Interpreter Resume Samples and Writing Tips for a Successful Interview

Writing a resume for an interpreter position follows the same rules as the regular resume composition. You need to highlight your experience, skills, and education related to the position requirements. You will find useful tips and guidelines for composing an efficient resume for an interpreter position in this article. The process and necessary operations will be described in detail. The article will provide a sample resume for Interpreter as well. You may use the interpreter resume sample as a starting point for your resume and make respective changes.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average interpreter’s salary at $49,110 per year and $23.61 per hour.

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Best Format for an Interpreter Resume

The format of a resume depends on your achievements and requirements that a job application places. Interpreters with experience in various positions should choose a chronological layout for their resume. The chronological interpreter resume format shows one’s dedication and constant practice of translation skills. On the contrary, the chronological format may highlight evident gaps in the working history. 

A resume sample Interpreter may follow the functional format as well. It is a universal application for interpreters of different specializations and working experience. This format is best suited for the wide range of searches for a job position. This format may cover possible gaps in your working history. However, you may need to tailor the functional layout for a particular company. 

Finally, if you are competent enough, you may apply the hybrid format that combines both detailed working history and a set of translation skills. The main criterion for this type of resume is to remain compact. 


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An Interpreter Resume Template

First Name, Last Name
Contact Information: 

Address:          Randomtown, randomstreet 

Phone:             (555)-555-555


Current Job:   Legal Interpreter

Skills list 

  • Interpreter with a NAJIT Certificate 
  • Interpreter with an IACI Certificate 
  • Native Spanish speaker; Multilingual; Level 4 ILR qualification in French and Portuguese. 
  • High level of concentration.
  • Great communication and listening skills;

Work Experience

Legal Interpreter; 2017 to present
Clerk of Circuit Court, Randomtown 
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Assigned to assist Spanish, French, and Portuguese-speaking people who have difficulties in expressing their needs in English.
  • Interprets and reads out court documents at depositions and hearings between parties of foreign lineage.
  • Translate legal documents, which include terminologies, from the original language to English.
  • Provide services of an interpreter to a party that is presently engaged in litigation with a foreign-speaking respondent.
  • Was in hiring for state-appointed attorneys and accompanied them to prison;  translated communication from convicts who are of Spanish, Portuguese, or French lineage. 
Guide Interpreter, 2015 to 2017 
Randomtown Touristic agency
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Performed duties as a tour guide for non-English speaking tourists.
  • Managed company accounts at a high rate. These included bookings and reservations from the Spanish, French, and Portuguese-speaking requests.
  • Translated and prepared travel and touring guide books in Spanish, French, and Portuguese.
  • Handled online chat services for reservations, inquiries, and complaints on the company’s website.
  • Issued trouble and support tickets to foreign-speaking clients who had complaints and concerns. 


Bachelor Degree; Education 

University of Illinois

2015-2016; GPA 3.7

High School

Southeast High School


2017-2015; GPA 3.4


NAJIT and IACI Certified Interpreter.

Personal information

Culturally adept; as one of Spanish origin, I understand and respect the cultural differences that exist between nations. I know the requirements for ethical communication between parties of different cultures. This allows me to better comprehend the message and convey it without failing its content. 

Interpreter Resume Objective or Resume Summary 

Usually, a resume starts with a summary or an objective. The interpreter’s resume summary should show one’s training and engage the HR manager in further reading. Here you try to meet the position’s requirements and demonstrate your competence. An Interpreter resume objective, on the contrary, focuses on your aims rather than on the company’s ones. You may denote desirable occupations and your ambitions in this section to increase the chances of a successful interview.

Interpreter Resume Summary [Examples] 

The summary is an important part of your interpreter resume. This section demonstrates right and wrong Interpreter resume samples that you may find on a job market. 

Right Example: 

Efficient and diligent media interpreter with 3+ years of experience. Skilled in Mandarin, Spanish, and French; profound communicative skills. I translated over 7000 lines of text for media programs on the air. 

Wrong Example:

I am an experienced, multilingual interpreter. I am very dedicated to my work. I travel around the world a lot, so there are no communication barriers for me. 


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Interpreter Resume Objective [Examples] 

Your interpreter resume objective should align with a position you like to apply for. At the same time, the objective should not be too lengthy. The point of the resume’s objective is to demonstrate why you want to join this exact position. 

Right Example: 

I want to join XYZ medical center as an English/Spanish interpreter. I will bring fluent, error-free interpretation for the Spanish native-speaking population and apply my 5+ years of active translation training. 

Wrong Example: 

I’d like to be a part of the ABC-company collective. I have a lot of stories that can help me to blend them. I have a focused mind which will be a great contribution to the company’s workflow. 


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A Job Description for an Interpreter Resume 

Interpreters can take different responsibilities and fulfill various tasks. Interpreters may work as legal specialists who translate official documents. For example, you may apply for document translation or assist attorneys during the interviews of clients who don’t speak English. Economic companies may hire interpreters to conduct negotiations, or touristic agencies may seek a specialist who knows a great number of local stories.  Your Interpreter job description for the resume shall fit the requirements that the position needs. Try to enlist the responsibilities you had and duties you performed that are similar to the position to which you are applying. If the skills and responsibilities differ, you may put similar ones in this section to highlight your proficiency in certain areas of translation. 

