Creative Director Resume Sample

The key to landing a dream creative direction position is the way one can prove their competencies and experience. Before a person, regardless of their charm and soft skills, applies for such a job, the main source of information about them as a professional for the employer is the creative director resume sample they receive. 

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Hence, it’s crucial to include as much relevant information as possible to draw on the experience a person has, the work processes they can build, and the contribution they can make to the creative management systems in the company. 

How to Format a Creative Director Resume

The main function of any resume is to make one’s skills and abilities as a creative director clear from the first glance before the interview. Thus, it’s essential to communicate those in the content and delivery of the resume sample you send in a specific job application—in terms of its layout, composition, and information. 

Arrange all the information you want to provide into separate blocks, compose those by any principle you find relevant, and cover each section with concentrated data on your competencies. 

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Creative Director Resume [Sample] 

Creative directors should be able to present their expertise and accomplishments effectively. The best ways to learn how to do that are by studying descriptions of creative director jobs and looking through creative director resume examples. So, we’ve prepared a resume creative director sample to help you get started.

June Doe

Residence city, WA, 99999 l Contact number: 937-55-5555 l l

LinkedIn profile link

Creative Director

Introduce yourself with a firm set of personal and professional qualities, for instance:

  • an experienced creative with the set of creative advertising, creative, and art direction skills;
  • data-proved promotion campaigns of different scales for a wide range of retail and B2B markets;
  • leadership skills to manage and direct a creative collective of copywriters and designers;
  • firm collaboration skills for cross-team communication with production and management departments;
  • evergreen interest in the newest trends and tendencies in creative communications, as well as the inspiration for projects of social importance.

Core Creative Direction Skills

This section is the best block to list all the skills the applicant considers relevant to the opening: 

  • creative briefing;
  • strategic briefing;
  • leading of the creative team;
  • giving constructive feedback for ideas with relevant revision suggestions;
  • pitching ideas to business clients; 
  • arranging ideas into engaging presentations;
  • managing and directing the production unit during shooting and content making;
  • incorporating the influential marketing unit for better results of the overall creative campaigns. 


It’s best for the experience section to be arranged from the most relevant to the less relevant. 

Creative Lead

Second Agency, City, 2018 to present

Creative support and leadership for a small in-house creative team of one designer and one copywriter. Along with the team, we launched 38 successful advertising campaigns that varied from short-haul flights to national-wide 360 campaigns; participated in and won 22 tenders throughout my career in this position. 


  1. Established and empowered a strong creative team as a unit in Second Agency: the copywriter grew from a junior to a solid middle level, and the senior designer grew into an art director as of now. 
  2. Drove the agency’s performance in the creative department in terms of requests from clients, their loyalty, and trust. 

Be sure to include as many previous positions as it fits the creative director resume objective. Further, we will analyze the rest of the resume elements. 

Resume Objective & Resume Summary

The creative director resume objective and summary sections are supposed to identify you as a professional and demonstrate your motivation in getting the position. One can think of these as job interview questions: the candidate should introduce themselves, describe their development expectations, and suggest the contribution they can bring to the creative department. 

It must be a combination of data on the candidate’s achievements and competencies combined with their motivation. State the most important facts in the summary section and explain your goals in the objective one. 

Resume Summary [Examples]

A sample creative director resume with a strong summary will include the relevant expertise of the applicant represented in a humble yet confident way. This resume sample section allows modest boasting, but the candidate will have to elaborate on it during the interview. 


  • A creative with diverse experience ready to become a creative director. 


  • An aspiring creative director with 6+ years of experience in creative advertising and marketing. Over 30 successful campaigns on different positions in marketing agencies, which included direction, art direction, creative and communication experience that makes me stand out in the job market. 

Resume Objective [Examples]

While writing the creative director resume objective, an applicant should think about what they can contribute to the company and make it their goal. The following resume example shows how to express motivation as a future creative director. 


  • In this position, I aspire to make creative ideas working along with the creative team. 


  • My skills and set of expertise will empower the creative unit and open new possibilities to the entire agency in terms of clients, their loyalty, and agency revenues.

Resume Examples [Experience]

This section is supposed to answer the question “what does a creative director do?”— it must be presented as an example of the applicant’s activities as well. Thus, it’s best to represent it as concise yet exhaustive lists of positions you took, duties you covered, and business objectives you reached based on the retrospective data. 

