Fashion Designer Resume Sample

If you follow Instagram fashion icons and know the difference between a Juliet sleeve and a banded sleeve, welcome to the world of fashion! Do you have average drawing skills, a sense of materials, color and aesthetics? Then the work process of a fashion designer might suit you. 

In this article, you’ll find:

  • A professionally crafted fashion designer resume sample;
  • Tips on how to get hired as a newbie;
  • How to showcase achievements in your resume;
  • How to organize your resume sections effectively.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average fashion designer’s salary at $77,450 per year and $37.24 per hour.

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How to Format a Fashion Designer Resume

The layout of your personal and work information must be efficient to show your best side. To win a job interview, be careful while choosing a resume format for fashion designer job. 

  • Functional. The most popular format among career changers and recent fashion design graduates. This format accentuates your professional skills while focusing less on your job history;
  • Chronological. This format lets your job accomplishments shine out. Perfect for professionals with decades of experience;
  • Combination. A less ATS-friendly option, this format is a mix of the two formats mentioned above. 

Fashion Designer Resume [Sample]

A fashion designer resume template contains a header, summary or objective; Experience, Skills, Education, and Other sections. Check the next sample fashion designer resume written according to all resume writing requirements.

Pay special attention to the fashion designer resume structure. 

Fashion Designer

Name and Last Name: Rose Grace 

Phone Number: (870)-285-3451

Address: 150 Jamison Rd,

Nashville, Tennessee (Ten)

Social Media: optional



Highly creative and attentive to detail fashion designer with 5 years of job experience in brand development and ecommerce. Due to unique artistic vision, research skills, and business knowledge, created women’s spring collections which boosted the company’s sales by 55% and kept the sales stable for the next 4 years.


Fashion Designer



Key Responsibilities

  • Designed women’s apparel according to the brand’s ethical and aesthetic standards; 
  • Used research skills to predict preferences of the target audience;
  • Monitored the designing process of the design team;
  • Created mood boards and designed sketches;
  • Selected vendors and met with them.

Key Accomplishments

  • Increased the company’s awareness by 27%;
  • Boosted the company’s sales by 55%;
  • Kept the company’s sales boosted by 55% for 4 years.


Hard Skills

  • Artistic skills;
  • Superb knowledge of apparel construction techniques;
  • Great verbal and written communication skills;
  • Time management skills;
  • Organization skills.

Soft Skills

  • Multitasking;
  • Stress resistance;
  • Sales skills;
  • Excellent knowledge of business concepts.


Albertus Magnus College

New Haven, CT


Bachelor in Arts and Design

  • Completed internship at Givenchy (2015-2016).

Other Sections


  • Fashion illustration;
  • Graphic design;
  • ‘Green’ fashion blogging.

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

Whether you’ve got an outstanding experience or not, your resume must include a fashion designer resume objective or summary. While a resume summary is a statement of your professional achievements, an objective tells the recruiter about your career plans and requirements.


  • 3-5 sentences;
  • Contains your job history in short;
  • Restates your skills;
  • Mentions your most impressive achievements and job responsibilities;
  • Perfect for senior professionals.


  • 1-2 sentences;
  • Expresses your specific requests regarding the company’s location or duties;
  • Great for beginners.

Resume Summary [Examples]

A well-written summary will let you stand out in the job market. That’s why the majority of job seekers include a fashion designer summary in their resume. 


I am an enthusiastic and creative designer with 3 years of job experience in a commercial fashion. I love my work because each day I can create something beautiful. 


Highly energetic and creative fashion designer with 3 years of experience in the fashion industry. Due to superb feeling of aesthetics and business knowledge increased sales by 75% in 2 years.

Resume Objective [Examples]

Keep attention while putting your fashion designer resume objective at the top of the page. Be specific and include as many details as possible in your job demands.


Looking to find a fashion designer job position at a fashion company specializing in retail. 


Looking to find a job position at a newly founded fashion company specializing in ‘green’ fashion. Companies in New York or Rhode Island with flexible schedules are highly preferred.

Resume Examples [Experience]

You’ll find tons of fashion designer resume examples with a badly written Experience section. Some of them will lack structure, while others will contain job experience which fails to match a fashion designer job description for resume.

To be on the right side, follow the top resume writing tips below:

  • Keep the career goals you’ve accomplished relevant. No need to talk about the number of articles you’ve written as a blog writer for a fashion magazine;
  • Keep the section organized. Write down the name of the company, job position, and years of working;
  • Two subparts. Talk about tasks in the Key Responsibilities and achievements in the Key Accomplishments subsections. 

