Event Planner Resume Sample

In this article, you’ll find examples of an event planner resume, as well as tips on making it stand out. We’ll go over each section, from summary and up to skills, to highlight your creator and finisher experience.

You’ll know what exactly to include in a winning event planner resume, how to beat ATS, and present experiences and skills the best way. With tips from resume writing experts, you’ll advance your chances of getting your dream job.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, pegs the average event planner’s salaryy at $49,470 per year and $23.79 per hour.

The Best Way to Start an Event Planner’s Resume

An outstanding event planner resume description is what it all starts with. It is also called a summary and shows your work story and relevant experience within a job application. It is not only a crucial part of the overall layout but also the first thing a recruiter sees.

The best resume profiles feature a summary with a focus on details, results, and the most important achievements. One needs to put information on the most impressive event they’ve managed to show how they are suitable for the job.

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Resume Profile [Examples]

As a detail-oriented professional, you know how important it is to be specific in the profile. Here is an example of a good event planner profile in comparison with the bad one. It can serve as inspiration for your resume template.

Right ✅
Certified event planner with 5+ years of experience who is ready to add their skills and experience to the team. Managed more than 200 events of all sizes, including an art exhibition and a conference with 2,000 attendees (with 94% satisfaction according to the survey).

Wrong ❌
Experienced and motivated event planner with several years of experience in various kinds of events, conferences, and meetings. Responsible for vendor relations, managing the budget, and maintaining documentation.

Event Planner Resume [Sample]

We encourage you to explore the following event planner resume sample that our experts developed using our

We’ve created them for dozens of professions in all kinds of industries to help meet requirements for hire. We’re also adding new examples every week.

Check out this sample that highlights event planner skills, experience, and education.

Hannah Barnes

56 Main Street, New York, hannahbarnes@gmail.com

Event Planner

Passionate event coordinator with 6+ years of experience in planning and executing events of all sizes. Expert in finding reliable vendors and venues, as well as keeping with the budget. Managed more than 200 events, including a scientific conference with 2,000 attendees (with 94% satisfaction).

Professional Experience

Company A, New York

Senior event planner, August 2018 – present

Planned, designed, and coordinated about 100 events with up to a $150,000 budget. Maintained excellent vendor relationships, including those overseas for international conferences. Applied a detail-oriented approach to the organization of conferences, fundraisers, and investor meetings.

Company B, New York

Event Planner, September 2015 - July 2018

Smoothly organized and planned hundreds of small and medium-size events, with budgets up to $50,000. Created an organized event documentation system and budget-saving techniques. Found and maintained a database of reliable vendors, entertainers, and venues.

Company C, June 2013 – August 2015

Event Associate

Helped with planning and organization of nonprofit events. Managed to increase attendance by 25% with the use of social media tools. Developed an informational outreach network with connections on traditional and social media.


New York University

Bachelor in Sales and Marketing, 2013


Member of Event Planning Association

Resume Objective & Resume Summary

A resume summary is a short description of one’s qualifications, training, skills, and experiences that show why you are great for this position. An event planner resume objective is a short statement on future career goals, like the position or industry you are interested in.

It is a slight yet crucial difference that is important to know both for resume writing and the following job interview.

Resume Summary [Examples]

Here is one of the event planner resume examples to check out. Job seekers can read both good and bad ones and see the difference. Applicants need to show the strongest competition to land better positions in this job market.

Bad: Specialized event coordinator with a decade of experience in this field. Managed many events of all types, from small seminars to meet-and-greets. Responsible for all events at Boston Venues, Inc. for two years.

Good: Professional event coordinator with 10+ years of experience in planning, organization, and executing top-notch events. Successfully organized 250+ events only in two last years of working with Boston Venues, Inc. They include 1,500 attendees’ fundraisers and an international healthcare conference in London.

Resume Objective [Examples]

As to the conception of a resume objective, here are also two samples to compare. Look at the good and bad ones and use them for your resume template.

Bad: Interested in the position of senior event coordinator in your company. Looking forward to applying my experience and skills to organize excellent events with the team.

Good: Having wide experience in the organization of events for the healthcare industry, I’m looking forward to professional growth in this field. Willing to bring on expertise, international experience, and a database of vendors to provide your company with cutting-edge events coordination.

Resume Examples [Experience]

The experience section is a great point to showcase your event planner skills. An excellent sample event planner resume usually suggests using the reverse chronological format and putting the data on the last position on top. Do not simply describe your duties; use creativity to present the skills and results of your work.

