Translator Resume Sample

Fell in love with languages and books? Then, a profession of a translator might be a good fit for your future career. Humanities is oftentimes a place to get a well-rounded education in learning new languages, mastering the art of translation, and familiarizing yourself with the work process of a professional translator. 

If you’re a graduate with big dreams of finding your first job, check the article below to

  • Master the art of resume writing; 
  • Check a free translator resume sample;
  • Learn how to put skills and education on a translator resume.

How to Format a Translator Resume

When composing your resume, use a translator resume format that can land you a job interview. We advise you to use the following two formats for your job application:

  • Chronological. Perfect for professionals with an outstanding experience. Here, the layout allows you to put your experience in chronological order;
  • Functional. The format emphasizes your skills yet is perfect for industry newcomers. 

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Translator Resume [Sample]

Writing a translator resume might sound like a challenge at first. However, once you learn the structure of a traditional resume sample, the task will get easier. We also advise you to find a professionally written resume sample for translator and check how the writer has applied the structure and organized the content. 

Meanwhile, we’ve prepared a free translator resume sample for you below. 

Maria Gonsalez 

Certified Portuguese-to-English Translator

(347) 739-8622

LinkedIn or any Other Social Media: Optional


To find a full-time or project job as a book translator in a publishing house. Well-versed in Portuguese-to-English translation of biography novels and detective stories. Open for hire internationally. Preference for remote jobs with flexible schedules and long-term deadlines. 


Portuguese-to-English Translator

Adventure Lit

238 Poplar Street, NY


Key Responsibilities

  • Following deadlines of the translation projects;
  • Translating biographies and detective novels from Portuguese to English while applying the knowledge of genre requirements;
  • Cooperating with the advertisement and editing department;
  • Following the confidentiality regulations; 
  • Performing transcription services for projects that included live interviews while following the legal requirements. 

Key Achievements

  • Translated twelve 400-paged biographies in 4 years; 
  • Won a ‘Translator of the Year 2019’ Award for the translation of ‘Charles Darwin’s Biography’ from Portuguese to English.


Bachelor of Arts, Major in Languages & Translation


  • A winner of the ‘Terry Fox Humanitarian’ Award.


Hard Skills

  • Strong knowledge of translation and editing tools; 
  • Advanced knowledge of Portuguese and English; 
  • Proficient knowledge of French and Spanish;
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills; 
  • Well-versed in creative writing;
  • Strong research skills.

Soft Skills

  • Strong time management and self-discipline;
  • Multitasking;
  • Strong self-organization;
  • Active listening.

Other Sections


  • English;
  • Portuguese;
  • Spanish;
  • French.


  • Canadian Translators Association: Certified Translator from Portuguese to English;
  • Canadian Translators Association: Certified Translator from English to Portuguese.

Resume Objective & Resume Summary

Knowing the difference between a translator resume summary and a translator resume objective is important for ensuring your career goals come true. 

  • Objective. Writing an objective is perfect if you’re a newbie with a need for additional training. An objective is also a great option for professionals who need to state their career goals or ones searching for special work conditions;
  • Summary. A summary tells the reader about your work history and accomplishments in a few sentences before you get an actual invitation for a job interview.

Resume Summary [Examples]

Check both well-written and inefficiently composed translator resume samples before you write your own resume sample. 


I’ve got everything you want to see as an employer in your job seekers. Smart and passionate about studying linguistics, I’ve got 5 years of work experience in the industry.


Highly self-organized translator from Spanish to English with 7 years of experience in the job market. Translated 5 bestsellers (biographies and thrillers) due to my remarkable knowledge of languages. Got an Award in ‘The Best Thriller Translation 2018’ category. 

Resume Objective [Examples]

A translator resume objective is a place to name your needs as an industry changer or state your demands as a professional. As always, check objective resume samples before writing your own resume example.


A French-to-Spanish translator looking for a job position as a translator.


To find a job position as a French-to-Spanish translator in local publishing houses. Preferences for science fiction and fantasy novels. Need additional training in editing techniques and book design.

Resume Examples [Experience]

A standard translator resume sample will include an Experience section with all the data related to the applicant’s work history. Don’t waste your time googling ‘sample translator resume’ and follow the next tips: 

  • Mention your recent workplace followed by previous jobs if you’ve chosen a Chronological format; 
  • Name the literature you’ve translated. Was it business literature or sci-fi? Or was it documentation and interview transcription? Be specific; 
  • List your duties in the ‘Key Responsibilities’ section;
  • Writing down 3-4 workplaces is enough - don’t be too long; 
  • Always mention the name of the company or the publication house correctly. Add the years of employment.