Entry Level Fashion Designer Resume

Most candidates who have recently transitioned from another industry may find it difficult to compose the Experience section.

No need to search for ‘resume fashion designer.’ Just follow a few rules:

  • Never write down ‘No experience.’ The reason is simple: everyone has something to suggest to the recruiter;
  • Think of your talents and accomplishments. Mention your responsibilities as a volunteer or ones you had while doing a different job. Ever did a fashion project while at college? Tell your resume reader about it.

Entry Level Fashion Designer [Sample]

Once you have recollected your personal and student achievements, crafting an Experience section in a resume for fashion designer is no longer intimidating. 


My ability to learn new things will surprise you. Though I’ve got no experience, your company will provide me with new opportunities. Looking forward to your acceptance!


Fashion Illustrator

Minor Details (College Magazine)


  • Provided the writing department with illustrations for the articles;
  • Researched new photo concepts for students;
  • Created photographs for the magazine covers.

Education Section: Craft It By Yourself

Whether you’ve graduated from the best college for a fashion designer or are a self-taught professional, Education is a must detail to mention. To get results and showcase your professional strengths at the job interview, follow the tips on how to organize your Education section:

  • Mention the name of the college, university or courses;
  • Write down the location (city, state);
  • Write down the years of studying; 
  • There are no other specific requirements. However, you can add a few details about internships or honors degrees.

Fashion Designer Resume Examples [Education]

Make sure your Education section matches the information in the fashion designer job description resume. In order not to sabotage your potential growth of the career in fashion, keep your degrees organized. 


I am a recent graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design. I have studied a variety of subjects in arts and design. I especially excelled at Fashion Illustration. 


Rhode Island School of Design

Providence, RI


  • Graduated summa cum laude in Fashion Illustration;
  • Completed internship at Dior (2019-2020).

Skills on a Resume for a Fashion Designer

If you haven’t got enough experience in the fashion industry, use the Skills section to persuade the recruiter you’re the match for the job position. In fact, to let your fashion designer skills shine bright, use the Functional format. One of the top resume formats for 2021 in fashion, it will focus on your skills rather than experience. 

The core hard or soft skills to mention in your Skills section are:

  • Creativity. High creativity is a must among all skills needed to be a fashion designer; 
  • Business knowledge. As a basic soft skill in this career field, a superb understanding of business allows a designer to create apparel that sells well; 
  • Artistic skills for sketching and concept research; 
  • Interpersonal skills for efficient cooperation with other designers. 

Fashion Designer Resume Examples [Skills]

Bullet-point structure and organization are the main rules in putting your fashion designer resume skills. Here, the core ingredient of every fashion designer resume example is the division into Hard and soft subsections. Again, a well-organized Skills section works miracles when done properly.


Artistic vision; knowledge of colors and fabrics; sewing skills; organization and time management; creativity; stress resistance.


Hard Skills

  • Artistic abilities;
  • Sense of style;
  • Business knowledge; 
  • Superb interpersonal skills;
  • Efficient written and verbal communication skills.

Soft Skills

  • Online research skills (building statistics on customers’ reviews); 
  • Presentations skills;
  • Great excellence at multitasking;
  • Time management;
  • Organization.

Add Authenticity to Your Resume

It is natural that as a creative individual, you want to stand out. Thanks to resume writing standards, you can! Use Other sections in your fashion design resume to tell the reader about your most impressive accomplishments or hobbies. Just keep everything you mention job-related. 

The goal of Other sections is to show the recruiter that you are a skillful candidate regardless of the experience. 

The sections to talk about your extracurricular duties and achievements are:

  • Volunteering;
  • Hobbies;
  • Other Projects;
  • Awards & Achievements. 

Fashion Designer Resume Examples [Other Sections]

In a pile of fashion design resume examples, check samples with Other sections. Even a simply-crafted assistant fashion designer resume has higher chances to win a job position with a few Other sections. 

Use this part to tell the employer why you’re the best candidate to hop into fashion work without a newbie training.


Other Projects

  • Writing about education industry;
  • Teaching art classes at the local school (part-time).


Other Projects 

  • Fashion illustration (freelance);
  • Writing for fashion blogs. 

We suggest you add links at the end of the section. In this way, the recruiter can familiarize themselves with your activities.

Final Thoughts

Congrats! You’ve now successfully mastered resume writing skills. While composing your resume, make sure it corresponds with the job description. Add structure and organization, and your resume is ready!

To craft the best resume for fashion designer which persuades the toughest recruiter, contact our writers. Our Skillhub experts will ensure your resume ends up in the top results on the Internet search. 

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