It is important to showcase how your work has changed the company’s performance in terms of event organization. If possible, include measurable results and numbers, as they always look more impressive.

Entry Level Event Planner Resume [Experience]

So, what about those who are looking for an event planner job description resume with no experience? Do not get discouraged; there is no reason not to try. Look closely at a job posting and evaluate expectations, responsibilities, and keywords.

Use them as a guide to crafting a resume. For example, if you’ve helped to organize high-school or college events, name them. Or you have other experiences to showcase your attention to detail, organizational and management skills with internships, extracurriculars, or even hobbies.

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Entry Level Event Planner [Sample]

Another trick for acceptance for an entry-level position is to use an objective instead of a summary. Here are two event planner resume examples for such objectives. Check out each resume example.

Bad: I am looking for an entry-level position in event coordination. I will apply my motivation and enthusiasm for the organization to be a valuable employee.

Good: I’m looking for the opportunity to apply my business sales and marketing degree, as well as my passion for event organization, to the team of Company A. My experience in the organization of small events in college will help me become a valuable asset to your team.

Education Section of Event Planner Resume

An event planner education section comes after experience and skills. Even if you do not have a BA in sales and marketing, experience can teach you how to be a good event planner. So, do not worry if you have no college degree; the future employer is more interested in your relevant experience.

List your high school diploma, BA, and all professional training or certifications. Also, write about affiliation to any professional institution or organization.

Event Planner Education [Example]

Here is an example of putting education on your resume for event planner to show growth and focus on your career. 

Wrong ❌

Green Hills High School, 2008-2012

Received a high-school diploma

Boston University, 2012-2016

Received bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing

Right ✅

Green Hills High School, 2008-2012

  • Excelled in English and speech classes
  • President of the debate club with excellent communication skills

Boston University, 2012-2016

  • Bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing with A+ grades in social media marketing and finance management.
  • Member of college event organizing committee.

Event Planner Skills for Resume

Working in this career field implies having a specific set of skills. A winning event planner skills resume section lists them in order from the most important ones. One can illustrate them in the experience section with results. But it is also essential to name them separately with the use of keywords. Here is a list for sample event planner resume skills section:

  • communication and negotiation;
  • organizational and management skills;
  • problem-solving;
  • team management (managed a team of 5);
  • skills in managing and meeting budget expectations with excellent results;
  • ability to work under pressure and address any issues promptly;
  • social media and digital marketing skills;
  • attention to details;
  • multitasking.

Event Planner Resume Skills [Sample]

Here are two examples of event planner skills in a resume. Check out how resume skills are presented in both of them and which one is better.

Bad: Communication. Multitasking. Team player. Leadership. An eye for details.


  • Ability to communicate and negotiate clearly with vendors, entertainers, and investors
  • Strong leadership and management skills (led a team of 4)
  • Multitasking and problem-solving approach
  • Ability to meet budget and negotiate the best deals
  • Focus on details and efficient delivery

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

To land an interview, your application needs to pass ATS and stand out from the competition. Include action verbs, industry-specific keywords, and results into all resume sections. Show that you are a suitable fit for the company to recruit and how your experience is relevant to them.

Except for the event planner resume sections we’ve already named, there are other options as well. For example, one can add hobbies if they are representative or relevant to the position.

Event Planner Job Description Resume Examples [Sample]

Here is an example of how to add some color to your event planner job description resume. Your application will be more fitting if you show a deep interest in this field, even outside work. Look at these samples of the job description for resume:

Wrong ❌

  • I enjoy active sports and traveling;
  • I love listening to music.

Right ✅

Additional Activities

  • Active member of Event Planning Association
  • Creator and host of “Event Coordination 101” podcast


2016-2019 annual attendee of Boston Event Planning Association conference

Top Tips

1. Check out sample event planner resume for inspiration and understanding of layout, style, and writing specifics.

2. Shape your application for a job to the posting; use specific keywords.

3. Show how your experience is relevant to this company.

4. Address a cover letter to the recruiter and illustrate interest in this position.

5. Include metrics, numbers, and measurable results.

6. Use reverse chronological order for work experience.

7. Add all extra information that showcases your professionalism and enthusiasm.

Lastly, consider professional help from our expert writers, who can create a winning custom document for you. We know exactly how to present your skills and experiences in the best light.

If you need a little help, order our resume editing service to make sure that everything is on point!

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