Fashion Resume Sample

Whether you specialize in merchandise or apparel design, you might be already familiar with the work process of a fashion specialist. It requires physical and emotional stamina to survive those long hours and constant pressure. But before you start worrying about all these things, get into the industry first. 

This article will help you do it:

  • learn what is a resume at its core;
  • get a free fashion resume sample;
  • find out how to get hired by a fashion company if you have no experience;
  • organize your achievements and other resume details with ease.

How to Format a Fashion Resume

There is no perfect fashion resume template and no perfect resume format. 

But each format has its pros and cons, and it’s important to know them. 

  • Functional. It’s a great choice for entry-level specialists since a functional layout focuses on one’s skills.
  • Chronological. While a functional resume sample would leave one’s professional accomplishments in the dark, this format does the opposite. A chronological format would win you a job interview, but only if you’re a senior specialist.
  • Combination. This format is a mixture of functional and chronological formats, which makes it the least ATS-friendly option. 
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Fashion Resume [Sample]

The following resume sample will help you solve your CV vs. resume dilemma forever if you have one. From now on, you’ll know the resume writing requirements.Check this fashion resume example to learn the specifics of a resume layout.

Fashion Designer

Name and Last Name: Selena Rodriguez 


14 Ragian Street

Merlwood, Quinceland

4605, Australia

Phone Number: +61(07) 4563-0096



Highly creative and attentive to detail fashion designer with 8 years of experience in the fashion industry and retail. Coordinated the work processes of the design department. Due to amazing artistic and communication skills, built strong brand awareness and increased the company’s sales by 55% in 2 years. 


Senior Fashion Designer

Jupiter Flowers 


  • Managed a team of 7 designers
  • Ensured the project deadlines were followed
  • Conducted market analysis and research to ensure the collections met the customers’ taste
  • Developed seasonal concepts with a team
  • Participated in the selection of vendors


Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor of Design


  • Completed international exchange to London (2008-2009)
  • Graduated summa cum laude in Fashion Illustration


Hard Skills

  • Superb artistic and creativity skills
  • Strong knowledge of fashion trends and the industry
  • Apparel construction skills
  • Excellent sewing skills 
  • Written and oral communication skills

Soft Skills

  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Superb organization skills
  • Time management
  • Attention to detail


  • Fashion blogging
  • Photography

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Resume Objective & Resume Summary

A fashion resume objective or summary goes right under the resume header. 

  • Summary. It consists of 3-4 sentences and has an aim to let your professional experience shine. Here, mention your professional achievements and a few technical skills.
  • Objective. Ever wondered how to write a resume with no experience at all? Bingo! Opt for an objective in your resume. While a summary is a resume statement for senior professionals, an objective tells the reader that you have special career goals or need training. 

Resume Summary [Examples]

We advise you to explore more resumes for fashion online. This way, you’ll learn how other job seekers present themselves at the job market. 


I am a superb specialist with amazing sewing and drawing skills. In short, I know how to make your apparel work. I also know how to bring money to your company due to my business management skills. 


Highly creative fashion specialist with 6 years of industry experience. Highly resistant to pressure. Due to my strong artistic vision, illustrating skills, and communication skills increased the company’s sales by 75% in 3 years. 

Resume Objective [Examples]

Ever wondered what is a good objective for a resume? A great objective is narrow and tells your career needs. It is commonly at the top of the page and attracts the reader’s attention in a second.


I am a senior specialist who is searching for a job in fashion retail. 


To find a fashion designer position in a fashion company that promotes sustainable trends and cares about the environment. Preferences are small companies with slow-paced surroundings in Wellington.

Resume Examples [Experience]

An Experience section is a place to list your responsibilities, career goals, and achievements. Increased the customer satisfaction rates by 53%? This is a place to boast about it.

  • Length. Mention the core workplaces that have built you as a professional. Two or three examples are enough.
  • Variety. A sample fashion resume is versatile. For instance, mention a company where you have worked on collections for women along with the company where you’ve specialized in clothes for men or teenagers.
  • Add links to your portfolio. Most fashion advisors have big portfolios. Make it compact by leaving the most impressive collections.
  • Two subsections. Divide your resume for fashion into key responsibilities and key Achievements for each workplace. 
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Entry Level Fashion Resume [Experience]

That’s all fine. But what to put on resume with no experience? First of all, you must persuade the recruiter that you’ve already got amazing qualities to suggest. 