Entry Level Translator Resume [Experience]

What should an Experience section look like in a resume for translator with no experience? The main tip is not to leave the section empty. Sure, you’ve never had responsibilities as a translator, but you have skills, right? 

Your main task is to give a reason to the recruiter to employ you. Do you know all the automation processes in the software for translation? Mention how you used this knowledge for a college or freelance project. 

Entry Level Translator Resume [Sample]

Among all translator resume examples, the ones for the entry-level specialists are the rarest to be found. Check the correct and wrong resume example below.


I have no experience in the publishing industry, but if you show me acceptance to your team, I will prove that I am a great translator. 


Spanish-to-French Translator

Ontario Humanities College


  • Worked on the project of translating novels by Gabriel Garcia Marquez; 
  • Used translation and editing software. 
  • For more information on the project, follow the link.

Writing Down Your Education Data

Putting your education on a translator resume must follow the traditional requirements. For instance, the order of the elements in the Education section. Start with the name of the college or university and add the years and the major. 

After mentioning the main details of your translator education, add other details like scholarships and internships. 

Make sure the creation of your Education section includes all the translation courses and college courses as well.

Translator Resume Examples [Education]

Like in all translator resume samples, the Education section has translator requirements to follow. Check the content and structure in the Education section example below. 


I entered New York City College to start a career in fiction translation. I believe that courses like Business Spanish and Translating Fiction assisted my growth as an aspirational translator.


New York City College


Bachelor in Arts and Humanities; Major in Fiction Translation

  • Undertook an internship in a Penguin House.
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Skills on a Resume for a Translator

Most translator resume samples will be written in a Chronological format. But what to do if you’ve recently changed your career field and have no experience at all? Apply a Functional format and put down your translator resume skills into a resume!

Regardless of the format you choose, follow the next tips:

  • Divide your Hard and Soft Skills into two sections, respectively. Mention your technical skills in the first section, while the non-technical ones in the second;
  • Describe your skills confidently. Use adjectives like ‘superb,’ ‘strong,’ ‘efficient,’ etc.;
  • Mention the name of the software if possible. For instance, Fluency Now;
  • Don’t forget to list the languages you’ve been working with and the proficiency you’ve mastered. 

Translator Resume Examples [Skills]

Check as many translator resume samples as you can to define the rules of resume writing in practice. Regardless of the occupations that individuals or applicants are aiming for, it is advisable for them to check professional translator resume examples and check various Skills sections. 


Self-discipline; knowledge of languages; multitasking, etc. 


Hard Skills

  • Proficiency in Spanish, Portuguese, and English;
  • Strong knowledge of CAT;
  • Strong research skills;
  • Creative writing skills.
  • Soft Skills

  • Self-organization;
  • Time management;
  • Multitasking.

How to Stand Out from the Crowd

Among all translator resume sections, Other Sections are not considered the most essential. All because they often contain less important information, unlike the top resume sections like Experience or Skills. However, we advise you to use them in order to maximize your chances of nailing a job interview and persuade the company’s hiring manager to recruit you.

Other Sections that an applicant can add to their resume to showcase their authenticity are as follows:

  • Awards & Achievements; 
  • Volunteering;
  • Hobbies;
  • Other Projects, etc.

Translator Resume Examples [Other Sections]

A traditional professional translator resume will include Other Sections that present the candidate in the best light while hiding their possible faults. When a recruiter decides to scan your resume for translator jobs, they will perceive you as a well-rounded applicant that can add both to their work and team experience.


Other Sections


  • I’ve been a volunteer in the local shelter for 2 years. 
  • Check the example below where the author keeps their data job-relevant.


Other Sections


  • I’ve been working as a volunteer in the local school, where I teach adolescents Portuguese and Latin American History. 

Use Translator Resume Keywords 

Why do keywords in your resume matter? The first stage that a resume goes through is being checked by an ATS system that uses keywords to identify whether you’re a great fit for the job. Now imagine your translator resume includes no keywords and gets missed in the pile of other resumes.

The keywords to add to your resume and make yourself seen are as follows:

  • Action verbs. “Worked,” “performed,” “translated,” “composed,” “engaged in,” etc.;
  • Professional names and nouns. Use the names of languages and the professional software; 
  • Use core professional words. “Creative writing,” “translation,” “transcription,” etc.

As you can see, adding keywords is easy - the only requirement is to use them in all resume sections instead of putting them only in the Experience or Skills section. Another tip is adding the professional words that have already been written in the job post to create a match for your resume.

Final Thoughts

Congrats! Now you know how to write a translator resume with ease!

Let’s jump into the core tips again:

  • Follow a proper structure;
  • Never leave your Experience section empty for the recruiter;
  • Make sure to divide your skills in two sections;
  • Maximize your chances to win a job by adding Other Sections;
  • Use keywords to stand out among other candidates.

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