Interpreter Resume Examples [Experience] 

This section of the interpreter resume sample will demonstrate right and wrong examples of experience listing. You need to highlight your actual knowledge and proficiency in a certain subject, without vague or obscure notions of your accidental occupations. 

Right Example: 

I have 3+ years of experience as a court interpreter. My duties included official documents translation, assistance with interviewing non-English-speaking clients, and adaptation of Spanish-English communication within the law court.

Wrong Example: 

I am an experienced interpreter in the business field. I managed the company’s data translation and official meetings communication. 

A Resume for Interpreter with no Experience 

It is a common case when you need to conduct a resume for Interpreter with no experience.  You may have level 4 ILR standing, but it matters not much if you have not applied your skills in practice. To make your resume look decent and provide enough reason for an HR manager to look at it, you need to build up experience in it in any way possible. Due to the interpretation automation, it lacks quality and human aspect. Try to become a freelance translator and apply your knowledge respectively. Volunteer for a healthcare organization to have actual interpreter responsibilities. You may not gain short-coming benefits, but it will be a great contribution to your future applications. 

Sample Resume for Entry Level Interpreter [No Experience] 

When you conduct the experience section of your resume, you need to provide actual information for your skills application. Your acceptance to an actual position strongly depends on the actual skills you learned and could apply. This section will demonstrate right and wrong Interpreter resume examples. 

Right Example: 

I have a year of volunteer experience as a part-time city guide. I communicated with foreign travelers and told error-free stories of the ABC city. 

Wrong Example: 

I learned a lot of things from my language school and finished it with excellence. I can communicate freely in English, French, and Portuguese. 


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Interpreter Resume Education Section 

The interpreter education section shows your knowledge of the subject and its affirmation. In this section, you enlist your high-school grades and degrees in certain subjects. Language certification and respective regalia belong to the education section as well. The creation of the education section should not exceed the actual and certified academic knowledge. Any additional information will be enlisted further in the resume. 

Interpreter Resume Examples [Education] 

Here are right and wrong interpreter resume samples for the education section: 

Right Example: 

Bachelor’s degree in economics, university of random-town, 2013-2018, GPA 3.6; NAJIT and IACI certificates of level 4; 

Wrong Example: 

XYZ city high school GPA 3.5; fluent English and French speaker. I dedicate most of my time to professional growth and language skills improvement. 

Resume Skills for an Interpreter 

The career field of interpreters implies high сompetition alongside the high wages. Your Interpreter resume skills section shall provide convenient information about your educational background and unprecedented level of proficiency in the field of interpretation. An interpreter knows more than simple translation from one language to another. A good interpreter understands the context and cultural nuances in language-bearers communication and interprets the meaning respectively. 

In the skills section of your resume, mention not only the ability to convey the meanings error-free but also state the following items:

  •  your communication skills in general; 
  • the ability to manage different tasks, and any additional information related to duties fulfillment. 
  • Enlist your list of skills, decide which of them are soft (broader) and which are hard (more specific). For example, advanced Pc user - soft skill; Mc Office package user (hard). 
  • Provide the list of hard skills related to the position you seek and support it with additional soft ones. 


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Interpreter Resume Examples [Skills] 

Here are right and wrong interpreter resume samples for the skills section. Aim to mention the hard skills, focusing on the occupation’s requirements. 

Right Example: 

IACI certificate of Level 4 in Spanish; 3+ years of experience in active communication with foreign individuals in the tourism sector; high competence in team and crisis management; proficient user of the MS Office package. 

Wrong Example: 

I am a fluent English, Spanish, and French speaker; great communication and accounting skills in various occupations, advanced Pc user. 

Interpreter Resume Personal Touch  

Personal information is one of the vaguest resume sections. At the same time, it may help an HR manager to make the final decision and recruit you. The personal information section should be dedicated to your off-work activities that may be related to the position. You may translate fictional literature in your free time or have a culturally related blog. You don’t have to enlist each of your hobbies; your resume is not a biography. The personal section should demonstrate your dedication to the cause not only as a professional but as a person too. 

Interpreter Resume Examples [Other Sections] 

A resume for Interpreter jobs may include sections dedicated to hobbies and off-work activities. However, it should remain relevant and do not show anything goofy. Here are examples of other sections in an interpreter resume: 

Right Example: 

I have a blog related to English language history and idioms analysis. In my free time, I translate classic English poetry into Spanish and French. 

A professional Interpreter resume avoids excessive details about personal hobbies and preferences. 

Wrong Example: 

I like hiking, playing the bass guitar and collecting flowers. I have a scan of Milton’s work with the author’s sidenotes. In my free time, I write translations for English songs on music resources. 

General Writing Tips for an Interpreter Resume 

There are a lot of guidelines and pieces of advice concerning how to write an Interpreter resume. Still, the main point remains to grasp the attention of a recruiter and have a successful interview. For that, your resume shall remain focused and oriented on the position’s requirements. Enlist your best hard skills, education relevant to the position needs, and experience of language practice. Highlight your dedication in the other sections, and your chances for a successful interview will increase greatly.

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