Here are the things you can add.

  • Job-related responsibilities you had as a volunteer or a student. Mention a few college fashion projects and add links. 
  • Other sections. The best agency of persuasion is the Awards & Achievements section.
  • Functional format. The reason to write your resume in a functional format is that the latter distracts the reader from your lack of professional experience.

Entry Level Fashion [Sample]

Stop typing “fashion stylist resume no experience” in a search query. Our experts have already prepared answers for you. 


I have no experience in the fashion industry. But with acceptance to your company, I can show you my immense ability to learn.


Graphic Designer

Fancy Details


  • Searching for stock fashion images
  • Retouching photos of models and adding them to the journal articles
  • Creating sketches and illustrations by hand for seasonal projects

How to Organize Your Education Section

Write your Education section in a good old resume fashion (pun intended). Great fashion education helps you get results in the job hunt. It also multiplies your strengths as a professional in the field. 

  • Name. Start with mentioning the name of your university or college.
  • Degree. Write down your degree.
  • Years. Add the years of studying.
  • Additional info. There are no special requirements for adding more details. But if you completed an internship at a world-known company or graduated summa cum laude, you’d better mention it. 

Fashion Resume Examples [Education]

Most of the fashion resume samples would contain a bachelor’s degree in fashion design or business and marketing. 


I have recently graduated from RMIT. There, I have studied fashion and even attended evening courses on illustration to ensure growth in my future career. My favorite subject was fashion history.


Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Bachelor of Design


  • Completed internship at Givenchy
  • Graduated summa cum laude in graphic design

Skills on a Resume for Fashion

Your fashion resume skills must persuade the hiring manager that you’re fully equipped with enough knowledge and practice for entering a career field.

  • Keep your skills job-related. There’s no need to mention your culinary skills when you’re applying for a fashion consultant position.
  • Know your technical and non-technical skills. Or hard and soft ones. Your technical fashion skills are sewing, apparel construction, and other skills core to your profession. Your soft skills come secondary.
  • Don’t underestimate your non-technical skills. For instance, you conducted face-to-face communication with customers to ensure top-class service during fashion shows. This displays your communication skills. So, add them to the list.
  • Group your skills. Write down your hard and soft skills in two subcategories of the bigger Skills section.

Fashion Resume Examples [Skills]

It is better to use strong organization and structure while composing your fashion skills for resume.


I am great at designing window displays and organizing fashion shows. My artistic vision will sell all your collections and expand your target audience.


Hard Skills

  • Superb prowess at designing and sewing clothes
  • Excellent knowledge of industrial processes
  • Superb artistic vision
  • Great verbal communication skills
  • Strong business knowledge.

Soft Skills

  • Superb excellence at organizing events
  • Great time flexibility
  • High-quality research skills
  • Quick adaptability in new surroundings
  • Basic marketing skills

Make Yourself a Special Candidate

How to persuade a recruiter that you’re the most impressive applicant to hire? 

This is where Other sections come to help. The goal of this part is to tell the reader that you know how to follow your duties. For instance, your volunteering experience would tell the hiring manager that you’re responsible and deserve one’s trust.

Other sections to add to your fashion job resume are as follows. 

  • Hobbies
  • Volunteering
  • Awards & Achievements
  • Other Projects

Fashion Resume Examples [Other Sections]

Your search results for a “resume fashion designer” will differ from what you’ll have for a fashion photographer resume. However, there is a high chance they both would contain Other sections to let the employer see the best in the candidates who created those resumes.The main rule to keep in mind is that all your Other sections must be job-related. 


Other Projects

  • Blogging on basketball
  • Freelance work


Other Projects

  • Blogging on fashion
  • Fashion consulting (freelance)



  • Playing football 
  • Reading books
  • Watching Netflix
  • Riding a bicycle



  • Reading fashion magazines
  • Visiting fashion shows
  • Sewing ethnic apparel

Final Thoughts

Now you know how to write a fashion resume that matches a job description. Good for you!

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