten 3D motion designers through the early stages of a new project
  • Worked closely with designers working on action-adventure games

Epic Games, Cary, North Carolina

Game Designer, 2016-2017

  • Successfully completed one action and one action RPG project
  • Worked with UX testing team and used their insight to improve player experience
  • Created twelve new levels over the course of fourteen months


Bachelor in Game Design

Cleveland Institute of Art, 2016

Key Skills

  • Maya and 3DS Max
  • Unreal engines
  • Python
  • Team leadership skills
  • Project management


  • Spanish—Fluent
  • Expert in game systems and consoles

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We’ve developed them for dozens of professions in all kinds of industries: from customer service to engineering. And we will keep updating the list each week with new professions/examples.

Resume Objective & Resume Summary

A game design resume objective and resume summary are two distinct things, even though they both serve the goal of getting a job seeker an interview.

A resume objective states what a candidate is looking for. It often starts with a verb, such as “to find,” “to obtain,” and the likes.

In turn, a resume summary is a brief statement that summarizes the candidate’s entire career so far. It should be one to three sentences long and highlight the job seeker’s key training, experience, and skills.

Resume Summary [Examples]


  • Exceptional game designer who knows everything there is to know about game design and testing. Has spent four years working at one of the leading companies in the industry.Job seekers with such a summary claim that they have work experience but do not include any specifics. They need a game design resume template to succeed in the job market.


  • Game designer with 4+ years of experience at Nintendo and Ubisoft. Has successfully completed 20+ free-to-play (F2P) and action-RPG projects.

Resume Objective [Examples]


  • To grow professionally in the field of game design.It is not uncommon to find such an objective in a resume for game designer, but it is all wrong. It lacks any specifics whatsoever and fails to highlight candidates’ training, accomplishments, and, most importantly, plans.


  • To obtain a medium+ level position in the game design industry with a focus on action-RPG projects.It is also a good idea to tailor the resume for a specific job opening.

Resume Examples [Experience]

The main rule of the experience section in the resume is that everything listed here should be relevant. If you have spent years as a neurosurgeon before becoming a game designer, it is not really a hiring manager’s business.

A good experience section is about three to five short bullet lists long, and it is very on-point. Include specific data (such as what exactly you did in the previous position) but avoid going into details too much. List the main duties you had in previous positions.

Go back to the resume example above to illustrate what the experience section should look like.

Entry Level Game Design Resume [Experience]

If you are a future game designer with no experience, it does not mean that you can skip the experience section altogether. Your resume should still include something for the hiring manager to know that you have at least some familiarity with the industry.

List every game design internship you have completed and the responsibilities you had there. If you want to emphasize your lack of experience in the resume for some reason, mention it in the resume summary but add what a fast learner you are.

Entry Level Game Design [Sample]

Look at this example of a wrong experience section for a video game designer resume and a version of the right one.


  • Assisted with two video game projects
  • Had no professional experience so far
  • Will meet any job offer with acceptance


  • Completed an A+ final project (2D) for the Unity course in game design
  • Interned at Amazon Games Studios
  • Thanks to a background in project management, I am able to accurately quantify the time required for a project completion

Game Design Education: What to List

Even though the experience is key, education can save a game design resume of an entry-level job seeker with no professional experience so far. A candidate with a good degree can be even more sought after than someone with experience but no relevant education. So, list your university major and the most relevant courses you have completed.

Pay attention to the job requirements, though. If a company is looking for someone with experience, even the most impressive educational background will not be enough.

Game Design Resume Examples [Education]

Once again, feel free to consult the sample game design resume above to know how to write the education section to kickstart your career.


  • Bachelor of Science in Game Art
  • Full Sail University, 2018-2020


  • Bachelor of Science in Game Art
  • Full Sail University, 2018-2020
  • Gained expertise in game animation, motion capture, and level assembly.
  • GPA 3.8
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Skills on a Resume for a Game Design

Game design is a career field where job seekers’ game design skills are what all hiring managers and potential employers are interested in the most. No matter what a candidate’s education is, if they do not know how to work with the game engines the company uses or have zero expertise in Python, they will not get a job interview.

Once again, tailor your game design resume skills to the job opening. List the platforms you have worked with and the games you have helped design, but prioritize those mentioned in the job listing.

The main skills a game design candidate should include on their resume are:

  • Game platforms
  • Programming skills
  • Specialties in game design
  • The game engines used
  • Additional skills akin to documentation and project scheduling

Game Design Resume Examples [Skills]

Game design is one of those occupations where the skills section can make or break a game design skills resume. Compare these models to make your skills stand out in a good way.


  • Excellent communicator
  • Programing experience
  • 2D and 3D game design
  • Project management


  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Maya and 3DS Max
  • Unreal and Unite engines
  • Python
  • Project management

How to Make Your Resume Unmissable

A computer game designer is a competitive profession. To stand out in the large pool of job seekers, candidates should list not only their game designer skills but also unique additional proficiencies that might be relevant.

It is impossible to know what will ultimately get a candidate an interview and, ideally, make them a new recruit at their dream company.

But the helpful additional sections to include in the resume are language proficiency and interests (strategically selected and job-related).

Game Design Resume Examples [Other Sections]

Any job ad is focused mostly on video game designer requirements, but it is totally possible to get an idea of the company’s culture and job responsibilities beyond game design. An ideal “other” section on a professional game design resume helps a job seeker sell themselves. So if the job listing mentions office equipment, do not hesitate to mention that you can scan.


  • Avid reader
  • Expert boulder
  • Dog lover


  • Fluent in Spanish and French
  • Expert in innovative work productivity techniques
  • Unreal and Unite engines
  • An expert video gamer with 10+ years of experience and 150+ games completed

What to Remember About Game Design Resume

How to write a resume is an entire science that takes years to master. A good game designer resume catches the attention of a recruiter, highlights the candidate’s key skills, and lists their experience in an honest yet flattering way. If you are uncertain about your resume writing skills but want as many jobs as possible to be open to you, consider getting professional help. And share this article on social media to help other game designers find their dream job.

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