A quality resume for creative director will be brief and filled with facts. The way you communicate about the precious achievements is another opportunity for the executives to learn about the applicant’s motivation and values, so these sections must not be overlooked. 

Entry Level Creative Director Resume [Experience]

Even if switching to a creative direction is a big step towards something new, it’s possible to send a creative director job resume with no experience successfully. In this case, the application should draw all the attention to the competencies that show the future potential of the applicant and become the reason for the company to make them an offer. Mention all the relevant tasks and responsibilities you have and explain how they will manifest in the creative director position. 

Entry Level Creative Director [Sample]

Make sure even the lack of experience will not cut your chances. In this creative director resume example, the emphasis is primarily on the potential of the candidate. 

RIGHT entry level resume example:

The experience as a Middle Creative Copywriter and then a Creative Lead enables me to make creative campaigns and work with a creative team, as well as pitch the ideas to clients. My previous experience in the field allows me to contribute to the company’s revenue in the case of my acceptance. 

WRONG entry level resume example:

I spent enough time in the creative industries to understand how creative direction works; hence, I am able to direct a team of creatives. 

Education Section: How to Compose It Right

There is no faculty that gives a complete creative director education per se—it must be a compilation of the relevant background and tangible experience. To fit the creative director job description resume contents must reflect it in the education section as well. Make sure to note the degree you pursued in the university and the core competencies you gained that are related to the requirements of the position you aim at. 

Creative Director Resume Examples [Education]

Although the education section is not the most looked at in a creative director resume, it is viewed as the basis of an applicant's background. Hence, focus on this section to represent your growth and career aspirations in the resume profile so that they fit the creative director requirements of the company. Here is how to put it.


Humanities College


  • Received a degree in 2015
  • Avarage GPA 3.8


Humanities College


  • Received a bachelor’s degree in philosophy
  • Participated in the public communication discussion club
  • Contributed to the faculty magazine as an editor

Skills on a Resume for a Creative Director

Dwell on all the competencies from the career field that demonstrate how to be a good creative director. This will prove your expertise and hands-on experience. An extensive set of creative director skills include 

  • creativity;
  • decision-making;
  • leadership; 
  • management, 
  • art direction;
  • brand development;
  • logo design;
  • Adobe Creative Suite, etc. 

These skills can be listed and grouped separately or represented as lists of the soft and the hard ones. Whichever approach the applicant chooses, the communication should be built from the perspective of the candidate’s contribution to the company. 

Creative Director Resume Examples [Skills]

The right approach to a creative director resume template allows you to make every skill matter. Here is the list of creative director resume skills that give a picture of both the candidate’s competencies and potential. 


  • regular communication with the creative team
  • picking the ideas to sell to client


  • inter-department communication with management and production for successful campaigns
  • mentorship for creatives at the junior and middle level
  • pitching the projects to clients and selling the ideas

Tips to Assemble a Successful Creative Director Resume

Undoubtedly, a creative director skills resume must express creativity in every aspect. 

  1. Make sure you include your own perspective in all resume sections—it can be an emphasis on the achievement or a takeaway from a school.
  2. Be ready to elaborate on your resume during the interview.
  3. Don’t forget to include your photo in the resume to make it memorable from the first glance.
  4. Mention awards your campaigns received.
  5. Pay attention to the resume’s tone of voice. It must be professional, reputable, and respectful. 

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Creative Director Resume Examples [Other Sections]

A good resume for creative director must not be limited to the education and experience section corresponding to the creative director job description. The applicant should present themselves as a multifaceted professional who is genuinely interested in their occupation. It can be a scan of your awards, a list of the languages you speak, or even a funny story on how you encountered the job ad. Here are some examples of additional sections. 


  • interested in sport
  • my hobbies include fishing and hiking


Global ad forum volunteering:

  • communication with the guests and moderation of the discussion 

Best Social Ad award:

  • Second Agency

Languages spoken:

  • English, Spanish

The Bottom Line

Landing a creative director job may seem like a challenge, especially if it is one’s career step-up. However, it is not impossible if the applicant knows how to write a creative director resume and impress even the most scrupulous recruiter. In fact, there is no magic about the writing process—just be clear about your potential and your aspirations. 

However, if you want to ensure nothing is missing in your application, try a custom resume editing service. With such an aid, you can be positive that all their professional qualities shine and make an impression of the experienced creative professional. Plus, a polished resume will later boost your confidence during the job interview. 

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